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Authoress' Note: This idea came to my head after seeing a very cute picture on aarinfantasy. I have never written for this pairing in particular, but for some reason I had an itch to write something short and sweet.

To Hold Perfection

Seto Kaiba did not know why he was awake. He had a regular sleep pattern that he tended to keep to, unless a certain sandy blonde was with him. He gave a small smile, turning his gaze down to the sleeping man curled against his body. Joey's eyes were closed and his even breathing was warm against Seto's neck.

This was the best part of having a lover, of course the sex was good... excellent in fact, but nothing came close to the absolute perfection of this. To hold Joey in his arms as he slept, to feel the steady heart beat, and vulnerability of not only himself, but the man he loved.

Yes, there was no greater place Seto would rather be than right here, at this moment, in the middle of the night. Joey was the only one allowed to see this in him, this weakness, this love, and he would trust it to no other person.

He shifted slightly to take some strain off his neck, and felt the arms tighten around his waist, and the head move off his shoulder. A groggy Joey Wheeler sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Jesus Seto, what time is it?" The blonde man didn't wait for an answer, leaning over Seto to read the alarm clock. "It's three in the morning man! What are you doing up?" He asked as he practically fell back into his original position with a yawn, arms loosely wrapping themselves around the toned stomach.

He gave another small smile as he felt one of Joey's hands seek out his own, and he obliged him, lacing their fingers together. "I was just thinking..." He drifted off.

He felt the deep vibrations of a laugh coming from the blonde, who smiled up at him. "Well, thats a relief, but what were you thinking about?" Joey asked, moving his free hand to trace lazy patterns on the brunette's stomach.

"Perfect moments..." Seto concluded, the few ticklish muscles twitching under the blonde's fingers.

The blonde looked at him quizzically, "Oh? And what did you come up with?"

Seto really smiled this time, amused by the curiosity openly displayed on his face. This man always wore his emotions on his sleeve

"This," He said as he pulled Joey's chin up with his free hand and kissed him tenderly on his lips. The kiss went on for a few minutes, but it wasn't heated, as they had already had their fill of eachother earlier that night. This kiss was more for comfort and trust, than heat or passion.

When they finally broke off, Joey broke into a grin, "I never would have pinned you as the romantic type Seto."

Seto couldn't help but smile back, "I would never have guessed you liked to cuddle." Joey gave a slight frown at that, and made a move to untangle himself.

Seto laughed, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him back. "I said it was a surprise, I didn't say I didn't like it."

Joey relaxed and moved into the brunette's warmth. "Can I go back to sleep then? I don't plan on waking up for another six hours, no matter what ungodly hour you decide to get up at."

Seto hummed his approval, and yawned. I guess I can finally go to sleep ... If only you knew how perfect you were love, and I'm glad to be the one to hold such perfection...

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