InuYasha- Musume

Chapter Six

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Aisa woke up the next morning to the sun shining gently through the trees and a little bird singing its sweet song on the branch of a tree nearby. It almost seemed as if it was singing to her. Stretching to work out the kinks, the young hanyou let her gaze wander around the campsite at everyone around her. She sensed that Miroku was pretending to be asleep and let his hand wander over to Sango's backside.

She snorted as she picked up a small rock and threw it at the monk's head. When Miroku looked at her, Aisa flattened her ears and bared her teeth. Letting him know she knew what he was up to..

"It's a peaceful morning monk, don't ruin it!" Aisa growled quietly, just loud enough for Miroku to hear. Looking over at her mother, who was still sleeping peacefully, she smiled softly and stood up and went over to InuYasha..

'Time to go get some fish, and maybe a rabbit or two for breakfast. Maybe some fresh fruit to.' Just as Aisa started to walk towards where she could smell a nearby stream, her stomach growled. "Guess I better get to it. "Good morning father." Aisa called out quietly, just loud enough for InuYasha to hear.

"Morning Aisa. Sounds like you're hungry." InuYasha smirked as he jumped down from the tree he was in. Care for some company?"

"Yes, and I would love the company. Guess I need help carrying back what I catch for breakfast." Aisa replied smiling.

"I'll catch the rabbits and you get the fish." InuYasha suggested as they walked into the forest, sniffing the air.

As InuYasha quickly caught two rabbits, he glanced over to the river, where his daughter was quickly catching a number of good sized fish. Just as she placed the last fish next to the rest, he noticed a plump rabbit hop out of the bush. The furry animal hadn't noticed the motionless girl as it hopped to her side. Quicker than InuYasha could follow, Aisa grabbed the poor animal by the neck and ended it's life quickly. He smiled at his daughter, pleased that she seemed to be a good hunter.

As they re-entered the camp, they noticed everyone was waking up, and Miroku was attempting to grope Sango again. The houshi would never learn. It seemed like he liked to be in pain. Or he was just to dense to realize what he was actually doing.

"Oi monk, keep your hands to yourself. Like Aisa said, don't ruin the peaceful morning." InuYasha barked out.

"You mean he tried once already?" Sango asked, scowling at the monk.

"Yeah,about an hour ago. He tried to pretend he was asleep while moving his hand over." Aisa answered.

"And how would you know Aisa!" Miroku demanded, surprised he had be caught.

"You really must be dense monk if you can't figure that one out." Aisa snapped as she went over to her mother, who was pulling some fruit out of her sack. The young hanyou pulled out her knife and proceeded to skin the rabbit. She smirked as she watched as Kagome's face turn pale, at the sight of what she was doing.

"Miroku..." Sango said quietly as she slowly turned to face the monk.

"What is it my dear...OW!" Miroku yelled out as he reeled backwards while covering his nose. Sango had managed to give him a light knuckle punch, just below his nose. (a clenched fist with one the pointer finger sticking out a bit). It was just enough to make his eyes water, and let him know that the demon slayer wouldn't go so easy next time.

As everyone cleaned up from their morning meal, Aisa headed in to the forest to dump the remains of the morning meal. As she headed was heading back, a foul scent entered her nose; one that she really didn't like. The stench of a wolf. As she peered around a tree at the edge of the clearing she saw that her father was on the ground, with a wolf demon standing on his back; holding the miko's hands. And Aisa certainly didn't like the comments coming from him.

Before Koga realized it, he was lying on his back, gripping his side with one hand and wiping blood off his face. Aisa had come at him so fast, he hadn't even had time to catch her scent. He looked to the right where he heard angry growling. He sniffed the air and scoffed.

"What do you know, another mutt...and old lady. Seems like your pack is getting weaker dog breath. Maybe I'll help you out and get rid of the old prune over there." Koga taunted as he got off InuYasha and started over to Sanchi.

Snarling, Aisa charged at the wolf demon so quickly that she seemed to be a blur. As she past him, she sliced in to his right shoulder with her claws. When she stopped, Aisa was in front of her mother in a defensive stance.

"How dare you treat my father that way. I don't care what you call me but I will not tolerate anyone threatening my mother either." Aisa snarled viciously.

"Who are you to tell me what to do ha..." Koga started before he yelped in pain. InuYasha had jumped to his feet, shortly after Koga had gotten off of him. He wasn't about to let the wolf harm his daughter or Sanchi and sent the idiot sprawling..

"Leave them alone Koga. And while you're at it, get lost!"

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