Kurogane grumbled in annoyance as he hung the phone up. That was the fifth time in six days that the idiotic blonde had cancelled or outright refused anything that resembled a date, and not only did it completely piss him off, it also sparked suspicion.

Sure, the first time it wasn't so weird. Fay had said he didn't feel like doing anything that night and Kurogane had understood. Simple.

The second time wasn't too weird either. Fay said he had plans. Kurogane believed him, and spent another night watching English soccer and wondering if they spent more time on their hair than on their game. It wasn't a bad night.

But that was when the excuses started getting a little sketchy and… odd. They now ranged from 'I have to go- DON'T YOU DARE! No, Kuro-daddy, I'm – WAS THAT A WAND YOU WAVED AT—245?! I gotta go, Daddy,' and the even more vague 'there's a Snake in a box I need to sort out, you know how it is Kuro-pon'

It wasn't that he thought that the blonde was lying to him- that much was obvious. It was that Fay was obviously trying to avoid Kurogane, possibly with the intention of dumping him- or something like that- and that he thought Kurogane needed to be let down easy.

He grabbed his coat and stormed from his apartment. He was getting answers.


He used his key to let himself into Fay and Yuui's shared flat, instantly hearing the twins' voices – which were shrieking with laughter – coming from the living room.


Kurogane froze, wondering whether he should still demand answers. That, after all, seemed answer enough.

'Well, I'd stop sucking you if you put your freaking wand down!'

Kurogane turned and got ready to leave again.



Kurogane opened the lounge door quickly and both twins looked up at once, equal guilty expressions on their faces. The taller of the three was about to go into a 'what the hell are you playing at?' rant when he realised exactly what he had walked in on.

Both twins had white remotes in their hands. Wii remotes.

He looked at the screen and, lo and behold, that game that Fay had been trilling on about for weeks was on screen, paused, showing a pink blob and a cupid.

'Did you want something, Kuro-nyan?' Fay asked, a devious smirk on his face when he figured out what his partner's train of thought must have been.

Kurogane stammered, thinking of a quick cover-up. Instead, he diverted the fire back onto Fay.

'Why have you been lying?'

Fay shrugged and replied easily, as if he had already run through this conversation in his mind. Bastard.

'I didn't think you'd appreciate knowing you'd been stood up because of a video game.'

Yuui snickered and Kurogane sighed; flopping uncharacteristically onto the sofa, knowing that things like this were par for the course when someone like Fay was your boyfriend.

The blonde idiot, as if knowing he was being criticised, wriggled up from the floor and into Kurogane's lap, planting a kiss on his cheek as if in apology. He didn't need to say anything; he knew Kurogane would understand.

He smiled and swivelled round in his 'seat', focussing again on the screen. When Yuui had also returned to their game, Kurogane rested his chin on Fay's shoulder and watched the game with mild interest, wrapping his arms around Fai's waist.

If there was ever a time to start that compromise shit that Tomoyo had been lecturing him about, it was now.

He reached for Fai's controller. 'How do you play this damn thing?'