The Allure of the Darkness

Chapter 1

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Harry Potter wasn't easily agitated, he had been through so much crap that eventually the little things stopped bothering him and the only things that set him off were things like, say, his godfather's death because of an incompetent Headmaster and a sad

Harry Potter wasn't easily agitated, he had been through so much crap that eventually the little things stopped bothering him and the only things that set him off were things like, say, his godfather's death because of an incompetent Headmaster and a sadistic Death Eater. So when the words of said Death Eater seemed to echo in his head repeatedly and when his mind remembered the alluring feeling of power that had filled him when he had used the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix kept luring him, calling him, he didn't exactly feel like taking shit from people.

"Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?" she had taunted loudly, "You have to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain - to enjoy it - righteous anger won't hurt me for long..." Her words were etched into his memories as strongly as the images of the red beam of light. A Stunner, he shouted inside his mind incredulously, wouldn't Bellatrix rather use a Crucio? Or maybe even an Avada Kedavra? He sighed. Men will never understand women no matter how hard they try. Will they, he asked himself, shaking his head in amusement.

But that dark feeling, it didn't recess into the darker parts of his mind like it used to, ever since Voldemort had placed the seeds of doubt and darkness within him. "There is no good and evil," the dark lord's minion had said, "There is only power, and those to weak to seek it." That was in his first year. Since then there had been more and more doubt of Dumbledore and his teachings, of the whole light/dark, good/evil thing, as far as he could tell Voldemort was as powerful -if not more so- than Dumbledore, their duel in the Ministry of Magic had proved that much.

As he thought about that, he wondered, what about all this power of love Dumbledore was ranting about, he almost sneered at the word 'love.' He didn't know love. Hermione, Ron, both of them had doubted him in times past, they had such a large grounding in Dumbledore's teachings that it was disgusting, they hung off his every word as if he was god's gift to mudbloods and/or mudblood sympathizers.

Moody's threats to his relatives didn't hold true. After they had returned Vernon had done something he hadn't done since Harry had begun going to Hogwarts, he had hit him, he had beaten him, and he had defeated him.

The Dursleys had been notified of the exact details of Cedric's and Sirius' deaths after the latest one. Dumbledore had sent a letter hoping they wouldn't hurt his golden boy due to their sympathy. No, Harry reminded himself bitterly, his previously blind weapon.

Informing them of it did nothing but make it worse, his uncle taunting him about it, fueling his hatred and anger, making his hatred for muggles grow. The thing that had made his hatred solidify had been when a police officer had come to the house because the neighbors had called in about 'Disturbing the Peace' because of the screams Harry had issued from his throat as Vernon had beaten him. When the policeman had seen his bruises he looked angry at first, but the minute he realized that it was 'The Disturbed Boy,' as the locals had labeled him, he had figured that he deserved it. Before sneering briefly, and leaving.

It was sickening to the point where Harry realized that Voldemort wasn't as bad as he was thought out to be, after all, he was supposed to be the 'light' side's poster-boy and he had these feelings of hatred and resentment towards muggles.

Harry could see it now, the Daily Prophet's headline being: 'Harry Potter: Dark Lord Sympathizer.' His life since he had came into the wizarding world had been hilarious, at first he was 'Harry Potter: Savior to the Wizarding World' (Halloween 1981 - 1st Year), then he had then been labeled 'Harry Potter: Killer of Mudbloods and Parselmouth Extraordinaire' (2nd Year), although it had changed back to the original by the end of the year though, in third year he was 'Harry Potter: Dead Man Walking' and after that, it had been 'Harry Potter: Attention Seeking Brat' (4th Year). His fifth year had been spent as 'Harry Potter: He-Who-Is-Delusional,' and now, it was currently back to his original title, along with 'Harry Potter: Teenage Heartthrob,' although that was only in Teen Witch Weekly.

So, as Harry lay on his bed, it was no wonder that he questioned his reasons for the whole 'Hero Complex.' Why did he do it? Did he take some perverse glee in getting into near-death experiences? Was he really attention-seeking? Or, as he had decided, was he just being controlled by Dumbledore?

As he thought about the last one he decided to research his life up until now. His eyes glazed over while he thought of days past.

There he was, cowering in fear of Hagrid, the kindly giant. There's something, he realized, why would Dumbledore send him when he can't apparate like the rest of the staff? Why not send McGonagall, or Flitwick, or, dare I say it, Snape, that was when he came to the realization that, Hagrid preaches about Dumbledore like he's Merlin himself! He also has an extreme prejudice against Slytherin, which he so kindly informed me in words that were almost, 'Well, Harry, all Dark Wizards and Witches come from Slytherin because, You-Know-Who was in that house'. It disgusted him, really. How could he have not had realized that if all Slytherins were evil, then Dumbledore wouldn't have been in Slytherin?

It was funny when he realized the small things now, like how Mrs. Weasley, mother of seven, hadn't been able to remember where the Platform 9 3/4 was. After all, she had gone to Hogwarts, Bill and Charlie had gone to Hogwarts, Percy and the twins were going to Hogwarts. It was simple, really. Why not have your son become the best friend of 'The-Boy-Who-Lived?' It was really quite obvious to him now.

The thing that ruffled him the most was that he hadn't noticed the manipulations. He hadn't noticed Dumbledore's subtle ministrations until he had been a part of them for almost fifteen years, his sixteenth birthday approaching in only a few days.

He now realized that Dumbledore had spoken a half truth at the end of his second year to divert him from the truth, saying that they (Harry and Tom, a.k.a Voldemort) were similar because they were both Parselmouths. That wasn't what he had been talking about, both he and Tom had grown up being abused by muggles, and yet, each year they were sent back to their own personal hells. Now there was yet another similarity, they had both used dark magic at a young age, and both had at least been meant to be in Slytherin, if not for certain interferences.

Harry took out a piece of parchment and a quill, deciding to write out all of the things people in the various factions had done that piss him off, it read:

Albus Dumbledore's 'Lightside'

Things done that piss me off: Leaving me at my relatives, Sending me back to my relatives every year, Manipulating me, Deceiving me relentlessly and not properly instructing me in Occlumency, thus leading to Sirius' death.

Fudge's Ministry of Magic

Things done that piss me off: Umbridge (enough said), Sicking Dementors on me, trying to wrongly imprison me in Azkaban and allowing Fudge to continue living.

Voldemort and his Death Eaters

Things done that piss me off: Killing my parents, Trying to kill me almost annually since 1992 (the man has pride afterall), and killing my godfather.

It was obvious that some things were worse than others such as the homicide attempts, no matter how indirectly, made by all three factions.

Dumbledore had really caused , mostly indirectly, all of the pain in Harry's 15 -almost 16- years of living. He hadn't put up silencing wards when Trelawney had begun the prophecy as he should have, he hadn't given his parents better protection, he had left him with the Dursleys, he had manipulated him almost his whole life, he had sent him back to the Dursleys every year, and, worst of all, had been a very big catalyst in his godfather's death.

Fudge and his Ministry were corrupt, taking bribes and killing off those that had the position to drive him out of his position as Minister of Magic. He had sent the Dementors after him, he had tried to get Harry sent to Azkaban where he would be haunted by his horrible memories with no protection, and he had sent her, that nasty bitch Umbridge. Harry glanced down at his hand where the words, I will not tell lies, was engraved into his flesh as a scar.

And lastly dear old Tom, he had killed his parents, whom I never knew, he mused, he had also attempted to kill him many other times, only because I survived and ruined his image of immortality, he also realized. The final thing was Bellatrix's inadvertent murder of his godfather. She used a stunner... perhaps she was just trying to take him out of the fight, it made sense, after all, not everyone wants to kill their own flesh and blood, not everyone was mistreated by family like he and Voldemort. Such startling similarities between the Dark Lord and the Golden Boy, it was these things that made Harry laugh.

He really didn't understand what was so bad about being a Death Eater really, maybe the Crucios issued forth from Voldemort's wand would be bad, but other than that, you weren't treated as a prisoner, you had free-will to the expected extents and you only had to kill muggles which was pretty much on the 'application' for being a Death Eater. Harry knew he had killed, he had killed Quirrel and he had killed Tom Jr. from the diary, even if it was only a memory. Muggles were among the things he hated and loathed now, being among the likes of Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge -who were at the top.

Harry decided to deliberate the issue, should I become a Death Eater, on one hand, he would probably have to kill Remus, the last living person deserving of the title 'Marauder' one day, or at least be on the side that caused his death. On the other hand, he would be free to study what he wanted, no strings attached, except murdering muggles, following Voldemort, and being close to Bella. Bella,he questioned himself, since when did she become Bella, deciding to ponder it some other time he realized he really didn't mind that he would be close to Bella.

After all, he was a regular 15 -almost 16- year old hormonal teenager and Bellatrix was very attractive, even after her almost 15 year stay in Azkaban. It was funny; really, he shouldn't feel these things for the inadvertent killer of his godfather. But I do, he reminded himself, it was almost sad that he didn't hate her all the much.

He was interrupted by a voice that made his anger rise more than it ever had before, "FREAK! You're going to make dinner for us at once," his hand twitched toward his wand and he made his decision. He wrote a quick letter to Voldemort that read:


This Harry Potter and I think I'll take you up on that offer you made all those years ago in 1992, by the time you receive this I'll most likely be imprisoned in Azkaban and I'd really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to free me from the prison. I believe that by the time you receive this message you'll understand why I was imprisoned, please do consider my offer.


Harry James Potter

(Murderer of Muggles, First Class, Traitor to Dumbledore, First Class as well)

P.S. - Please refrain from killing my owl, Hedwig, I really wouldn't like to see her demise.

He added the last part because he felt that a little sarcasm might make Voldemort's day, he handed it to Hedwig and spoke, "Deliver this to Voldemort," at the confused face the owl made he spoke, "Don't ask questions, please, just do it and remain there." Hedwig bobbed her head and nipped his finger in affection, flying of towards a Dark Lord.

Not ten seconds after Hedwig's departure did Harry's door burst open, Vernon's red face split into a sadistic grin when he looked upon Harry. Just as he charged him Harry drew his wand, watching as Vernon clambered back in fright, "I've suffered at your hands for almost 15 years Vernon Dursley. Give me one reason why I shouldn't just kill you now," he said before the man seemed to have some realization as most of the fear receded from his face.

"Don't try to fool me! I know you can't do magic out side of that freak school of yours," he spat before Harry cast a quick silencing spell so that his other dear relatives didn't flee.

"You're not taking into account that I don't care anymore! I'll go to Azkaban sure, but I'll also get my vengeance," as he spoke the final word Harry's eyes flickered from emerald to crimson before, as he spoke one word, it stopped at the blood-red color, that word was, "Crucio," the red jet of pain shot out of Harry's wand, all of his hate boiling in his mind, everything that had ever caused him pain.

Vernon screamed out in pain immediately, writhing on the ground disgustingly in Harry's opinion, it was with a slight start that Harry realized, well, there's no going back now, is there?

As he finished that thought he spoke to Vernon, "This isn't a crime Vernon! Not to me, this is simply retribution," with that Harry spoke another incantation, "Avada Kedavra," the sickly-green jet of death shot from Harry's wand, hitting Vernon square in the chest.

The man immediately stopped moving, his face set in a permanent grimace of pain and his skin the deathly pale color of the dead. He realized the Aurors would be here soon to arrest him so he quickly headed to the kitchen, knowing that his other relatives were there, most likely awaiting their supper.

He was planning on torturing them with the Cruciatus curse as he neared the kitchen but then he heard multiple 'pops' of apparation and figured he might as well finish off two more muggles before he was taken away to the wizarding prison. The two Dursleys looked up as he entered the kitchen, eyes only widening in fear when they noticed the wand in his hands.

He leveled his wand at Dudley first, "Goodbye ickle Duddiekins," he sneered, "Avada Kedavra," he shouted, the sickly-green jet silencing Dudley Dursley forever.

He relished in the sound of his aunt's wails, the words, "My Dudders," issuing from her throat.

Hearing the door open he took aim at Petunia Dursley, his last blood relative, he decided to give her no mercy, "I've already killed Vernon, Petunia, just like this," he paused noticing an Auror who had just entered, "Avada Kedavra," he laughed loudly at the 'thump' of his aunt's body as she fell, dead, to the floor.

Loving the fear all three Dursleys and now the Auror had shown, he turned to the Auror he asked, "Are you here to take me to Azkaban," the Auror nodded dumbly, still in fear of him, "Well, you're not doing a bloody good job of it, are you," he laughed insanely at his words.

The Auror seemed to snap back to the reality of things as he put the wizarding handcuffs on Harry, before dragging him back to the other Aurors and speaking, "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will, be used against you in the wizarding court of law. You have the right to a wizarding attorney, and the right to a trial." Harry just laughed, much like his godfather had all those years ago.

Harry walked into the courtroom, everyone quieted and he noticed many familiar faces within the public trial, it was a day after his capture.

There was Ron, who looking betrayed and disheartened, and Hermione being almost a mirror of that, but both of their faces turned into a look of hatred at his entry.

He also noticed Dumbledore was there, looking at him disappointed, Harry decided to put the old man in his place "Don't you dare be disappointed in me! I'm disappointed in you and your bloody manipulations," he hissed out, almost slipping into parseltongue.

He watched as surprise flitted across everyone's faces before they all glared at him, except, he noted with some amusement, most of Voldemort's followers who were looking at him somewhat pridefully.

He walked up to the chair that sat in the center, chains coming up and wrapping around his arms as he settled into it, the Minister looked as pleased as can be, Harry, attempting a bit of non-verbal Legilimency could hear his thoughts which were: Finally I can send this brat to Azkaban! He's been a constant little nuisance for far too long!

Harry decided some entertainment might be fun.

"I would appreciate it," he spoke "if you would refrain from calling me a brat and a nuisance within your mind, Minister. I can read it like an open book."

This startled everyone, who looked to Fudge who's face flushed in embarrassment and then rage, "How dare you invade my mind! You impudent little brat! I am the Minister of Magic," he said the last thing smugly.

Harry sighed, "I could care less if you were Merlin himself, if he was as incompetent as you . . . well, maybe he wouldn't deserve to be known as the strongest wizard known to the wizarding world," he paused, "But I do have to complement you on finding a loophole in what I said out of pure luck." At Fudge's purely confused look he continued, "I never did say you were to refrain from calling me brat outside of your mind," he continued, "But I will now. Minister, do not address me as a brat or nuisance verbally or non-verbally as I have never been a child and I don't like the term nuisance . . . hmm . . . maybe the term 'mortal enemy' would work or 'my eternal bane', those seem suitable," he noted that his words were amusing everyone but Percy, Umbridge, and obviously the Minister.

"Now see here, my bo-" Fudge began.

Harry interrupted him, "I am not a boy," Harry grounded out, "and I will certainly never be 'yours' as I don't swing that way, Fudge," he finished mockingly, watching as Cornelius' face colored in rage and embarrassment once again, he watched as other members of the Wizengamot decided to start the trial.

"Order! Order!" the chuckling of the attending parties quieted, he noticed that Mrs. Malfoy seemed to be fighting to maintain herself as she watched him make a mockery of the Minister, he flashed what he thought looked like a winning smile, what he didn't know that it looked like a devilish smirk. He almost laughed as Narcissa Malfoy colored in embarrassment and he thought to himself privately, well, at least I know that Teen Witch Weekly wasn't lying, he chuckled at his thoughts which only served to embarrass Narcissa more.

Fudge seemed to have regained control of his face as it was just the usual color as he spoke, "Very well, now that the guilty party -Mr. Potter- is present, we may begin the Trial for the illegal use of magic on the 29th of July," he spoke, "into offences committed under the Ban of the Unforgivable Curses, the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, and the crime of Magical Homicide by Harry James Potter, resident at number four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey," anybody who didn't know what the trial was about gasped at the multiple felonies, Harry merely grinned roguishly and slightly insanely, "Interrogators: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister of Magic; Amelia Susan Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; Delores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister; Court Scribe, Percival Ignatius Weasley-" he was once again interrupted by Harry

"Witness for the defense, Harry James Potter-Black, Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient Houses of Potter and Black," he said, since Sirius had made him the heir to the family in his will and he almost laughed when everyone gasped in shock, save Narcissa and a few others who had been present at the will-reading.

He waited for Fudge to continue, "Yes," he shuffled some papers on his desk, "Well then, so, the charges, yes," the man looked through the papers before speaking, "The charges against the accused are as follows: that he did, knowingly, and in the presence of muggles, cast four Unforgivable Curses on said muggles, thus committing three counts of homicide," he spoke, "How do you plead?"

Harry thought it over, he was going to go to Azkaban anyway but he wanted to have some fun, "Well, just because I want to delay this so I can spend the least amount of time with some Aurors, and the kind Dementors, I guess I'll plead guilty," he paused, interrupting Fudge before the man could speak, "Yes, I am completely guilty of defending myself against the inhabitants of number four Privet Drive," Harry felt like seeing if he could get out of all of his charges, for the fun of it.

The man seemed startled before asking Harry to explain; Harry put on his best emo face and voice and spoke "Those horrendous, filthy, muggles," he spat the word like it was some bad tasting food, "tortured me emotionally and physically. All three inhabitants beat me for being a wizard and they constantly tried to make me feel guilty for the deaths of both Cedric Diggory and Sirius Orion Black, the last part didn't really work," he trailed off, "Anyway," he spoke in what he thought was an innocent tone . . . it wasn't, "When Vernon Dursley was about attack me I cast the Cruciatus curse on him, hoping to stop him from hurting me, that only served to fuel him as he tried to attack me again, I used the killing curse against him, realizing he would never change. I then went downstairs and into the kitchen to plead that my cousin and aunt not hurt me for protecting myself, they reached for the knifes and so I fired the killing curse, Avada Kedavra, on both of them, the first on my cousin and the second on my aunt," he faked sadness and regret at the proper moments, sadly he wasn't meant for show business.

"Lies! You're guilty," the Minister exclaimed gleefully, the last word he heard was, "Stupefy," before all he saw was black.