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Chapter Eighteen Epilogue

Harry turned to look at the door of the room in the white sanitarium that had become his second home as it opened. Elyse peaked inside and Harry sent him a beautiful smile.

"Hello, Ellie! Time for my meds again?" He asked from the greenhouse room window.

The begonia he was planting was in full bloom. Harry himself was blossoming as well. Tom's idea to build the Euphorium Sanitarium specifically for his beloved's well being and development was truly a stroke of genius. Harry had been in the hospital for a year and he was already doing so much better. His frame had filled out and while he was still rather thin, it was a sinuous, lithe build. His hair reached his waist and he was practically glowing with good health and cheer. He hadn't had an episode in over four months. Elyse smiled at him.

"That can wait until later, today. You have a guest, Harry." The vampire said calmly, opening the door wide enough to allow the visitor entrance.

Harry suddenly beamed, tossing his gloves down in excitement.

"Tom!" Harry laughed out loud, running up and jumping into his spouse's arms, still in his dirty apron and the t-shirt and scrubs they wore at the sanitarium.

The Dark Ruler of the Wizarding World spun him around in his arms, blissful and complete. He tried to visit his dearest one every few days but ruling the world was no easy feat. On their hands were the matching rings that Tom had bought so long ago on Harry's birthday in Knockturn Alley. He had been terrified to leave Harry here at first but he had come to visit him as often as possible. After being reassured that he was not abandoning him, Harry had began to adjust to his new environment an he took to the place very well. To offer moral, social and emotional support, Bellatrix had had herself committed to the sanitarium as well. Tom had placed Elyse in the sanitarium as the Director and Severus had taken up the position of the Medical Director, after having kindly but firmly refused the position of Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts. He had said that he well and truly hated most children and would rather retire his teaching days in a profession that allowed him to brew his potions in relative peace for people who truly needed and appreciated them. Harry had really taken to the hospital, getting better even at socializing with those his own age. Draco and a few of his close Slytherin friends visited often. There were teenagers living at the Sanitarium, of course, other In-Patients like Harry, many with similar problems and tastes as him. Of course none of them were married to the leader of the known world.

"Hello, Harry. How is my little Prince today? Did you have fun with your friends?" Tom asked, running his hands through the boy's long hair.

He loved how healthy and beautiful and glowing his prince was now. Harry gave him a quick happy kiss.

"Heck yeah! Jack says that he'll let us go outside next time too! Me, Dray, Blaise, Emille, Deidra, Jareth and Corbin!" Harry had made many new friends at the hospital, a fact that overjoyed his husband, "Ellie said we could have a picnic today!"

Tom smiled brightly and nodded, but looking at the clock he chuckled.

"Now? It's only 10:30 in the morning."

Harry gave him a mischievous smirk and pulled him close.

"No. But I can think of a few things we can be doing while we wait." He purred.

Harry's orderly, Jack, took that as his cue to leave with a barely stifled chuckle. The couple were already caught up in a tender embrace when Elyse closed the door behind him. Tom laughed as his husband all but dragged him over to his bed.

Harry lay on Tom's chest, happy and content with his lover, basking in post orgasmic foggy delight.

"Mmm...You know, Harry. Elyse says that as long as you came back every day, that you are well enough to come home for dinner and bed. He said I could even take you to some of the balls, press meetings and get togethers I have to go to. As my Consort, you have just as much right to attend as I do. I want everyone to know about us. About how much I love you." Tom said with a smile.

Harry grinned brightly.

"I'd like that. I miss sharing a bed. I had nightmares when I had to sleep alone for the longest time."

"What changed?" Tom asked, rubbing his back gently.

Harry smiled at him.

"I realized that, even though you couldn't be with me at the time, you were always watching over me. You would always protect me. That you were always going to be there even if you couldn't be physically." He pulled the long golden chain out from around his neck, the locket Horcrux sitting warmly in his hand. "I've never taken it off. Not since the day you put it around my neck."

Tom smiled and kissed him, his heart beat soft as a butterflies wings beneath his hand. Harry was the most precious thing in the world to him. The teen nuzzled his chest with a happy sigh.

"Can I go home tomorrow night? And sleep in our bed again and see Lucius?" He asked softly.

"You sure can. I'll bet Lucius would be overjoyed to see you again. He often tells me how much he wishes he could get over to visit more often."

Harry sniggered.

"Well, being Minister of Magic is no small task I'm told."

Tom sat up, pulling the boy against him with the movement. Harry laid his head on his shoulder and showered his husband with kisses and affection.

"So what do you say, my Prince? Feeling up to ruling the world with me?"

"You bet, I am."