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Chapter Thirteen

Harry smirked, standing between Voldemort and Demetri, Severus protectively standing behind him. His head tilted to the side and he raised his hand above the ground with a small chuckle. Now. Finally it was time. His protectors writhed in eagerness and pleasure, churning the air around him. Thunder crashed in the sky above, a signal of the oncoming rain.

"Awaken. Awaken and come to the call of your Master."

The world seemed to freeze and then become charged. So it began.

Neville grinned inside Hogwarts and stood. The Great Hall was buzzing with activity at the Halloween feast. All around the hall, his comrades began to stand as well. Ron Weasley, Minevra McGonagall, Pansy Parkinson, Luna Lovegood, Terry Boot, The Patil Twins, Sybil Trelawny, Severus Snape and Susan Bones. The Mimiqui smiled once at each other before taking up their wands and blades. The slaughter began. The crowd didn't realize what was happening at first when they all began to cut down their classmates but within seconds the screams began and mass chaos ensued. Dumbledore was the first on his feet and began throwing curses at the students that weren't students. The fake children only laughed as the spells rebounded. The were immune. The headmaster looked to his head mistress for aid but she only smiled at him before shoving her sword through his stomach. The staff was quickly dispatched and the children herded into the Great Hall. Dumbledore was held by the Mimiqui who awaited their master triumphantly. Voldemort walked into the Hall with his second in command at his side. Harry smiled the same unnerving smile that his creations sported. They stopped in front of the old man.

"How the mighty fall, Albus." Tom laughed, wrapping his arm around Harry's waist and kissing his cheek for everyone to see.

Dumbledore sneered.

"And who is this, Tom? Your newest whore? How long until you kill this one? Hogwarts will never fall to you!"

Voldemort sneered in disgust but stopped when Harry burst into laughter, kneeling down next to the dying old man.

"You misunderstand, Headmaster. I am the Puppet Master. It was my creations that brought you to your knees tonight. I am Tom's Consort, not his toy. You know me by a different name, I'm afraid, though." Harry purred, licking the blood from Dumbledore's cheek with a feral grin.

He lifted his long bangs for the old man to see the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Dumbledore's eyes widened in horror.

"Harry!" He cried before Harry shoved a ritual knife through his skull.

Dumbledore fell down dead, his eyes still horrified and wide. Tom raised an eyebrow behind him while the teen grinned wide like a cat who had just brought its master a dead bird home. The Dark Lord shook his head in amusement and pulled his Consort in for a long, blissful kiss. Harry moaned against the tongue and teeth and lips that were driving him higher than murder ever could. Tom was his drug and he would be damned if he ever let him go again. He was an addict. Severus ran his hand over Harry's unbound hair with a soft smile but his eyes were full of victory. The battle for the soul of Hogwarts was won. Tonight, the battle for the Ministry of Magic would begin. Without the old man, the Ministry would fail. It was all but assured. Harry pulled Severus down for his own victory snog. He had the loves of his life in his arms and they were finally learning to get along and share. They all even starting sleeping in the same bed as each other. Severus balanced Tom out. When Tom began to get jealous or angry, then it was Severus who calmed and soothed his nerves until Harry could get home to kiss all of his worries away. They would tear each other apart separately but together they all just clicked.

"FUCK YOU!! I HATE YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME!!! I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR BALLS OFF AND FEED THEM TO YOU, YOU BASTARD!!" Harry cried as Healers bustled around him and Tom stood by, green and just nodding.

Severus was among the healers that were helping the delivery. He was on edge, though. He had already thrown out three of the Healers for just standing around waiting for Harry to dilate.

"I know, precious, I know. You know what? After this, I promise, we can watch the Labyrinth however many times you want, okay? I'll get you that chocolate you like." Tom said desperately trying to stay calm and be helpful to his husband.

Harry just shook, pain radiating up his spine. He nodded, tearfully, allowing the Dark Lord to wipe the tears from his face. Severus was pale. It wasn't looking good. There were…complications. Half of their allies were pacing nervously outside as if it were their loved ones inside. They had all become very attached to the puppet master, though. Harry was fun and charismatic but loyal to a fault. All of them wanted to be there to witness his big day. Harry gave one last cry before the last of the twins was freed from his body. He gave a shuddering breath as his babies were cleaned but then his life line flattened and the Healers jumped into action. Harry was bleeding out. Those emerald eyes rolled into the back of his head and Tom swore.

"Harry! Harry stay with me!"

Severus was able to stop the bleeding but Harry kept flat lining. He bit his lip angrily before turning to Tom.

"Get L'Etias!"


"Get him or Harry will die!!" Severus demanded furiously.

Tom hissed but ducked out the door. He returned with Xaven hot on his heels. The Incubi winced at the still form on the bed but quickly moved to work. He had one of the Healers run an IV from Harry's body into his own. They had to exchange blood. He leaned down and kissed the boy thoroughly. He needed to get his blood active as it moved into the Puppet Master's body. After a few short moments of silent despair, Harry's body arched violently up off of the table.

"It's working!" He heard the Potion's Master cry in relief.

The cries of two infants resounded through the room. If he had anything to say about it, Harry would hold his children tonight. He felt more than heard the body beneath him groan. Good. Xaven forced himself back off of the teen. Harry had just given birth after all. He would be healed tomorrow but for now, he was in no shape to be thoroughly shagged. Harry's eyes opened and shone brighter than Tom had ever seen him. He breathed hard and nodded to everyone watching. He was alright. Severus nearly collapsed in relief and let one of the nurses scourgify his hands. He didn't want to touch his baby or his beloved with fluid covered hands after all. He handed the twins to Harry, on efor each arm. They were beautiful.

"Oh, Harry…"Tom breathed in disbelief.

The first of the twins had dark curling hair and black eyes, while the second had Harry's bright green eyes and Tom's straighter sensible black hair. Two beautiful boys. Harry gave them a watery smile and tapped the first on the nose playfully.

"Draven Tobias Riddle." He brushed a strand of hair from the second ones bright eyes, "Cyriacus Thomas Riddle." He whispered.

Tom and Severus nodded, pleased with the names that he had been deciding on for two months now.

"They're beautiful, Harry." Demetri said from the corner where he had been hiding, making sure that his dear friend would be well taken care off.

Harry smiled up at his beloveds.

"They are, aren't they?"


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