Saberus9: Heya It's been a while since I last wrote I've been reading some Naruto Bleach xovers and I want to try my hand at on

Saberus9: Heya It's been a while since I last wrote I've been reading some Naruto Bleach xovers and I want to try my hand at one.

Disclaimer: I own neither Naruto or Bleach


The Warrior stood at the edge of the battlefield. His long hair flowing in the wind. His captain's robe inscribed with the number 14 was torn, frayed and burnt. The fight was not going well.

The Warrior and his allies had fought like wolves, but the hollows were just too much. The Seireitei was falling, slowly but surely. This was not good, the fourteenth Gotei had not fought in over a thousand battles to lose against the Neo-Espada. They will pay. The Kyubbi, a vast and destructive weapon, full of anger laid waste upon it's foes.

As usual, a large portion of the Warrior's spirit energy was used in maintaining the form of his Zanpakuto's Shikai form. He stared out at the devastation that was once the Seireitei, that was enough this must end. "Kyubbi…" uttered the Warrior earning the entitiy's entire focus, feeling it's excitement, He narrowed his red eyes at the beast. Lifting His sword, the Warrior spoke only one word "Bankai…."


The boy awoke in dark and unfamiliar surroundings, well at least he thought they were unfamiliar. He though it was odd, memories of his past were fading like smoke. A pink haired girl? Chakra? A woman who pretends she's still young? A Snakeman? It would be easier to hold water with a net. The only thin that stayed with him was a name Naruto. Was that his name?

The blond boy sat up and looked out at the world around him through his bright blue eyes. He looked at his own body, he was wearing a strange black robe, an odd sword lay on the ground next to where he once lay. He touched it, it felt warm and natural to hold, as if it was made for him and him alone. It was then he noticed the corpse. It was a skeleton, old not a lump of flesh left on it. Naruto could only guess whose it was. Maybe someone I knew?

Rising to his feet, The Boy saw lights not far off. Deciding that going towards the lights was a better Idea than staying with a corpse, Naruto left.


The Beast rose from it's dormancy. And gazed at the simple surroundings that encompassed it's form. It was in a field of grass. Better than the last place It thought shuddering at the memory of the dripping tunnels it had been caged in.

This time I will not fail him It thought grimly, This time I will WIN!


Saberus9: Hows that for a beginning, I need feedback, I also wouldn't mind a suggestion on who to pair with Naruto. Narux. My plan is to make a story that deviates from Bleach and I have little intention of giving much form to Konoha, or his past so sorry no Jutsu for li'l Naru. (heh Rhyme).