Family Matters

Written by Chibikan

A/N: This fiction will strike some people as OOC. Especially certain characters who are typically shown to be fat gits. I like doing that. This time, it's Vernon Dursley. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people make PETUNIA out to be at least a caring human being. But it's rarely done with Vernon Dursley unless the plot is that he's doing some sort of penance to save his immortal soul. So, I'm doing something about that, tee hee. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters

Summary: After 5th year, the Dursley's have had enough of Harry coming home with some new injury or problem every year at Hogwarts, and finally give Harry the one thing he's wanted since he was a year old.


Midnight, the time when all young boys, even odd ones, should be asleep. The heavy-set man trotted quietly down the hallway to the door to the small bedroom, to do what he had been doing every summer night since the boy had started going to that fool school. He silently pushed open the door and peaked in. Yes, the boy was sound asleep.

Vernon tiptoed in to look over the boy. He remembered the threats of those freaks at the station with a near laugh. They honestly believed that he despised their precious pupil. He must be a better actor then he thought.

Silent as possible, the man came closer to the boy. Close enough to hear that he was muttering in his sleep. He listened closely.

"No….Sirius…don't…no…" the boy raised his right hand sleepily to his face the moonlight hitting the back of the hand perfectly, causing Vernon to still in anger. He'd seen enough and turned to leave the room. "NO!!" Harry sat up, not really awake, not seeing his uncle sneaking out. Slowly, he came to himself, just as the door closed nearly all the way, with only an unnoticeable gap. He rubbed his eyes and lay back down, sobbing quietly to himself, unaware that they were heard and only served to amplify the big man's concern and anger.

Vernon turned back to go back to the master bedroom. He would be talking to Petunia tomorrow. It was time for a change of strategy with that kid.