The next day Deidara awoke to loud yelling coming from outside the room

The next day Deidara awoke to loud yelling coming from outside the room. "I'm not going to forgive you fucking asshole!" yelled Hidan, limping passed Sasori's room.

"Come on Hidan, you seemed to enjoy," Kakuzu grinned.

"Well I didn't so leave me alone I'm really late," he said limping out of the house.

Deidara shot out of bed, down the stairs, and almost ran out the door, but was pulled back abruptly by someone. "You weren't going to leave before giving me a goodbye kiss were you?" Sasori asked, pulling him back into a kiss.

Sasori wrapped his arms around Deidara's waist pulling him closer, and the blonde found himself giving into the kiss.

The redhead pulled away from the kiss and stared into the young blond's lust filled eyes. "Sorry Dei, but you shouldn't have left before giving me a kiss," he said, smiling at the blonde.

Deidara hugged the redhead and left following Hidan's trail. He walked down the trail to where the rabbit was supposedly going to see the queen.

"I wonder what the queen is like," Deidara thought.

As he walked farther down the trail he met the last person he wanted to see that day, Pain.

"Hey there Deidara, did you enjoy the hair ball that I gave you yesterday?" he asked, grooming his chest.

Deidara glared at the ginger cat. "I really hate you stupid fucking cat."

Hearing the insulting words Pain started hacking up again, and coughed up a big wet hair ball hurling it at Deidara's face. The blond wiped off the disgusting ginger colored hair ball and glared at Pain.

"You should be nicer to me brat," Pain said, his fur bristling. "I was going to show you a short cut to the queen's castle."

Deidara stood up and stared at Pain. "I'm sorry Pain, can you please show me the short cut?" he asked, pouting with big puppy eyes.

"Ok kid, but you owe me," he said, and a door that was on the tree Pain was sitting on opened, and inside was a big black castle and everything around it was gloomy and miserable.

"Are you sure that's the queens castle," Deidara asked.

"Yep that's it Deidara," he said, smiling and disappearing in seconds.

Deidara walked into the tree and stared at all of his surroundings. He was in a huge maze, and he had to find a way to get to the castle.

As he walked into the maze he heard gloomy music coming from the other side of the hedge. He climbed over the hedge and saw people wearing gas masks and long sleeved black clothing painting white roses black and when they were done painting a bush they sprayed a purple gas on them.

"What are you guys doing," Deidara asked, walking to the closest person to him.

All the people in gas masks stared at Deidara, and the closest one to him pulled off his mask to reveal a small girl with long black hair and baby blue eyes. "Excuse me sir but you may want to put on a gas mask because that purple gas that we're spraying is poison." She said, handing Deidara a mask, brush, and a black paint can.

Deidara put on the mask and took the brush and paint and helped the girl paint roses.

As Deidara finished painting a bush a loud trumpeting played and everyone stopped painting, spraying, and they took off their masks bowing to whoever was coming. Deidara did the same hoping it was the queen. Most of the workers had either black or brown hair so his blond hair was very noticeable.

Stepping out from the maze was a boy as tall as Deidara. He had long black hair tied in a pony tail and he had blood red eyes. The teen was wearing fancy black clothing and he had a skull earring.

The teen examined the poisoned roses and noticed one rose wasn't completely painted black. "So who was the one that didn't paint this rose completely black," he asked.

One worker pointed to the person next to him. "He did it sir."

The teen snapped his fingers and the guards took away the worker.

As the teen was about to leave he noticed Deidara's blond hair with all the other darker haired people, and walked till he stood in front of the boy. "Who are you," he asked.

Deidara looked up at the other teen. "My name is Deidara, I'm here looking for a foul mouthed rabbit. He came here to see the queen."

"You mean Hidan, he should be here soon. My name is Itachi, and there is no queen I think he meant prince. My mom died last night of a heart attack."

Itachi grabbed Deidara's hand and pulled him up. Would you like to have a contest with me till Hidan arrives." He asked.


"Good," he said pulling the blond behind him letting the workers get back to work.

"What type of contest are we having?"

"We're going to play a staring contest."


Itachi and Deidara walked to the castle. It looked as if it were a gothic version of the Queen of Heart's castle. The black haired teen pulled Deidara to a stone table with stone chairs.

Once they sat down a large group of people gathered around them waiting for them to begin.

They both sat in their chairs and got ready to start. "If you loose Deidara your head will be cut off."

Deidara gulped and thought of how be could win this game.

Both teens were prepared and they started. As they were playing Pain appeared on top of Itachi's head. "Hey Deidara, I can see that you found the prince."

"Pain get off of Itachi's head you're distracting me." Deidara said.

"Deidara, who are you talking to?" Itachi asked.

"I'm talking to Pain he's on your head," Deidara said, pointing to Itachi's head.

Itachi put his hand on his head and didn't feel a cat, but it caused him to blink.

"I won," Deidara said, blinking.

Itachi glared at the blond. "You cheated Deidara. You said that there was a cat on my head and there wasn't."

"But there was a cat on your head. I wasn't lying."

"Yes you were. If you believe that you were telling the truth then you will be put on trial."

Itachi, Deidara, and a group of people moved to a court area. It was like a court room but outside.

"Where the hell is Hidan," Itachi said.

Hopping passed the other people Hidan limped to Itachi's side. "Sorry it took me so long. I was raped by a asshole so I had to take a lot of rests." He said, rubbing his sore butt.

"Hidan, Deidara is on trial so now that you're here let's begin." Itachi said.

Itachi took a seat in the judge's seat and Hidan stood beside him, Deidara stood in front of him.

"Ok so Deidara you are being charged for cheating at a game," Hidan said.

"I wasn't cheating," Deidara said.

"Yes you did Deidara, you said there was a cat on my head and there wasn't a cat," Itachi said.

"Itachi, there was a cat on your head. I'm not lying," the blond bomber said.

Itachi turned to Hidan, "Will you please bring in the witnesses,"

Hidan sighed and limped to get the witnesses, and he came back with Sasori holding a six pack of Monsters Assault and Kakuzu counting his money.

Kakuzu picked Hidan up bridal style and carried him back to Itachi setting him down on the ground. "I don't need you to get more hurt than you already are Hidan," Kakuzu said, grinning.

"I hate you asshole," Hidan said grumbling more curses.

Deidara ran to the redheaded boy hugging him tight. "Danna it's so good to see you again."

They both pulled away from the hug and took their seats.

"Sasori please come to the stand," Itachi said, gesturing to the seat.

Sasori took a seat and pulled a Monster off opening it and taking a big drink. "So what do you want."

"Deidara and I were having a staring contest and he cheated by telling me that there was a cat on my head causing me to blink," he explained to the redhead.

"Can you please describe the cat," Sasori asked Deidara taking another drink.

"Well he has ginger fur and his name is Pain, and he can disappear and reappear," Deidara said.

"See Itachi, it was just Pain messing with everyone again," Sasori said.

Itachi became very mad at being told that he was wrong. "Guards off with the blonds head now."

Sasori bolted from his seat and stood beside the blond protecting him. "You can't do that he didn't do anything."

"Guards get that blond now," Itachi said completely ignoring Sasori.

Sasori grabbed Deidara's hand and pulled him out of the court room and they ran from the group of guards that Itachi was leading.

"Danna where are we going," Deidara asked.

"Deidara you have to get out of here," Sasori said running faster.

"We're going to the talking door so you can go back to your world. Once you go back none of us will be able to follow you, and you'll never be able to return," the redhead said.

"But Danna we'll never be able to see each other again." Deidara said.

"As long as you're safe I'll be happy." Sasori said.

They both reached the remains of the door Deidara had destroyed.

"Ok Deidara, it's time to go," Sasori said.

Deidara pulled Sasori into a kiss wrapping his arms around Sasori's neck. He just had to feel the redhead's lips against his once more before he'd left.

Sasori pulled away from the kiss when he heard the mob moving closer. "Deidara you should go before they get you. I'll keep them busy," he said pushing Deidara through the door.

Deidara slowly walked till he heard Sasori confront the mob. "Get out of the way Sasori!" Itachi demanded.

"I'm not moving," Sasori said.

"Guards kill him," Itachi commanded.

Deidara waited for what was to happen next. He heard a sword being unsheathed and then he heard it coming in contact with flesh.

"Ah!" Sasori screamed in pain.

"No!" Deidara screamed, waking up in the park where he had fallen asleep this morning.

"It was all a dream?" Deidara thought.

He stood up from his spot and went into the woods going where Hidan had led him to see if it had happened. The whole dream was all to real.

When he reached where the rabbit hole was supposed to be there was no hole at all. It didn't even look as if there had been a hole at all.

"It was all a dream," Deidara thought.

As Deidara walked back to his house he noticed the scorpion necklace that Sasori had given him was around his neck, and he noticed that he could taste Monster in his mouth.