(A/N: Takes place sometime in New Moon during Edwards absence. Bellas P.O.V, Hope you enjoy.)

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Press P L A Y

The days continue in repeating patterns that no longer hold any importance for me,

as if my life is some old depressing movie and someone keeps pressing rewind.

Wakeup, school, work, home, P A U S E R E W I N D wakeup, school, work, home...

they're the kind of days where I want to yell out "What's the point!?"

But I know better then that.

but to have such control on these few buttons of my life, I use them in vain.

I P A U S E during school hours, just to look around me, at the faces so familiar yet so

different. Nothing has changed, and yet everything seems so wrong. Maybe it's because

you're not one of the frozen faces I see, you're not beside me anymore, and you're

nowhere to be found.

I P L A Y through the moments that hurt less, just for the feeling of some kind of

purpose. The days and moments where my hands not wrapped around my sides, where

my pieces don't feel as if they will shatter. The days I try my hardest not to remember


I F A S T F O R W A R D during the evenings, when I'm unconscious and screaming

your name. Through the nightmares that suffocate me in my sleep and the overwhelming

pain. The nightmares where everything I once had, slips through my fingers. You're gone

and you're not coming back.

I T U R N D O W N T H E V O L U M E when I hear that tiny voice in the back of my

mind, screaming you're not good enough!, and he's gone! You're just a plain human,

what you are to him!? I turn it down, but somehow it's still perfectly clear.

Only one button is left untouched, and it's the R E W I N D, the only thing rewinding

itself is the constant days and nights. I do not have the courage to rewind. To review

those memories, the ones of you and me. That's it; it always was just you and me. But

you're gone. I do not have the courage to remember such a thing, to pretend as

if you were still here, and in the end I would reach out to you, I would grasp desperately

at you're figurative presence, with a reaching hand, grabbing at the air.

You're no longer here, and I cannot rewind so many times as to realize how true that is.

Now the wind is fast in my hair, and the rain is soaking my clothes. Here I am with my

toes poking over the edge of a cliff, all for you. You may not feel the same way, But I

will now say…Goodbye I love you.



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