W.I.T.C.H. fan: This is dedicated to eframtheretardedrabbit and RaiKimAngle365 who helped me with the cast idea.

Chapter 1

It was a perfect day at sea for the 17 year old air bender Aang. He, his cousin, Caleb, and his friend Blunk had decided to sail the seas for a few days on Caleb's ship, although Caleb was now emptying his stomach over the ship railing. The sailors were now singing one of their favorite songs.

Sailors: I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue

and it's hey to starboard heave ho.

Look out a lad a mermaid be waiting for you

in mysterious fathoms below

"Isn't this great Blunk? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face"! Aang said to the passling. Blunk nodded. "Blunk think nice day for sailing".

Aang turned to his cousin. "Perfect day to be at sea right Caleb"? he asked

Caleb looked at Aang. "Oh yes simply delightful" Caleb said sarcastically before going back to puking. Aang and Blunk laughed. "Blunk think Caleb not feel so good" Blunk laughed.

"You two both know I get seasick every time we sail" Caleb snapped glaring at his cousin and friend. Then he turned green and quickly leaned over the edge again.

Blunk laughed harder but Aang didn't notice for a strange sound had caught his attention. It was a female voice singing. "Ah ah ah…ah ah ah…ah ah ah"

Then Aang shook his head. 'What would a girl be doing out here in the middle of the ocean' He thought with a laugh. But he had to admit that the voice was beautiful.

"Well we defiantly have a good strong wind today. King Phobos must be in a friendly type mood" Said a sailor named Aldarn.

"Phobos"? Aang asked. (A/N Yeah Phobos plays Triton in this story and he's nice.)

"Ruler of the mer-people and all sea creatures lad, I thought you would no about that" Another sailor named Bato said.

Caleb scoffed. "Yeah right, the story of the mer-people is just a legend that I gave up a long time ago" Then he turned to his cousin. "Don't listen to these guys Aang there just pulling your leg with this nonsense"

"But it ain't nonsense it's the truth" Said a sailor named Iroh as he waved a fish in Caleb face. "I'm telling you they all live down in the depths of the ocean".

As he spoke Iroh flung out his hand and the fish slipped from it and fell back into the sea. Looking up the fish gave a big sigh of relief to be alive and swam away.

Other fish and Mer-people were swimming too. They swam toward the great concert hall in the palace of King Phobos. In that palace Phobos had lived with and raised all his younger cousins, along with his little sister, for as long as anyone could remember.

Inside the concert hall every one swam to their seats as fanfare started up. Then a herald popped up. "His royal highness King Phobos"! He cried.

The people cheered as Phobos came in riding in a clamshell pulled by dolphins. He had long blond hair with a blond goatee and blue eyes wearing a small dark purple triangle crown with a dark purple fish tail. He also carried a gold trident.

As Phobos sat down the herald continued. "And presenting the distinguished court composer and choreographer and the oldest cousins of King Phobos the great, amazing, wonderful astounding Sokka and Will"!

A small applause came on as two mer-people rode in, in a clamshell like Phobos. The first had dark skin with a small ponytail blue eyes and a dark blue tail. He was Sokka the court composer.

The second was a girl with red hair brown eyes fair skin, and a hot pink tail with a light pink shell bikini. Her name was Will the court choreographer. The two of them were the oldest of Phobos' cousins and very famous. They swam over to Phobos.

"I'm really looking forward to this performance you two" Phobos greeted his cousins.

"Oh yes this will be the best concert ever"! Will said. "Yep our cousins will be spectacular"! Sokka cried.

Phobos chuckled. "Especially my little sister, Elyon". Will and Sokka smiled.

"Yep she has the most beautiful voice". Sokka said. Then he and Will swam away so Phobos didn't see the ticked of looks on their faces.

"If only that girl would show up to rehearsals once in awhile" Will muttered.

Then Sokka and Will got out their batons and tapped them. The orchestra began to play and three giant clamshells opened to reveal Katara, Jin, Song, Yue, Ty Lee, and Alcheme.

Katara, Kin, Song, Yue, Ty Lee, and Alcheme: Oh we are the cousins of Phobos

Great cousin who loved us and raised us well


Katara: La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Mermaids: Alcheme

Alcheme: La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Mermaids: Ty Lee

Ty Lee: La-la-la

Mermaids: Song

Song: La-la-la

Mermaids: Jin

Jin: La-la-la

Mermaids: Yue

Yue: La-la-la

Mermaids: And then there is our youngest in her musical debut

Our seventh little cousin were presenting her to you

To sing a song that Sokka wrote, her voice is like a bell

She's our cousin Ely-

The mermaids gasped when another clamshell opened but there was no one inside.

Sokka and Will turned deathly pale and looked up to Phobos. He did not look happy at all.

"ELYON"! He shouted.

Far away in another part of the sea a young mermaid, with two blond braids, blue eyes, a purple tail and a light purple shell bikini, swam near a rock. Her name was Elyon, Phobos' little sister, and heir to the throne.

"Elyon wait for us"! Two voices shouted from behind her, Elyon rolled he eyes and turned around.

"Irma, Taranee, hurry up"! She called. Swimming up to her came two other mermaids. One had honey brown hair with blue eyes, a blue tail, and a blue shell bikini. Her name was Irma Elyon's best friend. (A/N Irma is not one of the cousins)

The second was a girl with dark tan skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair with a shoulder length braid, a dark red tail and a red shell bikini. Her name was Taranee, Elyon and Irma's other best friend.

The two girls quickly swam over to Elyon. "Why do you swim so fast when you know we can't"? Irma said to her friend. "Look there it is"! Elyon squealed completely ignoring Irma.

Irma and Taranee looked over and saw an old sunken ship. To them it looked pretty spooky but Elyon thought it was the best thing in the world. "Isn't it fantastic"? The mermaid princess asked.

"Yeah sure it's great now let's get out of here"! Taranee said as she and Irma started to swim away.

Again, Elyon rolled her eyes. "Oh don't tell me you guys are getting cold fins now"?

Irma and Taranee turned back around to see Elyon almost to the ship. "Who us? No way!" Irma cried defensively as she and Taranee swam over to Elyon.

The closer they got the more creepy it looked to the two mermaids. Taranee gulped. "It just uh it looks damp in there. And I think I'm coming down with something".

Taranee nudged Irma who caught on fast. "Yeah see we got these coughs". After Irma said this she and Taranee gave the fakest coughs Elyon had ever heard.

The princess rolled her eyes. "Well I'm going inside". Elyon looked at her friends and smirked. "You two can stay out here and watch for sharks". With that she quickly swam into a porthole on the ship's side.

Taranee and Irma nodded not totally realizing what Elyon had said. Irma spoke. "Okay you go we'll stay out and..." "WAIT SHARKS"!? Irma and Tarnae cried facing each other. NOW they got it. Then they swam into the porthole screaming. "ELYON"!

While Taranee got into the ship easily Irma got stuck. She looked at her hips and frowned. "I really need to lay off the seaweed pasta".

Elyon and Taranee laughed as they swam over to Irma and began to pull her out of the hole.

"Elyon do you really think there are sharks around here" Taranee asked nervously. They didn't know it but a shark swam just outside the porthole.

"Taranee don't be such a guppy" Elyon scoffed.

"I'm not a guppy"! Taranee cried as she and Elyon pulled Irma out of the porthole.

As they continued through the ship Taranee and Irma looked around nervously.

"This is great I really love this" Taranee muttered.

"Yeah I mean it's exciting" Irma agreed. "And there's danger lurking around every corn…"

She stopped short when she and Taranee saw a pirate skeleton making them scream in terror

"ELYON"!! The two girls screamed as they swam back so fast the knocked Elyon to the floor.

When Elyon looked at her friends Irma and Taranee were shaking and their teeth were chattering.

"Oh are you guys okay" Elyon said trying to calm then down.

"Yeah sure" Irma said nervously.

"We're okay" Taranee nodded even though her teeth were still chattering.

"Shh" Elyon said putting a finger to her lips. The princess swam through a hole above her head and looked around. She saw a fork, but she didn't know what it was.

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh"! Elyon cried as she picked up the fork and looked at it in awe. "Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life"?!

"Wow cool"! Irma said as she and Taranee swam over.

"But what exactly is it"? Taranee asked.

Elyon shrugged. "I don't know, but I bet Cornelia, Toph, and Hay Lin will". As Elyon went to look for more stuff Irma and Taranee got the feeling they were being watched.

"I got a bad feeling about this place" Taranee said.

Meanwhile Elyon found a smoking pipe and held it up. "I wonder what this one is".

"Elyon I think we should leave" Irma said nervously. As she spoke a shark came up outside the window Irma and Taranee were by.

Elyon rolled her eyes. "Will you two relax already? Nothing is going to happen".

Irma and Taranee looked around and saw the shark ready to chomp on them.

"ELYON IT'S A SHARK"!! They screamed in horror. Elyon turned around, saw the shark and let out a small yell. The three girls swam up to the next lever with the shark following them.

As the girls swam toward the exit the shark suddenly came up in front of them.

"AAAHHH"! Irma Elyon and Taranee screamed as they swam back to the porthole they had entered in. Irma got there first and got stuck but Elyon and Taranee pushed her through as they swam out.

The shark swam right through the wall leaving a big hole and continued to chase the mermaids.

As she was swimming Irma hit part of the mast. She got a dazed look and fell back toward the shark. Taranee and Elyon quickly swam back and grabbed her. They saw the shark coming and swam away just in time for the shark to get it's head stuck in a hole in the anchor.

Elyon and Taranee sighed in relief and swam toward the surface of the water. Irma lagged behind and smirked at the shark.

"Not so tough now are you big guy"? She asked. Then she stuck out her tongue at the shark. The shark chomped at her making her scream and swim after Elyon and Taranee.

"Ha ha Irma you really are a guppy" Elyon laughed.

"I am not"! Irma shouted back angrily.

Later on a small island in the middle of the sea was a young girl. She had long black hair tied in two pigtails, brown almond eyes, and wore green shirt with a pink skirt. Her name was Hay Lin.

Sitting with Hay Lin were two other girls. The first had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore a pink shirt with blue jeans. Her name was Cornelia.

The last was a twelve year old girl with black hair tied in a bun with a green headband, green eyes(Toph can see), and wore a tan and green outfit, Her name was Toph.

"Hay Lin, Cornelia, Toph" A familiar voice called out.

Hay Lin grabbed a telescope and looked down with it. "Whoa mermaids of the port bow" She called. "Elyon how you doing girl"?!

Cornelia shook her head. "Put the telescope down Tinkerbell" She laughed.

Hay Lin did as she was told and saw Elyon Irma and Taranee right in front of her.

"Wow that was some major swim" Hay Lin said in amazement. Toph and Cornelia shook their heads.

"Guys look what we found" Elyon cried as she put her bag in front of her friends.

"Human stuff huh?" Toph asked as she walked over. "Let us see what you got" Cornelia said.

Elyon pulled out the fork and gave it to Hay Lin. "Oh wow didn't think I'd get the chance to see one of these babies again" Cornelia said as she got a close look.

"What is it"? Elyon asked.

"It's a dingle hopper" Hay Lin told her.

Cornelia nodded and took the 'dingle hopper' from Hay Lin. "We humans use these things to straighten our hair out." As she spoke Cornelia put the fork in her hair and moved it around. "Just a little twirl here and a yank there and voila" Cornelia now had really puffy hair.

Toph nodded. "You have such a spectacular hairstyle that humans just go wacko over it"!

"A dingle hopper" Elyon said as she took the fork back.

"What about this" Taranee said pulling the pipe out.

"Now this is something this is very, very special. It's a banded, bulbous, snarfblat"! Hay Lin exclaimed proudly

"Whoa" Elyon, Irma and Taranee said together.

Toph took over. "Now the snarfblat dates back to prehistorical times when humans would just sit around and" Toph got right into Elyon's face "Stare at each other all day".

"It was very boring" Cornelia said in bored voice.

Toph stepped back and continued. "You're dang right it was boring! That is why they invented the snarfblat to make fine music".

Hay Lin took the snarfblat from Toph. "Allow me to provide the music". With that she blew into the pipe. Instead of music, sea scum came out of it making Hay Lin sick.

When she head the word 'music' Elyon panicked. "Music"! She cried.

Hay Lin threw up in a bag that Toph and Cornelia brought her. "That is disgusting"! Hay Lin cried when she was done.

"Oh the concert! Oh my gosh Phobos is gonna kill"! Elyon cried.

"The concert was today" Irma cried.

Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Toph were still looking at the pipe. "Maybe we could make a planter out of it" Cornelia suggested.

Elyon snatched the pipe back and began to swim away. "Sorry guys I gotta go thanks again" She cried as she and her friends dove under the water.

"Anytime" Cornelia, Toph, and Hay Lin yelled back.

As Irma, Elyon and Taranee swam home two creatures were watching them.

The first was an eel with long black hair and amber eyes. Her name was Mai. The next was an eel with short black hair and blue eyes. Her name was Miranda.

Mai and Miranda used their golden eyes to show the three mermaids to the master.

In her dark lair their master watched the mermaids from her crystal ball as she sat on a throne. She had long black hair, cold blue eyes, a dark purple octopus body and violet clam bikini. In her hand was a wooden staff with a purple gem in the center. Her name was Nerissa.

"Yes hurry home princess. We wouldn't want to miss big brother's celebration now would we" Nerissa said. Then she scoffed. "Celebration indeed. Bah! In my day we had fantastic feasts, when I lived in the palace". After she spoke Nerissa took a shrimp from a cupboard and ate it.

"And now look at me wasted away to practically nothing. Banished exiled and starving. While Phobos and his flimsy fish folk celebrate. Oh I'll give him something to celebrate soon enough. MIRANDA! MAI!"

Back with Miranda and Mai the sudden yell from Nerissa made the eels hit their heads. "Yes mistress"? Mai asked rubbing the spot where she had hit her head.

"I want you to keep an eye on Phobos' pretty little sister" The sorceress ordered.

Her servants nodded and swam after Elyon. Nerissa smiled fiendishly. "She may be the key to that mans undoing" She smiled widely picturing her revenge.