Happily ever after

As Irma, Taranee, and Elyon made their way over to the ship, the wedding had already started. As a tranced Aang and Stacy (Nerissa) walked down the aisle, Blunk frowned at her. Nerissa sneered and kicked Blunk in the face as she passed him. When they reached the alter Tibor started up the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved…" He started.

Back in the water Irma and Taranee were swimming as fast as they could to the ship.

"Hold on Elyon. We're almost there!" Irma gasped.

Will, Sokka, Zuko, Darren, Miko, and WFIU swam faster than they ever had as they neared Phobos' palace. They quickly sped into the throne room.

"Phobos!" Will cried, seeing her cousin on his throne.

"Will, Sokka?" Phobos cried, looking up. He smiled and went over to greet them. "I've been so worried about you thr-" Phobos stopped when he realized that his sister wasn't with them.

"Where's Elyon?" He asked.

Sokka took a deep breath. "She's in trouble."

Back on the ship Tibor had gotten to the dreaded 'I do's'.

"Do you, Aang, take Stacy to be your lawfully wedded wife, as long as you both shall live?" He asked.

"I do" Aang replied.

"And do you-"

Before Tibor could finish, a swarm of earth and air benders suddenly appeared out of now where. Leading them was our favorite girls, Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Toph. The friends began to do as much as possible to keep the wedding from continuing.

Toph laughed madly a she destroyed the wedding cake. "MWAHAHAHAHAHA!" She cackled.

Cornelia and some other earth benders covered Stacy (Nerissa) in mud.

"Why you little…" She cried angrily.

"Watch it missy!" Hay Lin cried as she blew Stacy to the floor.

A few seconds later Cornelia heard a whistle. She looked down and saw that Irma, Taranee, and Elyon had arrived.

She quickly pulled Elyon on deck, and faced Stacy.

"We know who are, Nerissa. The jig is up! Prepare to get your butt whooped!"

Nerissa began to stomp toward them until Bunk suddenly appeared. He laughed evilly as he kicked Nerissa in the rear end. Nerissa screamed and Toph grabbed the necklace from around the witch's neck.

She threw it to the ground breaking it into millions of pieces. This caused Aang to come out from his trance. He shook his head and looked up to see Elyon standing in front of him. Then he heard the mystery girl's voice.

A golden stream of magic went straight to Elyon and went into her mouth.

"Ah, ah, ah" Elyon sang. Her voice had returned!

"Elyon?" Aang asked.

"Aang!" Elyon cried happily.

"You can talk?" Aang said coming up to her.

Nerissa sneered. "Aang, get away from her!" She quickly covered her mouth, when she realized her original voice had come back.

"I can now" Elyon said, taking his hands.

Aang smiled. "It was you the whole time" He cried.

"Aang I-I wanted to tell you" Elyon said. She and Aang leaned in to kiss.

"NO!" Nerissa yelled.

Then the sun set.

Elyon fell limp to the floor as her legs turned into fins. Aang looked at her shock.

"You're too late!" Nerissa laughed. "You're too late!"

The witch turned back into her original form and grabbed Elyon.

"So long lover boy" Nerissa said, diving into the water.

"Elyon!" Aang cried. Irma and Taranee looked at each other in horror and dove under the water after her friend.

As Nerissa swam into a barren part of the ocean, Mai and Miranda came to greet her.

"This has been a most pleasant night wouldn't you agree, ladies?" Nerissa laughed, as Elyon struggled to get away.

Her laughter was stopped, when an angry voice rang out.

"Nerissa stop!" Phobos cried. Will, Sokka, Zuko, WFIU, Darren, and Miko were at his side.

"King Phobos. How are you?" Nerissa smirked.

"Let my sister go now!" Phobos demanded.

"Not a chance, Phobos! She's mine now. We made a deal" Nerissa said, showing Phobos the contract Elyon had signed.

"Phobos I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" Elyon cried.

Phobos angrily shot a blast at the contract with his scepter. But the magic deflected.

"You see, what did I tell you? The contract legal. Binding, and completely unbreakable. Even for you." Nerissa sneered.

Then she smirked. "Of course I always was a girl with an eye for a bargin. The sister of the great sea king is a great commodity."

At that moment a swirl of magic circled Elyon and her friends gasped as the princess began to shrivel up.

Nerissa continued. "But I'm willing to exchange her for something or…someone even better."

WFIU got the message fast. "Phobos, don't do it!" She cried.

Phobos sighed. "I have no other choice."

Aang was determined to save Elyon as he rode from the ship in a little rowboat.

"Aang, what the heck are you doing?" Caleb yelled.

"Caleb, I lost Elyon once. There's no way I'm going to lose her again!" Caleb yelled back.

Back in the sea, as the others watched in horror, Phobos aimed his trident at the contract. Instantly the name Elyon turned into King Phobos. A gold vortex circled Phobos and he turned into a shrimp almost immediately.

"Phobos" Elyon whispered, tears swimming in her eyes as she knelt next to her brother.

"At long last…It's mine!" Nerissa cackled as she picked up Phobos' trident and crown.

Elyon looked up at Nerissa rage and hate in her blue eyes.

"You…you monster!" Elyon cried, as she swam toward the witch.

"Don't toy with me you little brat! Contract or no contract I'll…" Nerissa stopped when she felt pain in her arm.

Elyon, Nerissa and the others looked up to see Aang above them. Elyon smiled widely, but Nerissa was furious. As Aang began to swim away Nerissa turned to her sidekicks.

"After him!" Nerissa yelled. Mai and Miranda nodded and swam after Aang. They grabbed him and held him in place.

"Get your hands of Elyon's man!" Irma yelled as she slapped Miranda with her fin.

Taranee laughed and punched Mai in the face making her let go of Aang. Zuko and Sokka watched in surprise. Was this the same Irma and Taranee?

As Aang swam to the surface Nerissa aimed the trident at Aang. "Say goodbye to your little sweetheart princess" Nerissa laughed.

Elyon quickly swam over and yanked on Nerissa's hair just as the blast shot from it. The blast hit Mai and Miranda destroying them instantly.

"Babies!" Nerissa cried. "My poor little poopsies."

She watched furiously as Elyon swam after Aang. She seethed and began to grow larger. WFIU and Darren watched before passing out. Miko shook her head at her best friend and boyfriend.

Once Elyon and Aang reached the surface, Elyon swam into Aang's arms.

"Aang you have to get out of here!" Elyon cried.

"I'm not leaving you" Aang replied.

Then the water below them began to bubble and glow. Suddenly a totally giant Nerissa emerged from the water. Elyon clung to Aang in fear, as Nerissa glared at them.

"You pitiful fools!" Nerissa cried aiming the trident at them.

"Elyon, swim!" Aang said as he pushed her out of the way. The blast hit the water separating the two lovers.

"AANG!" Elyon screamed.

Nerissa laughed evilly. "Now I am ruler of all the oceans! The waves obey my every whim!"

With that the witch placed the trident in the water and circled it around, making a giant whirlpool. This caused many shipwrecked ships to come to the surface. Elyon saw one coming her way and swam out of the way. She swam to a rock and held on as tight as she could. Aang swam over to a ship and grabbed a rope. He soon reached the top of the ship, panting heavily.

Nerissa turned and saw Elyon. With an evil sneer she shot the rock and sent Elyon flying into the bottom of the whirlpool with a scream.

On the ship Aang rushed to the steering wheel and maneuvered through the harsh waves.

Elyon looked up and saw Nerissa looming over her. Nerissa shot blasts of energy at Elyon. The princess was able to dodge them all, but just barely.

Aang was steering the ship straight toward Nerissa. The witch didn't notice. She was too concerned with destroying Elyon.

"SO MUCH FOR TRUE LOVE!" Nerissa screamed as she raised her trident.

Elyon's eyes widened in horror as she knew her end had come. But before Nerissa could shoot at her the ship Aang was steering reached Nerissa. The stern plunged into Nerissa's heart. The witch let out a scream of pain before exploding. The force was so great it caused Elyon and Aang to go unconscious.

When Nerissa was destroyed all the shrimps turned back to normal. They let out a great cheer. Miko and the others looked up from where they were fanning WFIU and Darren, and saw Phobos turn back to normal. He was wearing his crown and holding his trident once more. Will and Sokka swam over and hugged their cousin. Then they all swam to the surface to get Elyon.

As the sun rose Aang lay on the beach still knocked out. Elyon watched him sadly from a rock. Phobos Will, Sokka, and Elyon's friends were behind her.

Phobos sighed. "She really does love him doesn't she Will?" He asked.

Will nodded and Sokka spoke. "Well it's like we always say Phobos: Kids have got to be free to live their own lives."

WFIU and Darren snorted. Sokka glared at them. Phobos looked at his sister.

"Well I guess there's just one problem left" He saide.

"And what's that, our highness?" Taranee asked.

"How much I'm going to miss her" Phobos said.

With that he put his trident into the water and gold magic went toward Elyon. Elyon looked up and smiled widely at her brother. Then Aang woke up and saw Elyon coming out of the water. Phobos had turned her into a human. She was wearing a purple sparkly dress and was holding out her arms to Aang.

Aang smiled and ran over to her. He picked the princess up and spun her. Then the two kissed deeply.

Then next day Elyon and Aang were kissing again. They had just been married on the wedding ship. Blunk jumped up between them and hugged them. Caleb stood by Aang smiling widely.

Out in the water, WFIU, Darren, Miko, Zuko, Irma, and Tarane cheered and clapped. Katara, Ty Lee, Jin, Song, Yue, and Alchemy shouted words of praise to their cousin. Out on a rock, as they watched the wedding, Cornelia, and Hay Lin were sobbing on a very embarrassed Toph.

Sitting on the rail of the ship Will wiped away a tear and Sokka smiled. Then they heard wild laughter and turned to see Kadma running toward them with a butcher's knife. Will and Sokka smirked and Sokka took out boomerang. With a swipe of his hand, Sokka cut a rope and a log hit Kadma in the face causing her to lose several teeth and pass out.

Will and Sokka laughed and jumped into the sea alongside their friends.

"Thank you, thank you" Both said while bowing.

Phobos waved his trident and a pillar of water carried him up to the railing of the ship where Elyon was waiting. Tears in her eyes, Elyon hugged her brother.

"I love you Phobos" Elyon whispered.

Phobos looked at Aang who smiled and bowed. Elyon took Aang's arm as every began to sing.

Everyone(except Aang and Elyon): Now we can walk

Now we can run

Now we can stay all day in the sun

Just you and me

And I can be

Part of your world

Phobos smiled and waved his trident again, making a rainbow appear over the ship. Aang and Elyon smiled and then kissed again.