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Sakura: What's wrong?

Karen: My brother had all the fun last time! When do I get my turn?

Sakura: Eh? You'll get your turn. Now, DISCLAIMER time!

Karen: Yay! I summon--

Ryan: I summon my Gearfried! Sakura only owns OCs and Idea! They belong to her!

Karen: RYAN!!

Ryan: Oops, gotta go! begins to run with Karen chasing him.

Sakura:sigh Enjoy!

(The day after Ryan's duel at the entrance ceremony)

"Why do we have to come to the entrance ceremonies again?" complained Ryan.

"Because, Mom told us to you idiot! Man you're annoying!" Karen seems to be annoyed by Ryan as usual.

"At least I'm not cranky."

" Mind if I join you?"

They turned around to see Katelyn standing by the exit.

"Sure, feel free to." Karen replied.

"Of course you can be nice to her, but not me." mumbled Ryan. Karen just glared at him and Lyn just laughed.

"Thanks, you're Karen right? You're Ryan, I know you already."

"Now! Time for the ceremonies to start. Be quiet everyone. We'll have our newest teacher, Alexis Yuki, explain the new ranking system."

"As you know there are three basic ranks:Slifer Red,Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. There are now three advanced ranks as well. They are: Uria Crimson, Hammon Gold, and Raviel Sapphire. (named after the sacred beasts)." Alexis explained.

"If you want to get in one of the advanced ranks you'll have to take a special exam to see if you have what it takes. Or get recommended by one of the staff or one of the students in the advanced ranks." Jaden Yuki explained while coming out of nowhere.

"Mom! Dad! What?" Ryan and Karen said together.

"Now, grow as duelists and go show the world! Starting next week classes begin. You'll find you've already been assigned to dorms. Go and unpack and enjoy yourselves. Good luck!" Chancellor Sheppard announced.

(Later that day)

"Sigh! Let's see...Oh! here's where I stay!" Karen says to herself. She's in Obelisk blue with Katelyn and Ryan's in Slifer.

"Oh! Hey karen. We're roomates cool!" Lyn smiles.

"Yeah, our third roomate is--" Karen gets cut off in the middle of her sentnce

"Rachael Wheeler! I'm your roomate. Nice to meet you!" Yes, she is Joey and Mai's youngest child.

They chat for hours about pretty much anything so let's skip to Ryan's dorm.

(at the Slifer dorm)

"Slifer red huh. Cool, looks like I even got the room dad stayed in." Ryan thought to himself.

"Hi, you're my roomate?

"Yeah, but you're a Ra."

"The name's Ken Kaiba. I wanted to get a room here. Don't ask why though. I'm not sure myself." Ken explains.

"By the way, I get top bunk." Ryan's being annoying again.

"I want the top bunk too. Let's duel for it."

"Now you're talkin!" Ryan activates his duel disk.

Ken does the same.

"Duel!" they shouted together.


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Ken: Why don't you try being patient.

Ryan: Yeah yeah.

Ken: That's what you get for trying to claim something like that.

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