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Emma woke up one day in her uncle's basement. She always lived there ever since the day she and her older brother Harry were dropped on their doorstep. Emma got up from her bed and stretched her arms and legs. She walked to a barred window and saw the sun was rising and it was late summer so she estimated it was five or six in the morning.She then got dressed in her black tee shirt and blue jean pants.Emma walked up the stairs as quietly as she could,skipping the top third,creaking step.She opened the door as quietly as she could and walked over to the closet space under the stairs.

She unbolted the door and walked inside. She saw that Harry was badly beaten up from last nights 'scolding' their uncle gave him. Emma sighed and rumaged through his stuff looking for an old shirt. She finally found an old red one and tore it up into bandages. Emma sat on his bed putting them on him as carefully as she could. After she put on two of the red cloths Harry woke up and saw what Emma was doing.

"Em,I'm fine." he horsely told her.

Emma just shook her head and countinued to tie up bandages on her brother's wounds. When she was done she saw that the clock read six a.m. She had been doing this for an hour so her estimate on what the time was,was right. Harry looked at his sister. He always marveled her for knowing how to treat wounds or when she knew he needed time to think.

"Harry," Emma whispered to her older brother.

Harry looked at her and nodded for her to continue.

" Do you think we'll ever escape from here?"

Harry looked away from her not daring to look into her stormy looking eyes.

" We can only hope."

Just then they both heard footsteps starting down the stairs. Emma quickly got up and left. She bolted the door behind her and walked over to the oven to start breakfast.