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Ch 10

Walking to the store that Professor Snape told her about, Emma could not shake off the feeling that she had heard that name before. It was driving her crazy, not being able to figure it out, so she stopped for a moment and ducked into a small alleyway between two stores. It was a dark, narrow street that looked rarely used. She let her back lean on the wall behind her and crossed her arms in thought setting the bag with the potion supplies down.

Alright what do I know about this guy. Names easy; Professor Snape. Occupation, another easy; Professor. Now descriptions….Very tall, long hair, Black long hair…also black eyes….. hes really smart...bit of a temper at first…no, more of a annoyance of the fact that I was reading an advance book, till he found out that I liked to learn…then he seemed nice. Wait, what questions don't I have answered….Where he works… and what studies he teaches…have to ask Harry if-

Just then someone tapped her left shoulder. Snapping out of her trance she looked over at who was bothering her to find a boy about three years older then her, and a good four inches taller, looking down directly into Emma's eyes. She looked at him with an annoyed expression, making the man blush slightly. "Umm, sorry I thought you we're crying or something, so I came over to" Emma interrupted the man with a sharp tone "To save me from my depression?" Scoffing at the she pushed herself away from the wall and grabbed her shopping bag before walking past the man. "Thanks for checking though." She told him before going back onto the main rode.

Emma smiled a little bit as she thought to herself again, I needed to leave anyway, Harry must be- Emma couldn't finish her thought, again, when two arms wrapped around her neck. Fearing the worst she was about to elbow the person when she looked up at the face for a split second and saw that it was Mrs. Wesley. "I was worried about you dearie! I thought you might have gotten lost or, Merlin forbid, kidnapped!" The worried mother exclaimed to Emma with such emotion, it made the young girl blush in embarrassment.

"I'm fine Mrs. Wesley, Really. Can you let go of me now?" Emma asked with some difficulty. Mrs. Wesley let go of her hug and grabbed Emma's hand pulling her to the bookstores entrance.. "You're lucky your not one of my own or I'd have smacked you silly for making me worry like that." Emma smiled softly at the thought of an adult being worried about her. Sure Mrs. Wesley was a bit….outspoken of her feelings, but Harry was like that too, so she had grown use to it, and it was nice, sort of, being treated like this.

When they entered the shop they found Harry getting a photo taken with, what Emma thought, a very snobbish looking man. Tall, blond and having schoolgirls following him…yeah, not someone Emma would get along with very well. Trying to make a detour away from this man, Mrs. Wesley, waved to Harry " Harry I found Emma!" she yelled to him across the store, during one of those times where, for no apparent reason, everyone is silent for a good few seconds.

Emma was, to be blunt, embarrassed when everyone turned to look at her and Mrs. Wesley, who was still holding her hand. Quickly pulling her hand out of the woman's vice grip, she walked over to Harry and smiled at him. "Hey Harry, sorry I'm late, I got your potions supplies!" She showed him the bag in her hand and with a small pout she looked back down at it. "It's a bit heavy though…"

Harry took the bag from her and smiled. "Don't worry about it the Emma, I'll carry it till we get back to the burrow." Emma smiled at him. "Thanks Harry!" Just then the man Harry was taking a picture with clapped his hands in delight. "Is this true! Emma Potter! Well, nice too meat the famous Harry Potters' sister at last! I'm, soon to be, Professor Lockheart of your school."

Emma looked at Professor Lockheart straight in the eyes and saw him flinch a little at this act. Smiling at the little victory she spoke in a bored tone. "Nice to meet you sir, Harry can we go get our books now?" Turining away from the two men she walked away from them to the bookshelves without another word. Hearing her brother give a quick goodbye to the man, he soon followed Emma.

"What was that for Emma?" He asked her with a sharp tone in his voice. Emma looked at the books in the bookshelves and was pleasantly surprised she was in the potions section. Picking up one of the books she looked at her brother with a curious glance. "How much money did you take out of our account?" Harry crossed his arms and glared at her, refusing to answer till she did.

"Oh fine then!" Emma said with a exasperated tone. She looked at her brother, who was now smiling at her and glared. "I don't trust him. He flinched when I looked straight into his eyes." Harry raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What does that mean?" Emma sighed, tired from the days events. "I don't know Harry. I'm too tired to think about it anymore"

They stayed silent for a little while before Harry looked at the book Emma was holding. "You can buy that if you want." Emma smiled at him and nodded. They left the bookshelves and walked over to the counter to pay for the book Emma got. When the bookstore owner saw what book it was, he raised his eyebrows a bit.

"This is an advance potions book Ms. Potter. Are you sure you want it?" Emma nodded her head and with a blank expression paid the man for the book. "Thank you sir." She told him before leaving the checkout area.