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The Duel

Chapter 1

"FIRE FIST!!" Natsu yelled as he brought his fist down on his opponent who flew past the crowd that had gathered to watch, into a house. Dust and rubble flew everywhere as the house collapsed on top of the man from his impact.

". . 9. 10. Gray is down. Match won by Natsu!!" Makarov declared. The crowed cheered the Fire Mage.

" Wowhoo, Yeah!!" Natsu exclaimed while doing a victory dance that looked like he was imitating a monkey that was standing on one leg with one arm above his head and the other taping his thigh. Let us just say that it was funny looking.

" NO WAY! I'm not dead yet! There is NO way that Natsu won. This was a fight to the death!!" Gray shouted as he destroyed yet another building in his attempt to stand up.

"Natsu won fair and square. Honestly I don't see how a small dispute over better tasting food is a MATCH TO THE DEATH!! Makarov yelled " BECAUSE OF YOU TWO I HAVE TO PAY TO REBUILD TWO HISTORICAL BUILDINGS!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS?"

"Calm down Master, its not that bad. It could have been a lot worse. There was only one blow. Think if this went on for five minutes or so, we would have to rebuild over half the town." Mirajane said with her optimistily sweet smile that she uses for just these occasions that involves damage done by the two.

"You're right, I also have to say that it is partly my fault for agreeing to let them have a duel." Makarov muttered, " Just so you know you guys are going to have to help rebuild the buildings."

" What" both Natsu and Gray said at the same time. They started glaring at each other again. As Natsu and Gray began another fight, a very angry Makarov cut them both off.

"HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON YET? YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO REBUILD THE BUILDING YOU DESTROYED SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO PAY MORE. YOU DO THIS AGAIN AND I WILL DO "THAT"." Sometime during his rant he became big, as he finished he shrunk and walked away to tell the repair company that they would be helping. At his words Natsu and Gray immediately paled and stopped what they were doing. They looked at each other, each sweating, and had a mutual agreement take place. They never wanted "That" to happen again.

" Remind me never to make Makarov angry" Lucy sighed into her hands. 'Knowing them I'm going to get dragged into this.' Lucy thought in despair. And sure enough

" HEY LUCY, This is all you fault. If you hadn't asked us if we liked our meals WE would not be in this mess." Gray and Natsu said in unison.

"How the heck is that MY fault?" she asked in frustration. "I just wanted to know if you liked my cooking. YOU were the ones that insisted that I make you dinner because you were "out of money and wanted food". I made the same dish for everyone, though now that I think about it, I did put a little hot sauce on Natsu's plate and a little bit of mint on Gray's plate. BUT THAT SHOULDN'T MATTER! Don't get me involved in your stupid little fights!"

An hour later

"Oh god, this is so heavy. I need a break." Lucy complained as she carried her twenty-fifth beam to the construction site.

"Your not the one carrying it, Taurus is. Why do you get to use magic?" Gray asked with a hint of jealously in his voice.

" Makarov said that it was ok for me. Since I'm not the reason for this mess, I get to have a little help. Your getting help to you know. Me. I'm providing you with help so that we can be finished faster and go get another job so that I can pay my rent this month." Lucy said in a harsh manner but she was too tired for it to be affective. "This was your punishment, not mine."

"You look very enticing even when you are sweating!" Taurus called over to Lucy with a big blush on his face.

"Gahh! Why do I have to be around so many weird and perverted people? Taurus! Just stop it with the weird compliments already and Gray put your pants back on!" It was then that Lucy lost it and started weeping.

"Sniff … the rent….sniff …the people I hang out with…sniff…my LIFE!"

"It can't be that bad. I mean you have us, right?" Natsu asked in an innocent tone but with a poorly masked smirk on his face. He knew that that would make Lucy go over the edge even more. He loved to see her flustered. He didn't know why he just liked it. Just then she flushed in anger and directed it at Natsu.

"I can't take it any more! You had my help, now you don't. If you need me I'll be in Fairy Tale." With that Lucy stormed off with a concerned Taurus trailing behind her. As soon as she turned the corner Natsu burst out in a loud bout of laughter.

"Nice going, ash for brains." Gray scolded

"What did you call me?" Natsu said in a rapid change of moods. He charged Gray and grabbed his shirt, which for some reason he still had on. "You looking for a fight?"

"If we fight we get "That" remember." Gray stated with a smirk on his face. The day was his victory and he knew it. For some reason when Lucy was not around his tolerance of Natsu dropped to about to zero. He didn't know why, but when saw how she reacted to Natsu, he got irritated. No matter how hard he tried he never go the same rise from her as Natsu, and that irritated him even more.

"Hey that's not fair." Natsu gasped as he became four shades whiter. "You won today but next time you will lose. I think we're even now. 10,674 to 10,674 even. Next time you won't be so lucky." Natsu said as he gave one of his trademark smirks. "Lets get this over with. I want to go on a job too. I need money if I want to go looking for Igneel." Natsu's expression became unreadable as he said this last part. That was one thing that interested Gray. He wanted to find this famous dragon who was the father of such a destructive force and find out what he is like. He wanted to find out how Natsu became his lunatic self.

"Fine, but I get to pick the job this time since I won this round." Gray said as he walked off to get some more logs.

"Lucy may already have one when we get back." Natsu retorted just to make his point. "By the way you're missing you shirt and pants now."

"Wha-…Shit! Natsu lend me yours." Gray called after Natsu who started running after his last comment.

"No way, get your own!" Natsu yelled back laughing.