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Things get Complicated

After Gray and Mirajane came back to the apparent that evening, they had to deal with two very embarrassed, and mad friends. As punishment for their prank, just as Gray was about to take his first bit of dinner, Natsu lit it on fire, and Lucy made Mirajane spill all of the details of why she was here using whatever means she could. Though there was still some bad air in the room they were laughing like friends again though every once in a while an evil smile would appear and a prank was pulled but other then that, they were back to their old ways.

"So you're actually here because Master is worried because he hasn't gotten a bill yet? I don't know how I feel about that." Lucy sighed as Gray and Natsu laughed. "It's not something to be proud of you dolts!" Lucy yelled. How could they be so unreasonable? It wasn't possible.

"Anyway, how many days do we still have left before the rip?" Mirajane inquired as she washed the dinner dishes by hand. She didn't mind; it helped her focus.

"We still have about a month. It took us a little longer than I would have liked but the train ride will get us to the town at the base of the mountain in only three hours."

"That's fortunate. At least that seems to be going well." She put the dish down and picked up another. Lucy sighed.

"Why are we here a month early? I don't ant to spend the whole month on that mountain." Natsu gave her a look that clearly indicated she was being dumb. This would be the perfect place for a Happy comment, but Natsu didn't have it in him.

"To check it out. We're only going to spend the night tomorrow to give us time to get use to the mountain. Then we come back and make a plan." Lucy gawked at Natsu. The only time that he has ever had a plan, it had to revolve around the fact that Igneel was the target. It figured.

"Ah. Natsu, that's a great idea Natsu." Mirajane finished the plate she was working on and turned around.

"Yeah, the only one he's ever had." Gray snickered.

"Oi, you got a problem with that?" Natsu glared at him across the table.

"No, no problem." They glared at each other for a moment before turning away from each other childishly.

Natsu smiled when he saw outside the window. It was dark now and the stars were shinning crisply against the sky. His dad was waiting out there somewhere for him and all of these people were here to help him get there. His smile faded slightly. But Lucy was involved in this much more than he could have imagined. None of it made any sense. It made his head hurt when he tried to piece things together.

Lucy took out her celestial key chain and stared at them after seeing that everyone was in their won world again. She wasn't sure about it but she had a feeling that her keys held some important information. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer. If she was wrong then she'd have to start from the beginning. But the feeling of the being that over took her conscious was familiar, very familiar. The only one that could help her was the southern cross; Crux. She put her key chain back in her pocket, eyes determined.

"Lucy, you ready to leave tomorrow on the train?" Gray asked from across the dinning table. Natsu focused back on the people in the room with expectant eyes. It was an important answer after all. Mirajane glanced at the table from the kitchen. Lucy focused back on her group of friends.

"Yeah. I should be ready to go by tomorrow. Nothing to worry about. I do have to check into something, so I'm going to go to bed." Lucy stood up and pushed her chair in with a excited gusto.

Both Gray and Natsu smiled. She could be tough when she wanted to.

"Yosh! Tomorrow we head off! Lucy, Gray, Mirajane; we are going on another adventure!" Exuberantly, Natsu jumped into the air, smile stretching from ear to ear. Gray flinched and Mirajane smiled. Lucy just sighed.

"Shut up Natsu, your too loud." Gray couldn't help himself. Old habits die hard.

"What was that exhibitionist?" Natsu snapped.

"You heard me soot breath." Gray countered. Mirajane sighed and put her plate down slowly. Lucy vanished around the corner and Mirajane knew that they wouldn't see her until tomorrow.

"Have you two forgotten already?" Mirajane turned around and gave the two a look they hadn't seen in a long time. Both Gray and Natsu flinched. Not getting on each other's nerves was going to be harder than they had originally thought.

"It won't happen again." Gray announced. Natsu nodded.

"Just as long as you two understand that I will not hesitate to end your fights; everything should go along just fine" Mirajane smiled sweetly, contrasting sharply with her words. Ever since Lisanna came back and her run in with Freed, more of her older self was peaking through. Natsu and Gray both shivered. The younger Mirajane was almost as bad as Ezra.

Natsu smiled before standing up and stretching.

"I'm going to get some fresh air. I'll be back later. I've been sitting for the last three hours and tomorrow I have to ride a train." Natsu lurched at the thought. Gray scooted away.

"Hey! You're on solid ground. Don't go doing that here." Mirajane laughed as Natsu wobbled out the door. Natsu only groaned in response.

"Well, I guess it can't be helped. It is his weakness after all. I wonder what Lucy's up to. She seemed a little tense when she left for her room."

Mirajane put the last dish down with her drying rag and joined Gray at the table. Gray glanced over to Mirajane and met her eyes. Even though it didn't really show on her face, he knew that she was still worried. Now that she mentioned it, Lucy had been acting a little distant during dinner. Slightly preoccupied was his prognosis. If she wanted to tell them, she would tell them in due time what it was that was bothering her.

"Who knows? It's not a look that I worry about."

Mirajane sighed and put her elbows on the table. They were quite now; both hypothesizing about what Lucy was up to. The putrid purple of the room brought the mood down. Somehow that color just sucked the joy right out of your soul. How Natsu and Lucy had been able to fall asleep and not have nightmares was beyond Gray. Although it might have been the rooms color that put them to sleep in the first place.

As the silence stretched on, Mirajane started to fidget in her chair and the air turned slightly awkward. Gray noticed it too and was struggling to keep the blush off his face as he just realized that they were alone again. He turned his head when he saw that Mirajane was blushing too. Things were a lot more awkward than he thought they would be after her confession. But as he thought about it, he did turn a 180 and suddenly told Mirajane that he liked her and not the girl that he had been pining over the last six months. That was awkward. It dawned on him that she still had doubts about his complete turn around. Who wouldn't? It was just so fast. That had all happened really fast. His thoughts spiraled down that line of thought, getting more and more put-upon as he did.

Mirajane was watching Gray as his thoughts wandered deeper into some unpleasant place. By the time she got up the courage to ask him the question that she had been debating with herself about, Gray had his forehead against the table and a string of unintelligible mumbles tumbling out of his mouth. Mirajane froze. It was really kind of creepy.

"Gray? Are you ok? You don't look so well." Gray lifted his head off the table and gave Mirajane and uncomfortable smile.

"I'm fine. I just realized that I'm a scumbag. That's all." Mirajane just looked at him with a puzzled expression as his complexion got worse.

"What are you talking about Gray?" He heaved out a sigh.

"You must think I'm so shallow." For all she was worth, Mirajane couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Gray lifted his head off the table and stared at Mirajane for a moment before blushing. Mirajane hadn't been thinking like that at all.

"No, never mind. It wasn't anything. I was just thinking; that's all." Gray propped his head up using the table and watched Mirajane. They stayed like that for a moment, awkwardness more potent than before. At this point Mirajane gave him a sweet knowing smile.

"Gray, it's ok. I don't hold anything against you. I call it: The Self Awareness Turn Around. It happens to everyone." Gray chuckled as Mirajane gave a large hand gesture to accompany the name.

"You really suck at making up names you know that. You always have." Mirajane puffed out her cheeks and glared childishly at Gray who started laughing. They dissolved into laughter together. Each letting their nerves go. Mirajane spoke first much more at ease with the situation.

"I guess this means that we're going out now?" Gray looked at her in shock. It hadn't really dawned on him that that was the stage they were rapidly approaching. Mirajane mimicked his expression. She had a feeling that he hadn't connected the dots yet.

"Yeah, I guess we are?" Mirajane smiled stiffly. He still needed to process.

"Well, since we both like each other, and have told each other such, that is the next part. Unless you don't want that to happen."

"No! I do it's just that I hadn't expected any of this to happen and so quickly." Gray stopped at the look Mirajane was giving him.

"I understand. I'd be a little surprised if you weren't having some trouble right now." He blushed slightly and his voice became small.

"Plus, I have no idea what to do. I've never dated anyone. So I'm slightly at a loss right now." Mirajane watched his eyebrows furrow in embarrassment as he finished his sentence. She smiled. He could be so cute.

"Then, we take it slow, I guess." The awkward tension was back again and had both of them sweating in their seats, until Gray sighed in agrivation.

"Ah, I can't take this. I like you. Now. That's all there is. We'll see where that takes us. Thinking about something like this isn't even worth the time. And I don't care who knows. We can tell or not tell as many people as we like. I don't care what they think." With that Gray held his hand out over the table and waited for Mirajane. Smiling brightly, Mirajane put her hand in his. He had just answered all of her doubts with conviction. It didn't matter who knew, or if this even lasted. Just that they were in this together.

Gray leaned forward just enough to brush his lips against her delicate knuckles.

"I think we should tell Natsu and Lucy." Mirajane giggled. Gray smirked.

"Ah, I was just thinking that."

With Lucy

After her quick escape, Lucy sat on her bed staring intently at the keys lying perfectly in a semi circle. This was only a theory but she had the sneaking suspicion that this Jasmine person was related to stellar spirits somehow. That feeling that she had when this thing took her over was very similar to the feeling of a gate opening. Making a decision, Lucy unhooked Crux and brought forth her Magic.

"Open gate of the Southern Cross, Crux!" Light bathed the room and a specifically unique magic circle blossomed. The old Stellar Spirit shimmered into being.

"Morning Lucy."

"Ano, It's night time but that's ok. I have something to ask you." Lucy closed her eyes in frustration. He was sitting there nursing two bubbles.

"This isn't the time to be sleeping? Wake up!" They both popped at the same time as the old stellar woke up with a start.

"Ah, my apologies. What is it you need to know?" Lucy took in a short breath.

"I need to know if there is a Stellar Spirit named Jasmine, or anything that might point to someone who could have been called Jasmine. All I know is that she knows a dragon, a fire dragon."

Crux closed his eyes and Lucy sighed. Hopefully she would get some answers. It wasn't any easier while she was waiting for him than it was before. The seconds ticked into minutes and Lucy was starting to get frustrated. But it would do no good to try and make him work faster. It must be really important. The longer it takes the harder the information is to find.

"Lucy-dono, I some information, however, I would advise you have an audience with the Stellar Spirit King if this information is correct." Crux peered at Lucy, sometimes he feared for the girl. She found herself in some very difficult places.

"The Stellar Spirit King? No way. What have you got for me?" Lucy leaned forward ready to listen. Crux gave her dark look. Lucy's full attention fell on him. He wasn't one for jokes normally but he was dead serious now. What had she stumbled upon? He spoke in a sinister tone that made Lucy uneasy.

"Have you ever hear of the Rhodium Keys?" Lucy slowly shook her head no.

"There are only four of them, each representing the four main elements: Gaia of the Earth, Jasmine Wind's vessel, Piras the first spark of Fire, and Hudor Water incarnate. They are very powerful. However, they have been asleep for the last 300 human years. They have only ever had one owner and one owner only. No other Stellar Mage has even come close to finding them." He paused, debated with himself. "Lucy-dono, this is all I can tell you without consequence."

"Thank you Crux. That's all I needed to know." Lucy felt her insides twist. This was much worse than she thought.

"Then if that is all Lucy-dono, I shall take my leave." Golden light surrounded the old timer and his form started to fade.

"Oh! Lucy-dono, I believe you call him Loki, but he knows how to get you an audience with the King. I advise you do this as soon as possible." With that he vanished with a pop.

Lucy leaned back against the bedpost. That certainly was news to her. She had thought that the golden keys were the strongest keys you could form a contract with. That was all she found with her research and her mother's base of knowledge. Shows how much she actually knew about the Spirits. If she didn't know about the Rhodium Keys then how many other things concerning the whole of the Spirit World was she ignorant to? Lucy suddenly felt overwhelmed. Rhodium Keys. They sounded strange to her.

What happened 300 years ago? The way Crux talked about their owner was a little strange. What happened to them? She needed to know. It was all so vague. With her mind still bent on getting answers, Lucy unhooked the Lion's key. She stared at it for a moment. Her first audience with the Stellar King was because of Loki. She smiled.

"Open Gate of the Lion. Leo!" Spinning into being, the magic circle that belonged only to Loki expanded and reveled his form. With his hand over his heart and bent at the waist, Loki greeted Lucy.

"Hello Lucy. I'm delighted to have you call on me regardless of the time." Loki had grabbed her hand and kneeled in front of her. Lucy smiled slightly. Loki really was over the top sometimes. She sighed when Loki wrote her name on the purple wall in lights. She cut to the chase.

"Loki, is there a way that I can talk to your King any time soon?" Lucy felt relieved when Loki started to compose himself. All goofiness aside, Loki was very reliable.

"I could ask him now if you like, but what is this about? Stellar Mages don't ask for an audience." Lucy smiled strangely at Loki's relentless gaze. She was going to tell him anyway.

"Rhodium keys." Loki felt his stomach drop. Those were not the words he was expecting.

"Lucy, how do you know about the Rhodium keys?"

"I asked Crux about a Stellar Spirit named Jasmine. He told me about the keys. Please I need to speak with him." Loki couldn't believe what he was hearing. It wasn't possible.

"Lucy, how do you even know about Jasmine? No Stellar Mages should know about them. Crux isn't even supposed to have that information. Lucy, what's going on?" She gave him determined stare.

"Loki, that's what I'm trying to find out. Strange things have been happening and I keep blacking out. Natsu and Gray told me that when I loose conscious they meet a woman who knows Igneel named Jasmine. All I know is that every time before I blacked out it felt like a gate was opening. But that isn't possible. Is it?" Loki had a sour look on his face.

"You had all these problems and I didn't even notice." Lucy smiled.

"It's alright, I'm fine. Don't be so hard on yourself." He was silent before he started shimmering.

"I'll go and talk to him. Call me back in five minutes if he doesn't go straight to you." Lucy nodded as her friend vanished.

Lucy sighed as she stretched her arms above her head. This whole business sure was getting to her. At lease she had some answers now. But Loki didn't look like his normal self. What were they to have him look so frightened and uneasy? Just how much power did they have? Lucy went over their names again.

'Gaia of Earth. So she controlled the ground, kind of like Virgo. Still, there must be more to it than that. So Gaia must have complete control over the ground, rock, sand, dirt, maybe even lava. Lucy moved to the next one. Piras the First Spark of Fire. That sounded to her like he was the first to create fire. She knew from experience what fire could actually do. It was devastating. Hudor Water incarnate. He was water, just like Juvia but Juvia had her limits. She suspected that this guy had complete control over every aspect of water, mud, salt water, fresh water. Not all that different. Then Jasmine Wind's vessel, being of wind with complete control over air.

Lucy gulped. They all sounded really powerful. Way out of her league. But Lucy stopped there when the room suddenly got bathed in the light of the Spirit world. Loki emerged as from the light in front The King. Lucy gawked at him. He was smaller than the last two times she saw him. A human size stellar spirit king stood in front of her.

"Lucy, I hear that you have had a run in with Jasmine and have obtained some knowledge of the Rhodium Keys." Lucy and Loki nodded. The Stellar King studied them for a moment before sighing.

"I knew it would come to this. From the moment Lucy helped you, Loki, it was inevitable. I just hoped that it would happen later than this." Loki frowned.

"What are you talking about? What has Lucy got to do with any of this?" The Stellar King paused reluctantly.

"I shall explain. A long time ago the Rhodium keys were in the hand of the strongest Stellar Mage of the time. However, this mage was much like you, Lucy, a very good friend to the spirits and always thought of their wellbeing. It was because of the trust she had in her spirits and their trust in her that they could defeat anything. Now you have to understand that in that time, the destruction from the dark wizard was just beginning to fade and life was blooming again. But there were still evil forces that need to be dealt with. Forces much like Lullaby only much stronger and more fearsome. While battling one of these beings the Stellar Mage met and untimely demise. You can imagine how distraught and upset the Spirits would be. According to Jasmine, the entity that caused this misfortune was a small egg. A dragon's egg to be precise, and it was hatching on their battlefield. Such a rare creature. So they did what they could to make sure that it survived. And he did. But Jasmine never got over that hardship and placed the blame on something so innocent. The rest of the keys followed for a time and caused all sorts of trouble. They would open their gates themselves and go searching for that dragon and in the process destroy things. I had to restrain them and make it so that they could not open their gates, essentially house arrest. They are not allowed in this world Lucy. However, three of them learned to love that side of their friend and found it in the to forgive the little dragon and have since had their freedom to pass though return on one condition. They cannot open their gates themselves." The Stellar King stopped there and sighed. Lucy absorbed the information.

"They were after Igneel. I can't believe this." Lucy leaned back against the headboard and closed her eyes. Loki stared at the King for a moment before he prompted the wise Spirit.

"That still doesn't explain why Lucy is subject to that rage." This time the King sighed dejectedly.

"This is the part that I'm not sure of. But Lucy has been the only one in 300 years that has been able to open more than two gates at a time. Not to mention that all of her Spirits love her and she travels with the one whom Igneel taught. I'm guessing that she's the only one who Jasmine can use to forcefully open her gate. It's like you Loki when you come here of your own power to help Lucy, but Jasmine somehow opens a gate inside Lucy's consciousness and takes over. That's my theory anyway. I'm sorry, but I don't have anymore information than that." Lucy smiled.

"No! That's much more than I was expecting. Really, you have helped me a lot today and put my mind slightly at rest. At least I know most of what's going on. Thank you. You all helped a lot." The Spirit King grinned before fading into nothing, returning to his world. Loki turned to Lucy.

"You should get some rest. I'll be on the look out for Jasmine. Don't hesitate to call my name if you feel it happen again. I'll open the door on my own." Lucy smiled at him.

"Thank you Loki. That means a lot." Loki smiled softly and slowly reached his hand forward to brush a misfit lock of hair behind her ear. He retracted his hand and grinned.

"See you later. Don't do anything to dangerous while I'm not around." With a golden shimmer he flickered out of existence.

Lucy sat there on the bed for a while staring off into space. Things were looking up. A huge weight felt like it was lifted off her shoulders. She felt light. Now she could plan ahead and a least try to be ready the next time. With that reassurance, Lucy started to get ready for bed.

With Natsu

Natsu stretched his arms as he walked taking in the crisp night air. He was tired, that was sure but his legs were stiff from sitting that long. There was a light burn in his legs from carrying Lucy, so it felt good to stretch them out again. He watched as people scurried around trying to get home before it got too late. Still, all the shops were still open and the restaurants were full of people. He was slightly confused though. The last time her was here, it was a quite town. Now there were people bustling about at all hours of the night. They were also kind of stiff. Something thing was wrong. He sighed. It didn't really matter. The person who would help him investigate was currently off with Ezra. He grinned when he saw an all seafood place. Natsu made a mental note to bring Happy here. He would love it.

"Ahh, I wish Happy were here. Things get boring. It's no fun to walk around by yourself." Natsu complained as he crouched down on the sidewalk and looked across to a park that came of on nowhere. He didn't notice an old man sit down next to him.

"Yeah, being alone sure puts things into perspective." He wheezed.

"HEE! Where did you come from?" Natsu exclaimed loudly as he landed on his backside.

"I've been here my whole life and this is my favorite seat. Where did you come from?" The old man lifted a fuzzy eyebrow at him. Natsu grinned.

"I'm from Fairy Tail." The old man rasped out a laugh.

"That's from Magnolia, right? That sure is a long way away."

"Ah, It took us a whole month to get here by foot. That sure was a long trip." The old man lifted both his eyebrows, eyes shocked.

"You walked all the way here? Youngsters these days. I can't even imagine. Why not take the train?" Natsu shivered.

"I get motion sickness." The old man laughed.

"Motion sickness, I see. That would explain it. But what is a young fella like you doing alone in a place so far away from your home?"

"I'm not really by myself. My friends are back where we are staying; I'm just taking a walk. Usually I have my best friend with me but he's helping a friend out. But I'm here looking for someone. The last clue I had to his whereabouts was that he was going to show up on Death Mountain." The old man spluttered.

"You're traveling to Death Mountain?"

"Yeah! We leave tomorrow. You want to come too?" Natsu was grinning eat to ear now.

"Do you know what you're doing? Death Mountain has that name for a reason."

"Yeah. There are monsters and stuff, but I've been there before."

"Yeah, but you know that it use to be a volcano right?" Natsu eyes started to sparkle and the old man sighed.

"A real volcano! Cool!"

"It's getting ready to blow. Young man, why do you think there are so many people here right now?" Natsu stopped, puzzled by such a question.

"Cause the business is good and people like it here."

"No, because it won't be habitable when the volcano goes for a half a year. People are starting to close up shop and leave." Natsu blinked.

"Oh, then what about you? Are you going to leave too?"

"As soon as I can. I'm waiting on my wife." They sat in silence for a moment before Natsu got up and smiled at the old man.

"Thank you. I'll see you around." Natsu trotted off back to the apartment leaving the old man behind.

Natsu wasn't scared by that fact that a volcano was about to blow but he should tell the rest. They would be concerned. He was actually kind of excited. He never had fresh lava before and was curious about the taste. He turned around the wave at the old man but he was gone. A tall man was leaning against the wall was the only person on the street. He squinted at the figure for a moment before shrugging and continuing on his way back to the apartment.

The lanky young man in a suit pushed off the wall and watched as Natsu disappeared around a corner. A thin grin split across his face. On his left cheek the mark of a guild appeared in the darkness. The white sign of the dark guild Silver Spur glittered against his skin.

"Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail and his friends are here." He laughed sharply before turning and heading in the opposite direction.

"This is going to be so fun. And he's headed to Death Mountain. I can't wait."

He paused when two people obstructed his path. He grinned again. This day was getting better and better.

"Top Hat of Sliver Spur, what are you doing here in this town?" The significantly taller of the two beings inquired menacingly.

"I could ask the same of you Knight-Chan. More of you keep appearing today. Things are going to get exciting." The two figures looked at each other.

"More of us? What are you talking about?" The smaller one squeaked.

"Ah, I can't wait. Until next time." Top Hat vanished with a snap of his fingers.

"Ne, what do you think he meant?" The smaller one asked.

"I have no idea, lets go get some rest and figure this out in the morning."