I couldn't resist writing this fic after watching Berserk Abridged season finale

I couldn't resist writing this fic after watching Berserk Abridged season finale. I too found the real ending of the show exceptionally depressing, and I despise such endings with all my heart, though I loved the anime itself. This is for all of you who think as I do, that the ending shouldn't have been so depressingly traumatic, I hope you all enjoy it )

In an instant the world had turned upside down, the large plain they had been running across only moments ago had vanished, having been replaced with a hellish nightmare. The ground was green no longer, but red, covered in faces displaying a horror never imagined by any member of the hawks.

Not only that, but to be surrounded by countless monsters of all shapes and sizes, each seeming to desire the blood of the men around them. Four of the monsters stood prominent among the rest, no doubt their leaders, and the most hideous of them all.

The first was a small crimson demon who floated at head height with all he spoke with, his face eternally puckered. Another was similar in stature, yet had a massive unnatural smile on his face, his lower half made of only tentacles. The third appeared at first glance as a beautiful woman, nude with massive wings, fair she may have been considered, had it not been for her eerie sneer and eyes demanding blood. The final was the most prominent of the four, his head obviously too small to contain his oversized brain, how he saw was a mystery to those around them as his eyes were stitched shut, six fingers adorned each hand.

Guts, Caska, Judeau, Pippin, Corkus and the rest of the hawks gazed in horror and wonder as these beings came down upon them, enticing their crippled leader Griffith with eternal life and power if he sacrificed them all to the hordes that surrounded them. Driven by his dream to own his own kingdom Griffith betrayed his men to these demons, giving them permission to devour his men alive.

However….unknown to even the four beings known as the God Hand, their manipulation of the dimensions has destabilized reality…permitting others to enter their realm….

The soldiers of the once great Band of the Hawk scattered in all directions, fear gripping their hearts as hordes of countless demons descended upon them.

Guts watched in horror as they drew closer, he did not even possess his mighty sword, having left it behind when he opted to chase after Griffith. He was alone, separated from most of his men and Caska, the female commander of the Hawks he swore to protect. Anger surged through him, after all their years together Griffith cast his soldiers aside so readily, he swore to never forgive him for that.

The men nearest the demons and far from Guts and the others shielded their eyes as the beasts approached, bearing their teeth that could rip through armor like tissue paper, they readied themselves for the end.

A ripping sounded caused the men to quiver, believing their end was nigh, however as they raised their hands in curiosity they realized it was not their flesh torn, but the demons.

An immensely large man had leapt forward, with muscles rivaling even Guts' own; with a single attack he had obliterated the demons line, killing dozens.

He stood at an impressive height, his massive cape billowing in the wind; he held his modestly sized blade at the ready, prepared to strike again.

"Who….who are you?" the men stuttered, barely able to contain their quivering voices.

"It doesn't matter right now," the man muttered. "Though it seems my idiot apprentice was right about the problems here, it would be best if you amateurs stood back for this part."

The hundreds of apostle's rushed the lone warrior once again, sure that they could overwhelm him with their sheer numbers alone.

As the master swordsman swung his blade, a second sword sung beside his, combined the two annihilated the demons, bisecting and decapitating them. With the deaths of so many of their kind before them the remaining apostle demons pulled back, analyzing the new foe.

He wore a long robe known as a kimono, red in color matching his hair; they especially noticed a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek, a sword at his side. The demons were astonished to see that his blade was a reverse-blade sword, yet the sheer force of his attack was enough to slice clean through their flesh. He stood before them alongside the first enemy.

"Master Hiko," the man started. "There are others separated from this group that there are, and they too are being threatened by these monsters."

"That's alright Kenshin," Seijuro Hiko replied. "Defending these guys are our job, we can leave the rest to the others. Are you sure killing these things is all right for you?"

"Indeed master, they are not human, so it does not break my oath to never slay a living person ever again, especially in defense of these poor men."

"Very well then, let us show these beasts our forte."

With a blinding flash the master and pupil rushed towards the demons, ready to spill their dark blood once again.

This is only chapter one, my entire fic centers around the members of the Band of the Hawk fighting their own respective demons. Yes, more anime characters shall appear, brought by the God Hands reckless use of opening dimensions to defend the Band of the Hawk. Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu master and pupil Seijuro Hiko and Kenshin Himura have already joined the fray, who else shall join them, and will their collective abilities be enough to stop the sacrifice of the hawks and the god hand?

I hope you read and enjoy finding out )