Sano's Tale

Author: Sarahai Shuichu-chan

Chapter: 7

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"Ashiya, I'm going to go ahead and hop in the shower, kay?" I opened the door to the bathroom and stepped inside. The tap squeaked as I turned on the water to warm it up. I could faintly hear Mizuki humming to herself in the other room as I quickly undressed. I held out my hand to the shower, testing to see if it was warm enough to get in. The warm water glistened down my body as I shampooed my hair. After washing my body and rinsing I quickly got out of the shower and dried off.

I walked out to find Ashiya talking to Yujiro. She didn't see me, and she was talking to herself.

"Yujiro? Did I ever tell you why I followed Sano all the way here? I've always been pretty good at sports, but I was never really interested. But that all changed when I first saw Sano Izumi. I was mesmerized!" She looked up to the stars, arm dangling over Yujiro. "I'd never seen anyone jump like that before. I wasn't really getting along with people at school, and I wanted to give up. But whenever Sano broke a new record, I felt like I had to hang in there too. That's when I started to get to know Julia. Haha! Sano gave me the courage to come here, and I've wanted to stay with him ever since."

This monologue was really heartfelt, but it was getting late. I stepped forward onto the gravel and knocked on the side of the building to get her attention.

"Oy! If you stay out here like that, you're going to catch a cold." It had become something of a catch phrase for me. Her face looked worried, so I pretended to pay attention to Yujiro. "You know, even though it's spring, it's still cold. Come on, let's go inside." We walked inside together and climbed into our beds. "Gnight, Ashiya."

"Good night Sano," she called from the top bunk. Her bed springs creaked above as she turned to get into a comfortable sleeping position. I lay my head back against the pillow and tried to get some sleep as well.

I didn't realize what all she had gone through and how far she's come just to be with me. It's a little embarrassing really, but what can I do but support her until her time comes? She's just an awkward girl who happens to be my room mate in an all boys' school, is that so strange? Of course it is! Agh! This is going to be another sleepless night.

Morning classes passed by slowly. I felt Mizuki's eyes wander in my direction a few times during class, but nothing else of interest happened. The teacher dropped his chalk a couple of times eliciting a few small laughs from the class.

After class I heard Nakatsu telling everyone a scary story. I wasn't really paying attention, but everyone else seemed to be really into it. Nakatsu pipes in, "Pretty scary, eh Sano?"

"Huh? What a sweet story," I reply. Apparently this was the wrong answer. Nakatsu toppled over in sheer stupidity. "Lighten up," I tell him when he shouts at me some more.

"Hey, Sano! Don't you have practice today?" Mizuki showed up behind me in the locker room. I was still a bit embarrassed on how much my ability as a jumper had decayed, but I turned to her.

"Ashiya, I want to show you…" I started. She gave me a curious look. "My high jump. Let me show you." Her face lightened up visibly, eyes shining like the stars in the night sky. We walked down the practice field together, and I set up the bar.

This is the reason she came to Japan. She followed me here to see me high jump in person. When I first met her, I think I would have wanted her to leave after she saw, but now I think that I want her to stay. Sigh, here goes nothing. I still have a long way to go. Both in this and in a relationship. My dad never gave me any time for dating.

I ran up at full speed towards the mounted red and white striped bar. It mocked me by glistening in the blood, sweat, and tears of my efforts to make it back to the competitive scene. Summoning every once of my strength I lunged myself up and over the bar only to feel something hit the bar. I fell on the landing pad and heard the loud Clank! of the bar falling to the dirt in front of me.

Dammit! So close. I really hoped that I was in good enough shape to show Mizuki. Why am I not good enough! Dammit!

The disappointment on my face must have been visible on my face. Mizuki appeared by my side with tears in her eyes. "S-sano! I-it's okay

I shook my head, furious with myself. "Pathetic! I can't even jump at the mid level anymore…" Mizuki tugged at my arm nuzzling her head into my arm. Honestly, the way you act, it's surprising that no one at the school knows that you're a girl, Mizuki.

"You can jump! Y-you will be able to jump again!" Tears were filling her eyes on the verge of spilling over.

"Ashiya, guys don't cry about stuff like that. You gave me a chance to stop running away from the past and face the challenge of jumping again. You taught me that. That's why I'm going to stand tall and be a man!" I flicked her on the forehead. "Now stop worrying about me and worry about yourself for once." I watched her as she headed toward the main campus again before turning around and going back to the training fields.

Agh, that performance was really embarrassing especially for a girl that loved to watch me jump. Alright, I'm going to practice here and make this happen! That Kagurazaka better watch his back.

Flump! I got up off the landing pad a twentieth time bracing my ears for the sound of the falling bar. Panting, I stood up and saw the bar was still right where it was supposed to be. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and headed back to the dormitory for a shower. Mizuki wasn't back yet, so I quickly hopped into the shower, hoping to finish before she came back.

Mizuki appeared in the door looking slightly dazed. I flipped the page in the book I was reading and let out a sigh. All of the sudden Nakatsu burst into the room.

"Hey guys! Looky here! You guys are lucky; we got something special. Look at this sake that the soccer alumni gave us!" Mizuki's ears perked up at the sound of this and pushed Nakatsu out of hearing range and whispered something in his ear. Nakatsu glanced at me and turned back to Mizuki. "But he's been so depressed lately… I don't know if he's worried about something or what, but he's spending too much time alone. If he doesn't want to talk about it, we shouldn't force him, but I thought if there was a party in his room, he might hang around." He looked thoughtfully into the air. Mizuki took this opportunity to give him a bear hug, and boy did his face turn red.

Nakatsu, I know how you feel about Mizuki because it's kind of obvious, but I'm really starting to like her, and she really likes me. You better enjoy that moment there because that girl is my room mate. Oh, what am I saying…

Glassing clanked against each other; snack bags spilled on the floor; and bottle after bottle of liquor was consumed. Everyone was playing games and singing karaoke. I tried not to join in, but my favorite song came on. I started humming along, so Nakatsu dragged me out to the front. He was already completely drunk, but it was nice to have someone push me outside my comfort zone. After an hour or so things started to die down. I looked up from my book to find that everyone except Mizuki and me had fallen asleep. Things were starting to get fuzzy.

"Oh, Sano, maybe you should get some sleep. I'll crash when I wake everyone up, okay?"

"Hnn, alright," was all I could manage. I really needed a drink of water. I was so thirsty. I found a cup filled with clear liquid on the table. I chugged it without thinking, and everything became extremely hot.

I really want to take off my clothes… It's so hot here, but Mizuki is a girl. I couldn't possibly strip in front of her. Ugh, my body feels so heavy. Everyone is looking so much nicer than usual. Nakatsu is sprawled out on the floor. Oh, I see Mizuki. Haha, she's a girl. Come to think of it, girls always want to go out with me. I think couples kiss after a while right? Maybe I'll try it.

I crawled over to Mizuki who was on her knees putting blankets over everyone. She turned around and saw me approaching, so she backed up to the wall. Her head hit the wall as I kept coming forward. I don't think she realized what was going on until it was too late. My lips pressed against hers for the first time, holding her in place, time freezing for the both of us.

So this is what it's like to kiss a girl. Everything about her is soft. Her lips, her body, her breath: I wish this feeling would last forever. This is what my dad hid from me for all of these years, the tenderness of a girl. Ah, my first step into man-

I blacked out.


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