Setsuna's Sister Surprise

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Chapter one: Setsuna has a WHAT!

"Secchan you have a letter from Shinmeiryuu." said a cheery Konoka Konoe as she passed her girlfriend Setsuna Sakurazaki a letter.

"From Shinmeiryuu, I wonder what happened." Setsuna asked herself as she opened up the letter.

"Dear Setsuna Sakurazaki,

We have written to tell you that a certain matter has occurred.

We wish for you to come to the Shinmeiryuu as soon as possible.

There is something we wish to give you."

From, The Head of Shinmeiryuu

"Kono – Chan it looks like I have to head to Shinmeiryuu for a bit, they say that they have something to give Me." said Setsuna.

"That's odd couldn't they have mailed it to you?" asked Konoka.

"I don't know but, I'll leave now so I can come back to you." said Setsuna as she leaned in and gave Konoka a kiss on the cheek.

After a few hours Setsuna was at Shinmeiryuu and now heading to the head of Shinmeiryuu's room.

"Ah Setsuna, I'm glad you made It." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"We wanted to tell but, we never got to it so we wanted to let you know that you have a sister." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"I have a what!" yelled Setsuna.

"You have a sister, well half sister." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"Born to a different father though but, she is also a hanyo just like you." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"Well what's her name?" asked Setsuna.

"Her name is Natasia Tokado, she's wait how old are you again?" asked the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"I'm fifteen and in ninth grade." responded Setsuna.

"She's two years younger than you but, is a genius so she skipped a few grades." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"Right now she's our top student here at Shinmeiryuu, she's also a mage as well." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"So where is she right now?" Setsuna asked trying not to faint from the big news.

"She's, well she's right behind you." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

Setsuna immediately turned around to see a young girl with short black hair standing right behind her.

"Ah so you're Setsuna – Nee chan, I'm so glad to finally see my sister." said Natasia as she gave Setsuna a big hug.

"We want you to take her back with you to Mahora, and get her started in school with you." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"She's going to be in the same class as you, same grade too." said the Head of Shinmeiryuu.

"Wait I have to, oh no." said Setsuna who looked down at Natasia.

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