Title: Moonlight Over Winter Snow
Summary: It wasn't the smartest thing he's ever done. With a burning fever and a broken down car, Kai is thankful that Miguel appeared when he did. But being snowbound with the man you have a crush on was dangerous territory; especially when one has a delirious fever.
Pairings: Miguel/Kai
Warnings: Fluff.
Disclaimer: Don't own Beyblade.

Yes, it's me again with another fluffy Miguel/Kai story for you to enjoy! Much fluffiness for everyone!

Ok, so this isn't the smartest thing Kai has ever done.

Running out of the American rental property he's sharing with Grev into a raging blizzard with a dangerous fever and jumping into his car is pretty bloody stupid. Clearly, the most stupid thing he's done to date. Actually, he's ever done!

But it's not entirely his fault. Tyson is as infuriatingly annoying as ever. It's not his fault that everything he does only makes the pudgy world champion annoyed with him. Like it's his fault there's a huge snow storm, preventing him from entering a charity match in town. He has this mystical power over the weather that he only uses to inconvenience his teammates.

If Kai truly possessed such power, he wouldn't bother wasting his energy on annoying the others.

He had to get away from his restless teammates. They were beginning to fight amongst themselves, himself being their favorite target. He doesn't know whether it's because they're nervous about the howling blizzard, or the fact they've been inside for too long. He doesn't know and he doesn't care. He doesn't deserve to be treated in such a way. They wouldn't stand for it if he was doing it to them, but it's perfectly ok if they do it.

That's very hypocritical of them.

Although, he usually has more patience for their mood swings. Not today, however. Due to not sleeping properly and a small head cold, Kai has developed a fever. He often gets fevers, especially night fevers, but no one knows about them. He hides the discomfort well, and no one bothers asking if there is anything bothering him when he appears a little more snappy than usual. But the fevers he gets with a cold are particularly annoying. They pretty much leave him feeling disorientated, looking fatigued and very feeling lethargic. Not a good combination when dealing with prickly teammates.

Lifting his head up from the steering wheel that he's leaning over, Kai squeezes his eyes shut as he gingerly touches his forehead, hissing when his fingers brushes over a open wound just above his right eyebrow. He pushes himself into a sitting position, letting his head fall back onto the head rest as he tries to sooth the throbbing pain in his head.

He hasn't been behind the wheel for fifteen minutes when his vision turned hazy from his fever and he ended up skidding off the road and into a huge snow drift. As he hit the rock hard snow, he hit his head on the steering wheel and blacked out. He has no idea how long he's been unconscious for, but he does know that just about every bone in his body is aching.

He touches his forehead again, only to wince and squeeze his eyes tighter shut. His fever has grown worse and his head is absolutely pounding. It almost feels like his brain is throbbing in his skull, even though he knows that's not physically possible.

Forcing his eyes open, Kai immediately notices that his vision is still very blurry. And the fact that all he can see through his windshield is white isn't helping much.

Letting his head far back against the head rest again, Kai takes a moment to assess the damage. There doesn't seem to be anything broke, other than the gash on his forehead he received when he smashed his head on the steering wheel. The aches and pains in his muscles are mainly due to the constant shivering from his fever.

"Shit," Kai murmurs to himself in the deathly silence of his broken down car. "Now what?"

He wanted to get away from his teammates, but he doesn't want to do it permanently. As far as he can tell it's the middle of the night, and the road he chose is pretty desolate. The chances of someone coming along and finding him are pretty much slim to none.

Great. As if he needed more proof that his luck stinks to the high heavens.

Another shiver races through Kai's slender frame and he wraps his arms tightly around himself, trying to maintain some warmth. He glances over his shoulder to look in the back seat, hoping that there is something back there he can use to keep himself warm. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything back there for him to use.

"Dammit," Kai curses loudly as he lifts his hand and places it on the open wound, trying to stem the light flow of blood. He needs to get out of this snow drift, but if he goes out in the middle of the storm, it will only be a matter of seconds before he succumbs to the cold and passes out.

He hates to admit this, even to himself, but he really needs someone to come and rescue him.

Kai is unable to prevent himself from snorting. Someone rescue him like a knight in shining armor? Yeah right. And who would that knight be?

Suddenly, a bright light appears behind him, pushing away the darkness that once engulfed him and the car. Turning around in surprise, Kai realizes that the light seems to be coming from another car, with its headlights on high beam.

A part of him thinks that he's mind is playing tricks on him due to the fever, but he hears a voice drift through the howling wild and reaches his ears. There's someone there!

Placing his hand on his door handle, Kai opens the door, small flakes of snow immediately engulfing him. Using all his strength, he kicks the door open with his foot and steps out into the raging blizzard. Immediately, he feels light headed and his vision starts to go hazy once again. He suddenly feels weak in the knees and knows that he'll probably collapse in any given second. But before he hits the icy hard snow, two arms seem to appear out of nowhere and gently hold him upright. Those same arms then pull him against a warm and comforting chest.

"Gotcha," a familiar voice says.

Leaning heavily against the warm body, Kai's brow furrows in confusion as his mind slowly recognizes the voice. Forcing his eyes open, Kai finds himself peering into the handsome face of a certain blonde hair Spaniard, whose sapphire eyes are shimmering with blatant concern.


A hint of relief flickers across Miguel's face, but concern is the main expression. He pulls Kai closer into his arms and chest, holding him in his body heat. "Is there anyone else in the car?" Miguel asks over the howling wind.

With his eyelids growing heavier by the second, Kai shakes his head in the negative. "No…just me," he replies before suddenly going limp in Miguel's arms.

"Kai?" Miguel says, gently patting Kai's cheek with a gloved hand. "You have to stay awake for me." However, he doesn't get a response and he curses loudly in his native tongue. He effortlessly hoists Kai into his arms and carefully makes his way over to his car. It's a four-wheel vehicle with heavy duty chains on the wheels. The best chance either teen has of getting out of this snow storm.

Carefully, Miguel lays Kai's still and frozen form on the backseat. He picks up a thick blanket and drapes it over him, before he quickly shuts the door and climbs in behind the wheel.

"You're safe now, Kai," Miguel tells the unconscious teen, a sense of fear in his eyes as he starts up the car, turning up the heating.

As he carefully begins to maneuver the multi-purpose vehicle onto the road, Miguel can't help but feel inwardly grateful that the cabin he's staying in is close by. Unfortunately, the place will be empty. He's teammates are stuck in the city with the Majestics, staying with them in their expensive hotel rooms. Miguel was on his way into the city to get them with the truck he borrowed from a neighbor; however they'll have to wait. They're safe and warm. Kai on the other hand, isn't.

It was just luck that Miguel took a wrong turn in the blizzard and stumbled across a car sitting in the snow drift. He didn't recognize the car at first, but even so, if there was someone trapped inside, he had to help them. To say he was surprised when Kai stumbled out of the driver's seat, blood caked on a nasty wound on his head would have been an understatement.

Blatant concern for Kai's well being quickly took over and he wasted no time in pulling the distress teen into his arms, holding the shivering teen close.

The drive back to his rental cabin in the American mountains is a slow and nerve wracking one. He can't afford to crash himself, especially not with Kai shivering uncontrollably in the backseat. However, after what feels like hours, he notices a familiar site of his rustic cabin roof appearing out through the endless white. A small sigh passes his lips as he drives as close to the front door as possible. Shutting off the engine, Miguel takes a moment to plan what he should do.

He'll open the front door first and then take Kai inside. It will do the teen no good to keep him out in the cold longer than he has to be. With a sharp nod of his head, Miguel picks up the front door keys and sets his plan in motion.

Fighting his way through the blinding snow, Miguel struggles to the front door and it takes him a couple of minutes to open the door. Throwing it open, he then turns and makes his way back to the car. Moving quickly, he opens the door and keeping the blanket around Kai's slender frame, he pulls him into his arms and carefully takes him out of the cold and into the welcoming sanctuary of indoors.

Miguel kicks the door shut with his foot and then moves to gently place Kai on a single bed, the one closest to the fire place. As he sets about to remove Kai's wet clothing, the enigma suddenly begins to stir. A moment later two ruby orbs flitter open and glances around at his surroundings before settling upon Miguel's face.

"Kai?" Miguel says as he kneels down next to Kai's bed.

Slowly, Kai lifts up a hand and touches Miguel's cheek, almost like he doesn't exactly believe that he is real. "Miguel?" he says, his voice raspy from exhaustion.

A small sigh of relief passes Miguel's lips as he gentle cradles Kai's hand in his, inwardly wincing when he notes how cold and clammy it is. "You're safe now," he says as he removes the rest of Kai's outer clothing, leaving him in his undergarments. And surprisingly, Kai doesn't struggle. He seems a little out of it, delirious even.

"I'm an idiot, aren't I?" Kai suddenly asks, his eyes glazing over a little, becoming hazy from the fever.

"What do you mean?" Miguel asks, trying to keep the teen on the bed talking and conscious, placing a few thick blankets over his body.

"They didn't know," Kai says, his voice growing softer. "They never notice the fevers I get."

"You went outside with a fever?" Miguel asks with a sense of disbelief in his voice. He immediately lifts his hand and touches Kai's forehead, physically wincing when he realizes how much he is burning up. He feels like he's on fire.

"They practically told me too," Kai murmurs, his voice growing softer and softer. He suddenly lets his head roll to the side and he falls silent.

"Kai?" Miguel gently prods, but gets no response. He curses in his mother tongue again, a habit he has when he's overly concern about something or someone. He places Kai's arms under the blankets and pulls it up to his chin. He then pushes himself up off the floor and heads into the bathroom, grabbing a bowl from the kitchen on his way through. He fills the bowl with cool water and grabs a soft cloth, placing it in the water.

Making his way back over to the bed, Miguel sits on the edge and carefully places the damp clothe upon Kai's forehead, pushing his bangs out of the way. There's nothing more he can do for Kai other than start a fire. Not only will it help keep him warm, but will add much needed light into the cabin.

Looking down at the teen laying still on the bed, Miguel feels his heart goes out to the delicate enigma. His face is flushed from fever, and yet his lips have a tinge of blue from the cold. He looks so fragile and delicate, nothing like the usually fiery teen he's used to seeing. The feisty teen he found himself developing a crush on.

Mulling over the cryptic words Kai said to him in his head, Miguel can only gather that he is talking about his teammates, Grev. But what did he mean they practically told him to run out into the blizzard. Did he mean it, or is it the fever speaking.

With a sigh, Miguel runs his fingers through Kai's two tone blue hair, his eyes shimmering with worry. "What were you doing driving in such a condition, Kai?"

The teen does not answer.

Um…just trying something a little bit different, I guess.

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