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Chapter 3:

The sound of a crackling fire awakens Kai from his slumber. Blinking his eyes slowly to rid himself of the sleepy haze, Kai lifts his head from his pillow, wincing slightly at the still throbbing sensation in his head. Thankfully, however the pain has dulled a little. It's no longer completely mind numbing, but still more of an annoyance.

Lifting his hand, Kai places the palm on his forehead and winces once again. His fever is still present, but not as bad as before, thank goodness. His slender fingers trail along the soft white material around his head and winces yet again as he remembers his previous head injury. Realizing the thickness of the bandage, Kai concludes silently to himself that the wound isn't as damaging as first thought.

Looking to the left, Kai notices a still slightly damp clothe sitting near his pillow. A small smile appears on his lips when he realizes that a certain someone must have placed it on his forehead while he was sleeping.

He wonders if he's still nearby.

Glancing around the room, the first thing Kai notices is a certain blonde sitting on the floor near his bed, his back against the bed and his chin resting on his chest. He has his legs bent and his elbows resting casually on his knees. He appears to be asleep.

A sense of warmth floods Kai's body, a sense of joy at realizing Miguel never left his side.

Scooting silently over in his bed, Kai leans forward to get a better look at Miguel and confirms that the blonde is asleep. He looks so peaceful and handsome sitting there. His lips are parted just a little, almost in a pout. The warm glow from the fire lightens his handsome features, while casting shadows elsewhere; giving him a mysterious and sexy look.

Kai takes a few moments to gaze at his blonde hair savor, remembering the way Miguel appeared suddenly out of the snow. The way he caught him in his arms before he passed out from his fever and head trauma. Although, he doesn't seem to recall much else. He remembers bits and pieces, something about his teammates or something.

Sitting up in bed, Kai finally manages to pull his gaze from the handsome Spaniard to look around at his surroundings. He's in an open plan cabin, four single beds in one room with a large open fire. It looks rather quaint and cozy. A perfect little place to seek shelter from the raging winter winds outside.

Flicking his gaze to the large windows, Kai notes that the wind seems to have stopped. A full moon peeks out from behind scattered clouds, starts twinkling in a dark velvet sky.

The raging blizzard has dissipated and a crystal clear sky takes its place. It appears to a beautiful night outside now.

Scooting over to the other side of his bed so he won't disturb Miguel sleeping on the other side, Kai slips his long legs out from the warm sanctuary of the blankets and places his bare feet on the carpeted floor. Because of the raging fire keeping the room at a comfortable warmth, Kai does not grab a jacket or blanket. Paddling his way over to a window in his boxer shorts and t-shirt, Kai places his hands on the window sill and gazes out at the landscape.

Looking down at the snow covered earth, Kai notices that the snow appears to be shimmering from the full moon above. It almost appears as glitter, shinning as brightly as the sky far above.

The surrounding areas are still and calm, a far cry from the raging winds that occurred hours before. It's peaceful now. He almost has the urge to venture outside and stand amongst the snow. But he can't. Not with this stubborn fever.

Still, he has to later. So he'll wait until then.

Suddenly something warm and soft falls over his frame and two hands place themselves on his shoulders. Kai's hands immediately venture up to grasp at the blanket, subconsciously pulling it closer around his body. He looks over his shoulder to see Miguel smiling softly at him, his hands still resting on his shoulders.

"You need to stay warm or that fever of yours will get worse," Miguel says softly.

Kai nods and pulls the blanket closer around him, turning his eyes back towards the window at the mesmerizing landscape before him. "The storm has stopped," he comments.

"That's good," Miguel says when a sense of relief in his voice, taking a moment to glance out the window before turning his attention back towards Kai. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel better," Kai answers honestly, blushing slightly when he realizes all the fuss he's caused tonight. "I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble."

Miguel merely smiles softly and then surprises Kai immensely when he suddenly wraps his arms around him from behind, pulling him back against his chest as he rest he chin on Kai's shoulder, pressing their cheeks together. One arms slip across Kai's chest, pinning his own arms under the blanket while the other slips down to wrap around his waist, holding him tenderly, yet securely in his embrace.

Kai's eyes widen and can feel his blush heighten considerably. A look of utter surprise appears on his face as he stands perfectly still in Miguel's warm arms. "What are…" he manages to stutter through his fever and blush.

"You probably don't remember," Miguel says in a voice just above a whisper. "But you told me something very important."

"I did?" Kai stutters again, a sense of dread making its presence known in his chest. Good God, what did he tell the blonde in his fever induced delusional state?

"Mmm hmm," Miguel hums as he gently nuzzles his cheek against Kai's. "You told me that you have the biggest crush on me."

Kai immediately stiffens, his eyes widening even more. Oh no, he really didn't say that, did he? What should he do? Deny it even though it's the truth?

"But you only told me that because you figured out that I have a huge crush on you as well."

A small sound of surprise passes Kai's lips and he blinks slowly. "What?"

Miguel's body shakes slightly as he chuckles and he lifts his chin off Kai's shoulder. He takes a hand and gently places it under Kai's chin, carefully turning his face to the side so he can gaze into his ruby red eyes. "I have a crush on you, too," he confirms.

Kai's heart skips a beat when the words finally register in his feeble mind and he stares into Miguel's eyes that are shimmering like sapphires. He then lets his own eyes slip close as Miguel leans forward to gently press their lips together in a tender kiss.

It's a soft kiss, a gentle pressing of the lips. Their lips slowly and sensually move over the others, massaging them lovingly. Adoring and attentive, they seem content to simply be near each other, their lips touching in a display that dates back hundreds of years.

It's a small act of love but it means so much.

Slipping a hand out from under the blanket, Kai reaches up to grasp at Miguel's arm, sliding his hand up the forearm to his hand where they entwine their fingers together tightly.

In the gentle silence of the room, save for a crackling fire, the two continue to hold each other in a tender embrace, their thoughts preoccupied by nothing that feelings for each other. Times seem irrelevant and the cold winter's chill outside all but forgotten.

Slowly, Miguel pulls away from the kiss to turn Kai around to face him. He then pulls him back into his arms where he belongs, embracing him lovingly against his chest. Kai emits a small sigh of contentment and nuzzles his cheek into Miguel's shoulder, his hands slipping around his back to rest on his shoulder blades, his fingers curling around the material of his clothing.

Miguel, too, mutters a small sigh as he wraps an arm around Kai's waist and the other ventures up to rest on the back of his head, entangling his fingers in the silky midnight blue hair. He nuzzles his nose within the hair as well, taking a deep breath to draw in Kai's exotic essence.

Reluctantly, Miguel pulls away but takes Kai's hand within his and leads them over to the bed. He sits down, his back leaning against the headboard and pulls Kai down with him. With one leg bent at the knee on the bed and the other hanging off the side, Miguel pulls Kai up against his chest, letting Kai sit in between his legs, tucking his legs beneath him.

Kai breathes a sigh and rests his cheek against Miguel's chest, his eyes slipping close as he curls his hands beside him. Miguel takes the blanket and carefully positions it around Kai's shoulders, keeping him within its protective warmth.

"Is that better?" he asks.

"Much better," Kai hums quietly before lifting his head and looking up into Miguel's eyes. "Can I ask you a question?"

Miguel nods. "What is it?"

"What else did I say?" Kai asks with a sense of nervousness in his voice.

Miguel chuckles lightly and smiles at him. The smile is soft, but it has a sense of concern. "You told me that you suffer from fevers quite a bit."

Kai blinks slowly, before uttering yet another sigh and drops his head back against Miguel's warm chest. "I get them when I don't get enough sleep," he admits. "Or when I'm feeling stressed."

"And the rest of you teammates are the ones responsible for your stress?" Miguel asks, seeking confirmation. "And the reason why you ran out into the storm?"

Burying his further into his chest, Kai nods slightly, his hands moving up to grasp at his clothing as he utters a weary sigh. "It was stupid of me, I know. But they were really getting on my nerves. They were snapping at each other and when I tried to break up the fighting, they turned on me."

"Why were they fighting?"

Kai gives a small shrug of his shoulders. "Probably feeling nervous and restless about the snow storm, I suspect. Even so, I didn't need that crap."

"No, you didn't," Miguel says as he begins to run his fingers through Kai's hair, impeccably tilting his head towards him so he can gaze down upon him. He leans forward and places a soft kiss to his lips.

"From now on, I want you to come to me when you're suffering from your usual fevers," Miguel lovingly demands, a smile on his handsome face. "And don't let them get to you."

Kai's gaze softens with a loving warmth and he nods. "Alright," he says.

Miguel leans forward again and places a kiss to his forehead. However, he soon pulls back a light frown on his lips. "You're fever has started up again," he says with a sigh. "Is it uncomfortable?"

Kai tentatively touches his forehead and gives a small nod. "A little bit."

Looking to his side, Miguel feels instant relief when he spies the basin of cool water he brought out earlier that evening, a spare clothe sitting idle by its side.

Shifting in his position, Miguel lifts Kai up into his arms so he can sit with his legs crossed on the bed. He then carefully cradles Kai in his arms, making him lay across his lap. With his head laying in the crook of his arm, Miguel uses his free hand to place the soft clothe into the water before wringing it out and placing the cooling aid on Kai's forehead, loving brushing away the veils of stormy gray hair.

"Is that better?" he asks in a soft voice.

A soft smile graces Kai's lips and he gives a very small nod, his eyes feeling droopy. "I just feel a little tired," he says in a reassuring tone.

"Get some rest," Miguel offers as he takes Kai's hand in his and holds his against his chest. "The roads won't be open again for a while yet."

"How long do you think?" Kai asks as his eyelids slowly close.

"It's doesn't matter," Miguel says as he places a soft kiss to Kai's cheek. "I don't mind being snowbound with you for another few hours."

Kai smiles warmly. "Neither would I."

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