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A/N: Okay, this story is being rated M for language, abuse and later on attempted suicide. So if you don't like reading that kind of stuff, then I suggest you don't read this. There will be romance later with Harry and Ginny, but I am pretty sure that there isn't going to be a lemon. I always thought that as Harry got older the books should become darker, so here is my take on what happened after the fifth year. Please read and review. Constructive criticism is welcomed!

Harry sat in the car, silently listening to his cousin Dudley ridicule him to no end. Not that Harry was paying much attention anyways; he had different things on his mind. It was the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts and the death of his godfather, Sirius, had taken a great toll on him.

All Harry could think about was Sirius falling into the veil and disappearing forever, he knew deep down that he was dead, but he could not admit it yet. The killing curse hit him before he fell after all, but something inside Harry made him keep a shard of the mirror Sirius gave him.

Harry starred at the small shard in his hands and wished with all his might to see Sirius' face stare back at him. He turned the glass in every directing hoping to see a glimpse of twinkling eyes stare back at him, but nothing ever came.

Harry finally stopped fiddling with the mirror and was just about to put it in his pocket, when Dudley grabbed it out of his hand.

"Hey!" Harry spoke up for the first time during the whole care ride home.

"Quiet down boy!" Yelled Vernon from the driver's seat, his face already starting to turn red with anger.

"Why do you have this piece of rubbish with you anyways?" Dudley asked while examining the piece of glass.

"Give it back, I mean it Dudley!" Harry hissed, while lunging for the mirror, but Harry was too slow. Dudley placed his hand out the window, the shard of glass hanging threateningly at the tips of his fingers.

Harry pulled back immediately, not wanting to knock the piece of glass out of Dudley's hands. "Give it back now or you will pay!" Harry spat loudly.

"Enough!" Vernon yelled, "I told you to shut up, boy!"

"Whoops," Dudley said sarcastically as he dropped the mirror to the ground. Harry whipped his head around to look out the back window, only to see another car run over the piece of glass and break it into a million more pieces.

All Harry wanted to do was to beat the living shit out of cousin right now, but his body would not let him. The last piece of evidence that his godfather may still be alive was gone. Harry had nothing else to hope for, now he knew for sure that Sirius was never coming back, ever.

Involuntarily, tears began to flood down Harry's cheeks. He made to wipe them away before Dudley or his uncle could see but his reactions were to slow. Dudley immediately saw the tears dripping down Harry's face and broke out into a cruel laugh.

"What's wrong Potter, was that the most expensive thing you owned, a broken mirror?" Dudley taunted.

Harry just sat silently, not having the strength to fight Dudley at the moment and seeing as they were in a moving car, there was no chance of escaping if Dudley decided to punch him, or worse, sit on him.

"Oh, come on Potter, stop being such a wimp." Dudley said as he punched Harry roughly in the arm. Harry flinched briefly in pain, but ducked the next punch aimed at his head just in time.

With out thinking Harry, punched Dudley square in the nose. Blood spurted everywhere and Petunia shrieked as she saw the blood poor down her baby's face, "Duddykins!"

"I am going to kill you, boy! Look at what you have done to Dudley and look at the blood on the seats that will never come out. You are going to pay when we get home!" Vernon yelled louder than before, his face was officially a red and the vane in his forehead was starting to become more visible.

In just five minutes Vernon pulled the car into number four, Private Drive. Harry thought about running out of the car as soon as it stopped, but he knew he had no where to go and he could not leave Hedwig all alone with the Dursleys.

Vernon jumped out of the car as soon as he stopped the engine and walked over to Harry's door. He yanked the door open and grabbed a fist full of Harry's hair. He pulled him out of the car and into the house, so he would not make a scene in front of the neighbors, while Petunia ran to aid Dudley, who was bleeding more rapidly now.

Once inside the house, Vernon started to scream at the top of his lungs at Harry, and Harry was pretty sure that going inside would not stop the neighbors from hearing. "You think your freaky friends scarred me with their threats, no! You are going to pay for their mistakes of threatening me this summer, don't you worry. And to start a fight with Dudley, how dare you when we took you in!"

Harry just starred at his Uncle silently waiting for him to cool down, Harry had been screamed at many times by his uncle and he learned that the easiest way to deal with him was to stay silent. Then out of nowhere Vernon took his fist and punched Harry straight in the jaw, Harry fell to the ground in surprise, his uncle had never given him any physical punishments before.

Harry made to get up, but his uncle kicked him to the ground again. Vernon started kicking Harry repeatedly and Harry did not even put up an effort to stop him. In a way, Harry felt as if he deserved this as punishment for Sirius' death. So he let his uncle beat him until he was satisfied.

A few minutes later, Vernon stopped kicking Harry and yelled, "Get to your room boy and don't come out until I say!"

Harry crawled up the stairs with all the strength he had left in him. When he got to his room he collapsed on the floor in both physical and emotional pain. 'I deserve to hurt; I deserve to hurt for the rest of my life.' Was the last thing Harry thought before he passed out.