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Ron was the one that found Harry on the ground in the garden; his eyes closed tight his wrists leaking blood. He called for help as he carried Harry's almost lifeless body to the house. Finally collapsing at the door, where his mother was just rushing out, wand in hand, ready to heal. Ron held Harry in his arms, as his mother healed the wounds Harry inflicted on himself.

Ron wondered what he could have done to make Harry less depressed. If Harry could just open up to him, maybe everything would be fine, just like old times. Not that any of the past memories held a particularly happy Harry; he was always in pain, maybe always would be.

When Mrs. Weasley was done healing Harry, Ron carried him to the couch where everyone could keep an eye on him.

"Ron, honey, let me just levitate him." Mrs. Weasley offered, but Ron just shook his head and continued to carry Harry, placing him down on the old couch by the glowing fire.

A few minutes passed in silence, then soft footsteps started coming down the stairs. A shriek of horror was soon to follow. "What happened?" Ginny whispered as she ran to Harry's side, taking one of his cold hands in hers and placing her head gingerly on his chest.

"He tried to kill himself again, the same way as last time." Ron answered almost coldly, but Ginny knew that he didn't mean it. Ron was not the type of person to be able to deal with these types of situations well.

Ron walked away from the crying Ginny, heading into the kitchen where his mother was trying to console herself and be brave for the rest of the grieving family.

Ginny let her soft tears roll down her cheeks and hit Harry's chest, she laid there for hours. The whole Weasley family passed her, but did not say a word, what could they say? Was there anything that any of them could say to make the situation better… no.

Finally, hours later Harry began to stir. Ginny took her head of Harry's chest and looked at his face, waiting for his eyes to open. "I'm so sorry Gin." Harry said without opening his eyes. "I don't want to hurt you anymore."

Ginny placed her head on Harry's chest again and whispered softly so only Harry could here, "Harry, if I could, I would take all of your pain away, every last drop of it and carry it with me for the rest of my life, just so you would be happy. And I would be happy, just to see you happy."

Harry squeezed Ginny's hand tighter, still pretending to be asleep so none of the other Weasley's would hear him in the kitchen and rush over. "Ginny, I don't think I can do this anymore."

"Do what, Harry?"

A moment of silence passed between the two, and then Harry replied, "Live."

Ginny could feel the tears start to burn her eyes once again, but she held them back. "I don't want to live without you Harry, you're the only one I can trust, the only one I can tell everything to. I have loved you from the day I first saw you at the train station and I will never love anyone else, the way I love you. If you die, I die right with you. Besides, do you know how many times I have come close to killing myself?"

"Ginny, I love you too, I can't let you die."

"Don't you see Harry, when we die, we will be able to be together forever. Nothing bad will happen to us again, we won't have to feel these awful feelings that tear us up inside everyday. I don't want to live without you."

"Ginny, let's go flying, I need to clear my head." Harry whispered, as he got off of the sofa quietly. He took Ginny's hand and they both made their way to the door as quietly as they could.

Once out the door, the two ran to the broom shed as fast as they could, ducking behind bushes every chance they got. When they finally reached the shed, they grabbed the brooms and in a matter of seconds they were flying through the air.

"I dare you to see how high up these brooms can take us!" Ginny yelled to Harry, as she started to tilt her broom, shooting herself upwards at full speed.

Harry followed Ginny, until their brooms hit the maximum height limit. There, they hovered in silence, until Harry began to speak, "Ginny, I can't live in this world anymore, there are to many evils that follow me around. I just want to be happy, to… to see my family again."

"Harry, I want to go anywhere you go and if that means death, than I am right there with you. I'm brave, I'm not afraid to die. I am in Gryffindor after all." Ginny ended with a slight chuckle.

"Ginny, you mustn't, you have so many good things ahead of you in life."

"No, Harry, I will never be happy again. I can't live with the guilt of what I have done, of what I will do."

Harry flew over to Ginny and grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes, "I love you."

"I love you too." Ginny whispered and with out another thought, both Harry and Ginny jumped off of their brooms.

The whole time, they were falling they held onto each other's hands as tight as they could, knowing they would be together forever, without any evils tearing them up inside.

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