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Chapter Two

Sakura and Sasuke had offered to help Naruto find his next class. Well to be more exact, it was Sakura who offered and Sasuke who snorted and said "I bet the Dobe would get lost going down a one way street"

Naruto naturally threw a fit, screaming about how Sasuke was an "inconsiderate bastard who didn't care about anyone".

Iruka told the two to "Shut up or finish your conversation somewhere else".

The two went silent and only argued in hushed tones a few times until the class was over.

Sakura and Sasuke waited for Naruto outside the classroom as Naruto talked with Iruka about what he thought of his first day in his new class.

"Alright" said Sakura, breaking the silence between the two "since we both like Naruto, I think that it's only right if we split up our individual time with him"

"That's fine with me" replied Sasuke without ever changing his facial expression. "Or at least until one of us ends up with him"

"Okay, that seems fair enough" agreed Sakura "But I think our biggest problem is figuring out whether or not he's gay"

"Is he, or isn't he" mumbled Sasuke.

"Exactly, and we can't just come right out and ask him, since he might be offended and not to mention it's way too embarrassing, we need to figure it out some other way. We can discuss it in more detail tonight on the phone"

Sasuke gave a grunt of acknowledgement as confirmation to what Sakura has said right before Naruto came out of the classroom.

"Sorry you guys had to wait up for me. Iruka sensei wanted to know exactly what I thought of the class. He sure can talk a lot when he wants to"

Sakura laughed.

"Iruka Sensei's a really nice guy. He was just concerned about you, that's all"

"Ya, I guess you're right" admitted Naruto "Well, let's just get go…."

"Naruto!" interrupted a new voice.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all stopped in their tracks to spin around and see who the new comer was.


"Hey, Naruto, I thought I was going to help you find your next class"

"Oh, hey Sai. Sorry about that, I had kind of forgotten. But Sasuke and Sakura had offered anyways and I said it was alright"

"Oh, the Uchiha and the big forehead?" asked Sai with a smile on his face.

"Oi! What's that suppose to mean!" demanded Sakura.

"Nothing, Old Lady" replied Sai.

"I'm going to kill you!" screamed Sakura who looked ready to wring Sai's neck.

"So why are you here" Sasuke not so much as asked but demanded of the new boy.

Sai smiled at him, although it looked as if he didn't actually mean it in a bit, and which he probably didn't.

"My family had some special connections with one of his guardians, Tsunade-san, and she had asked me to watch Naruto-kun and make sure he enjoyed his first day at a new school" explained Sai.

Naruto gave a small shrug of his shoulder but said nothing.

"Tsunade? The principle?" asked Sakura, a look of complete shock on her face "You mean you're the son of Tsunade? I didn't even know she had a son!" exclaimed Sakura as she whirled around to face Naruto.

"Not son" corrected Naruto "She was a friend of my parents, so when they died, she was left to take care of me. She is my god-mother after all"

"Oh, your parents died? I'm so sorry, Naruto-kun" apologized Sakura.

Naruto pressed his lips together in a thin line. People always said that to him, 'I'm so sorry'. He hated that. He wasn't exactly mad at Sakura for saying it, but he just disliked the fact that other people pretended as if they knew what he had to go through.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke to see if he would say nothing, but he had the usual uncaring expression on his face. Maybe he had been right, and the dark haired boy really was an inconsiderate and uncaring bastard, who didn't know how to show emotions. What an ass hole.

But as Naruto turned to look away from the Uchiha, said boy surprised him by speaking up.

"My parents died too." Stated Sasuke matter of factly without even the smallest hint of sadness in his voice, although his voice sounded somewhat hallow as he spoke. Haunting actally.

Naruto nodded his head towards Sasuke, preferring not to say anything. For something like this, there just wasn't anything to say.

"As lovely as this moment is" interrupted Sai "I think it's about time I accompany Naruto to his next class"

"That's fine" replied Naruto "There really is no need to. I have Sakura and Sasuke here to help me"

Sai's obviously fake smile faltered for a second at Naruto's words. He could tell just by looking at the blond that he wouldn't budge from his decision.

"Alright then, Naruto-kun" said Sai, the smile already back on his face "I will see you at lunch then. Promise me you will spend some time with me then"

"Fine" sighed Naruto. He owed the other boy at least that much.

"Well then, I will see you later" said Sai. "Goodbye, Uchiha, Ugly" Sakura growled and snapped her teeth at the boy "and Naruto-kun" And with a single wink directed towards the blond, Sai left.

"Creep" mumbled Sakura.

Sasuke couldn't agree more (although he would never admit it out loud). He was also rather upset with the fact that he noticed Sai taking subtle glances at Naruto during the conversation. Glances that suggested the other dark haired boy was practically trying to undress him with his eyes.

The fact that Sai was gay was no new fact. Actually as a matter of fact, it seemed that Sasuke and Sai were always trying to compete against each other for a boy friend, always trying to be better than the other. It wasn't the only thing they competed against each other. To but it simply, the two didn't like each other. Maybe silent hatred would be a better way to describe it.

Sasuke mentally scowled to himself. If Sai was also trying to go after Naruto, it meant things were just going to get a whole hell of a lot worse. Shit.

But since Sai had special family connection with Naruto, the maybe, just maybe, Sai would know the answer to the important question of whether or not Naruto was gay or straight.

Is he or isn't he?

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