Sharpies and Notebooks by AndromedaMarine

Number one. Okay, she had the notebook all ready to attack. The sharpie was in her hand and the cap off, letting the smell of permanent marker permeate the room. Strangely she liked the smell of sharpie, probably because it reminded her of Earth. Okay, number one's out of the way – time for number two. A list. A list of what? She'd forgotten what she was making a list of. Oh, yes, that's right. She remembered and began writing.

She finished the list, wondering if she should add anything else to it. It scared the living hell out of her when the mechanical blip blip of the door monitor was set off. She closed the notebook and capped the sharpie, stood, and walked over to the door. It swished open. "Colonel Sheppard?" she asked confusedly as John stood outside her door.

"You asked to see me," he reminded her.

"I did, didn't I? Well, come in," she said, internally berating herself for not cleaning up or remembering her request five hours earlier right after the debriefing. "John, the reason I wanted to see you isn't for professional reasons," she pointed out, slightly embarrassed. "I just – we've been here for six years, and neither of us can deny... You know where this is going, right?"

John nodded. He knew perfectly well – the first time he'd ever let it show was completely by accident. But, unfortunately, he had no control over his speech at the time and Carson had been quick to quiet the rumor that sprang forth because of it. "I know we can't deny it any longer."

Elizabeth was silent and handed him the notebook.

I Love You Because: you have the heart, mind, will, power and strength to lead this city if I couldn't.

I Love You Because: you care for everyone more than you care for yourself, even Rodney.

I Love You Because: you're the only one who tried and successfully rescued me from the Asuran Homeworld.

I Love You Because: no matter how many times you get into trouble off-world you always manage to get out of it and return.

I Love You Because: no one has ever looked out for me like you have.

I Love You Because: only you took the risk and showed yourself to me when the nanites had infected my brain.

I Love You Because: you make me feel everything I've never felt before.

I Love You Because: whenever you disprove a rumor about your death every part of me fills with a warmth only you could create.

I Love You Because: all you have to do is look at me and I'll know we'll be okay.

I Love You Because: you're the only man who ever dealt with all my flaws and accepted them for what they are.

I Love You Because: you're John Sheppard.

John just dropped the notebook and pulled Elizabeth into a kiss that was more than anything she had ever dreamed of. "I love you too."