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Talon watched the flames dispose of the remaining memories. She lifted her face and turned her eyes towards Ferret. The rodent-faced boy found himself unable to remove his gaze from the woman so dear to him. The one female who remained a true friend to him throughout the past two years. She was the only one brave enough to stand up against both Hyde and Ebon for him. Kangor had no problem sticking up for him against everyone else, but Ferret knew his friend feared the two of them just as much as he.

Ferret knew it was only a matter of time before one of the other guys came to check on them. Either that or they would harbor news of Ebon's next plan. Talon was in no mood to go anywhere and for the first time since the transformation Ferret was willing to stand up for her.

He put his hand on Talon's shoulder. She leaned her face up against him. Ferret watched her close her eyelids and a tear slid down her face. Talon was known to the outsiders to be strong. She never let anyone see her sweat. More importantly she never let her teammates see her cry. Ferret was the only one unlucky enough to have that privilege. Ferret felt his chest tighten along with his fists. He let his fingers stroke Talon's back. Ferret knew in the back of his mind it was that jerk Jesse who caused all this self-doubt. Ferret wondered why Talon listened to his eternal voice. At least he knew for a fact that the youth could never harm her again. He smirked as he thought of the first and last time he ever met the boy by the name of Jesse.

It was after one of their heists. Talon had the bag of jewels in her talons and she leapt up, spread her wings, and roared at the policemen. They dropped their guns and fell to their knees with their hands covering their ears. Talon snickered then flew off. Ebon vanished into the tarmac taking Kangor and Ferret with him. The four appeared at a downtown location. They ran inside before anyone located their sat down on the floor counting their bounty. Talon slid the diamond ring over her deformed finger. She hated the way she had to force the band down. She ripped it off and slung it against the wall. Talon let herself lie down on the filthy floor. Ferret sat down on one side of her and Kangor on the other. Talon turned over on her side to face Ferret. She gave him a false smile to ease his worries. Ferret had the ability to see through that mask.

"What's wrong?" Ferret asked.

Talon shook her head. "Just need some fresh air."

Ferret nodded and helped his friend to her feet. The two stepped outside the building and walked through the alleys. None were brave enough to take to the streets when the cops and Static were on the lookout for them. Talon's arms were crossed to keep out the cold. Ferret walked in synchrony with Talon's strides. Though she could fly the birdwoman preferred to walk when permitted to.

They reached the end of the alleyway and Talon looked up with a gasp. Ferret looked straight ahead and clenched his fists to face whoever meant them harm. Usually he ran for cover, but with Talon beside him he would give his own life to protect her. Ferret gaped at the normal human before him. The strange boy stared at Talon for a few seconds. A young girl with straight, blonde hair hanging about her shoulders ran up to him.

"Jesse, what's wrong?" she asked.

Talon recognized the girl. Her name was Hannah and she used to be one of her friends. Jesse shook his head and locked arms with Hannah.

"Nothing, baby," Jesse replied. "How 'bout we get something to eat."

"Sounds great!" Hannah exclaimed. She tightened her grip on Jesse's arm and leaned her head on his bicep. "I don't know why it took you so long to go out with me." Talon's heart dropped. Did the bimbo not realize she was standing right there?

"Me neither," Jesse responded. "Not like anything important was holding me back."

"Jesse?" Ferret repeated as he racked his brain trying to figure out why that name sounded so familiar. It suddenly clicked. "That can't be…" Ferret began. He looked up at Talon to ask if that boy was the same she once belonged to. The tears forming in Talon's eyes answered that question. Her eyes were locked on the new couple vanishing from her vision. Streams of tears fell from Talon's cheeks. Her reddened face lowered to the ground.

Ferret put his hand on Talon's arm.

"Let's just go," Talon whispered. "I've had enough air."

Ferret nodded. He wrapped his arm around Talon's shoulder. He looked behind him to watch the smug teen smiling at the giggling idiot.

Later that night Ferret watched Talon silently cry herself to sleep. He found a blanket laying in one of the closets and covered the woman's body. She stopped shivering, but the tears still stuck to her face. Ferret brushed his hand over Talon's bare forehead. His blood boiled. He snatched the coat hanging on one of doorknobs and made his way out into the frigid air.

Ferret roamed the streets of Dakota tracking the boy's scent. After an hour of searching he finally came across the two youths. Jesse had his tongue down Hannah's throat. The girl caressed every inch of Jesse's torso. Ferret's eyes narrowed and he ground his teeth.

Ferret silently snuck up behind the green park bench the two sat upon. He listened to them moaning in each other's company. Those passing by sneered and shouted out the necessity for the two to get a room. The teenagers found those comments to only aid their amusement. When their mouths finally parted Hannah leaned her back against the bench. Her fingers brushed over the side and stroked Ferret's oily hair. She took a glimpse in that direction to find the bang baby smirking at her. Hannah screamed as she jumped up, clutching onto Jesse. Jesse stood looking around while Hannah hid behind him. Jesse's eyes finally came in contact with the creature.

"What the—" was all Jesse managed to get out.

"Help!" Hannah shouted.

Those standing by saw the meta-human and began running for their lives. Although most of them knew Ferret was not one of the more powerful ones they were not willing to take their chances with a member of the Meta Breed at night.

"What do you want? My money?" Jesse cried reaching for his wallet.

Ferret shook his head. "No loverboy, I wouldn't touch your rotten cash."

Hannah whimpered.

Ferret glanced over at the blonde. He nodded with a smirk. "Get out of here, sweetheart." His smile faded and he met Jesse with a glare. "My business is with this jackass."

Hannah wasted no time with her escape. Jesse called after her. Ferret's creepy laugh caused the sweating boy to slowly return his gaze towards him.

Jesse watched the creature for a few seconds. His legs trembled. After taking a quick breath Jesse made a run for it. Ferret cackled and shook his head. His long legs chased after the screaming teen. He dashed down a dead end. Jesse tried to climb the steel fence and fell back down, scraping his palm. The boy saw the looming shadow coming his way. Jesse let out a shriek and sharply turned around. He fell to his knees as the meta-human closed in.

"Please," Jesse cried. "I never did anything to you."

Ferret shook his head. He grabbed hold of Jesse's shirt.

"Please, I'm a good guy, I'd never hurt anyone," Jesse voice trembled in an octave higher than normal.

Ferret tossed Jesse to the ground. Jesse cried out in pain. The second he looked up Ferret decked him in the face. Jesse fell down on his back. Ferret hovered over the boy. He spit in Jesse's face. Jesse coughed then wiped away the bubbling substance.

"What did I do?" Jesse asked with wide eyes.

Ferret growled. "You had yourself a good girl." Ferret kicked Jesse in the shin. The boy yelled. Ferret clenched his fists. "You let her go because she wasn't the perfect little girlfriend for you anymore." Ferret spit on him again. He pointed at Jesse. "I'll have you know she doesn't deserve a little worm like you!"

Jesse's eyes widened more than they already were the second he realized the rodent standing above him was the same creature he saw in Teresa's company earlier that day. Ferret's usually calm and timid manner left him.

"You made one awful mistake, boy," Ferret said with an evil laugh. Jesse pulled himself into a sitting position. He screamed when Ferret's eyes became serious. Ferret unclenched his fists and extended his claws. He laughed as he walked towards Jesse.

About twenty seconds later Ferret walked away with blood streaming down his fingers. His eyes met the two superteens. Both the electric weilder and gadget man stared with gaping mouths. Neither one of them dared speak for fear they would vomit.

Ferret stopped in line with Static. "You want me?" he whispered. Static's eyes slowly met up with Ferret's frightening smirk. "Here I am." He nodded in the direction of Jesse. "Justice has been served." Ferret turned around to face the two. "Do what you want."

Gear's shaking hand lowered into his pocket. His arm quivered as he lifted the zap cap above his head. He reared back, almost dropping the device in the process, and tossed it towards the meta-human. The metal cased ropes encircled Ferret's arms and legs. Static swallowed then picked up his shock box to call Ferret in to the authorities.

Talon noticed the evil smirk on Ferret's face. She shook her head, not entirely sure she wanted to know. She heard about Jesse's horrid fate on the news the next morning. The report followed showing Ferret's mug shot. Talon did not even have to hear the accusation Ferret pled guilty to. She brought her folded hands to her lips and silently thanked her friend.

Talon found the emptiness in her heart warm. She entwined her fingers with Ferret's. Ferret looked down at the lovely woman in front of him. Despite what she thought Ferret always admitted aloud to anyone who asked that he thought Talon was the most beautiful of all the bang babies. Sure it was a possibility his close friendship with her gave him a bias, but it made no difference to him.

"Thanks," Talon whispered. She leaned into Ferret's embrace. "I don't know how I would've got along all this time if it wasn't for you." She looked into his inviting eyes. "You're a really good friend, Luke. Don't you forget that."

Ferret smiled. He placed his hands on Talon's clammy cheeks. She lowered her gaze to the floor. Ferret placed his chin on Talon's head.

"You know mirrors lie," Ferret said. Talon looked up at him. "You are beautiful, Teresa." Teresa's cheeks blushed. "And you always will be."

Talon smiled and leaned against Ferret's chest. She forgot about the other meta-humans and in all honesty could care less if she ever saw another living being again. The fireplace fell second to the warmth of Ferret's arms, a heat he supplied with his heart. Talon closed her eyes and slowly forgot the reason for her sorrow.

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