The 57th Sevalle gave a sigh of contentment as he settled down on the couch

The Visit Home

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The 57th Sevalle gave a sigh of contentment as he settled down on the couch. After many months away, even the wandering feet of Scarface would eventually turn homewards. Althrough, he mused the fact that the his father in law, the Regent of Juliannes was accompanying their royal highnesses out of the capital, did tremendous boost to Vy Low's initiative to return home. After all, as the 57th Sevalle reasoned with himself, Folsutis must be feeling awfully lonely right now without any duties to occupy her time.

To his bitter disappointment, that accursed piece of talking armour took most of the fun out of it by it's continuous lectures of deemed proper court ettique; in short, the female version of Crimson in nagging mode ten times over. It also annoyed his wife but being the Holy Knight that she was, Folsutis kept her lips shut. Sometimes, the 57th Sevalle suspected this was the Regent's way of getting back at him for seducing Folsutis, all those years ago.

Speaking of Folsutis, Scarface heard soft footfalls in the next room, where said lady was going through the presents he had thoughtfully brought back from his travels. He had specifically made it his business to get some new clothing for his wife, it has been too long since she worn anything besides that metal 'mother-in-law'.

Vy Low cast one last look out the window. A telltale glint of sunlight bounced off a gold armour faceplate in the garden pond, where Scarface had dumped it when Folsutis left the room to change; They both needed it the 57th Sevalle decided-Him, time with Folsutis ; The armour, to get it's mouth wash out as far as he was concerned.

Hearing the rustle of silk against bare floor, Vy Low licked his lips- obviously, Folsutis has found the nice piece of garment that Vy Low had purchased with the recommendation of Crimson, notorious rake of Kuruda. The one with all the, ahem, armholds. Getting on his feet, Scarface lazily made his way into the next room to show Folsutis exactly what he thought of the outfit.......