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Breakfast Time

Gray five-year-old eyes drooped as their owner climbed into his booster seat. Harry and Draco watched with smiles as their son, Sirius, began eating his toast. He was dressed in a small black uniform with the letters LWP, London Wizard's Primary, printed in silver on the left pocket. He was starting at the private school that day, and it was taking all of their will power to not tell him that he could just stay home. Harry turned as he heard little footsteps enter the kitchen.

"Morning Lily," he said, scooping the three-year-old into his arms. "Here, sit in your high chair while I get your eggs."

Draco sat next to Sirius as Harry got their daughter's breakfast ready. He reached over and ruffled his son's hair, and asked,

"You ready for today?"

"Ummmhmmm," the boy mumbled through a mouthful of bacon.

"Good. You'll like this place!" he grinned. "I went there, it's great. And Ginny's son goes there as well, so you'll have a friend."

"But Keagan's seven," Sirius said. "I won't see him, 'cept at assembly."

"He'll be around," Draco assured him. "Done with your food? We need to leave in about thirty minutes, so you've got some time to read after you've brushed your teeth."

"Okay, Daddy."


"I wanna go wif Sirius!" Lily sobbed. Harry picked her up.

"It's alright Lily," he said comfortingly. "You'll get to go in two more years. You'll be in Ronnie's year!"

"But I want to go now," she sniffed. Draco reached over and straightened one of the bows in her blonde pigtails.

"No worries, Lils!" he said cheerfully. "He'll be home after lunch. Come on, we'll go see Ronnie and his parents."

"Kay," the little girl smiled and waved at her brother one last time before they walked away.

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