Hey Andrew here with the first Naruto .This is an Avatar/Naruto Crossover .Please R&R and enjoy! This is Pre-Shippuden Naruto.

The Mission

It was a normal day for Naruto. He woke up, took a shower, got dressed and headed to training. He got to the training ground to find someone he did not expect. It was Kakashi. Not only was he on time, he was early!
"Hey, Kakashi-sensei, why are you here so early?" Naruto asked.
"I felt like it" Kakashi responded in a very monotonous voice.
"Yep" he said.
Naruto deadpanned. He got up just as Sakura and Sasuke made their way to the field. They were shocked to see Kakashi, but not as much as Naruto. Sakura whispered something to Sasuke, who smirked. Naruto didn't notice. He was too busy yelling at Kakashi, who was reading his book.
After a while, Naruto finally stopped pouting. Kakashi then looked up from his book. He took a deep breath, and then began talking.
"Now that Naruto is done, I can tell you what's going on," He said, "We are going on a joint mission with team 8. It is a transportation mission, of classified scrolls containing very important jutsus, information, and what not. It will be a difficult mission, because we have to move through enemy territory in order to get the scrolls to the recipients before the end of next week, which is our time limit. Do you have any questions?" He rhetorically asked.
Nobody said anything. Nobody had to. It was perfectly clear what they had to do.
"Well then, get your supplies, and get packed. We are leaving tomorrow. Good day." Kakashi said cheerfully, and then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
"It was a shadow clone, wasn't it?" Sasuke asked.
"Yep, told you so!" Sakura responded happily.


Team 7 arrived at their training area to find team 8 already there. Kiba was practicing with Akamaru, Hinata was standing by a tree, and Shino was examining an ant pile. Kurenai was reading some documents, probably mission statistics. The two teams greeted each other and went back to training.
Hinata walked up to Naruto, trying to think of something to start a conversation. Before she could say a word, Naruto went ahead and started the talk for her.
"So Hinata, are you ready for this mission?" He asked.
"I-I-I think s-so," she managed to force out, "B-But it sounds da-dangerous. I hope th-that we w-won't get hurt." The blush on her face was a shade vibrant red.
"Don't worry. I promise that nothing will hurt you. I will protect you." He said. He then gave his trademark grin and walked off.
Hinata was stunned. She was about to faint. The blush on her face could of lit up the whole village. But she no longer felt scared of the mission. Instead she was eager to see if Naruto would live up to his vow. She knew he would, but she wanted to see it none the less.
Kakashi arrived just a little after team 7 did. With him, he held a large chest, with several locks, security measures, and presumably, many jutsus to prevent any enemies from getting the scrolls. This could only mean that this would be a dangerous mission.
Kakashi took a quick head count then said simply "Lets Go". The whole group followed him out of the training area, and on to the main village path. Hinata and Sakura held the chest, the two jounin behind them. Naruto and Sasuke each guarded one of the chest carriers, with Sasuke guarding Sakura, and Naruto with Hinata. Kiba and Shino took point guard, with Shino's bugs scouting ahead. As the group passed under the gate, Naruto noticed that Hinata looked a little worried.
"Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it" he told her.
Just those words comforted her. But Naruto had no idea how wrong he'd be. They would be gone longer than any of them expected. They would be gone to a place that wasn't even in their world. Naruto looked responsible then, but that same cockiness would cause the entire mess to begin with.