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Zelda's legs were carrying her as fast as they could down the path to her house. Her heart was pounding almost as fast as her feet were pounding the ground, her blond hair flew in a tangled mess behind her. The desperation to reach her caretaker, Mina, was the only thing racing through her frantic mind. She could hear screams from the village behind her and she could smell smoke from the developing fires.

As Zelda neared the top of the small hill in the path her house came in to view. She saw two men with horses in front of the small house, these men appeared to be from the group of bandits she had been hearing rumors of lately. One of the men, the larger of the two, had dismounted his horse and held a knife up to Mina's throat.

"Answer me now woman or I'll slit your throat!" the man yelled. "Tell me where the girl is at!" Mina didn't reply but she simply stood there in the mans grasp, her mouth set in a grim line.

"Leave her alone!" Zelda yelled at the bandits not knowing what else to do.

The men turned towards her and the larger one smiled as his companion dismounted his horse. "You never did tell me where she was woman so I'll keep my word." The man said as he cut Mina's throat and dropped her lifeless body to the ground.

"No!" Zelda screamed in anger. She ran towards the armed men preparing for a fight though she had no weapon, fear and exhaustion forgotten in her rage. She was easily overpowered as one of the men grabbed her from behind. The last thing she remembered was feeling a hard blow to the back of her head, and then darkness.

Zelda woke drenched in sweat and breathing fast. It was that same dream again. she thought as she rolled out of bed. That's the third time in one week!

She changed out of her nightclothes, which were soaked with sweat, and silently headed out the door. Her mind was still on the dream so she bumped into one of the chairs on her way out and groaned. She had been trying to quietly slip outside without waking up Mina.

"You alright." Mina mumbled groggily from her bed.

"I'm fine." Zelda replied, "Just going outside for a bit." Mina said something else that was too muffled by her blankets to hear. "I'll be right back" Zelda said as she shut the door.

Zelda found it was a pleasant day as she stepped outside. Fall had just begun last week and a few of the trees were showing hints of color in their leaves. Zelda headed for her favorite spot which was a large rock, twice her size, that sat by the stream. It was overshadowed by an ancient oak whose age she could only guess at. She sat on the rock and began washing her face in the stream as she still thought of her dream. She thought of the part when the bandit had slit Mina's throat and winced. What would I do without Mina? she thought. She had known Mina ever since that day Mina had found her alone in the woods as a small child, not much older than eighteen months, and dreadfully ill. She was so young and disoriented at the time that she couldn't remember that day or anything before it. Mina had taken her in without question and cared for her as if Zelda were her own child. Zelda didn't let thoughts of her mysterious past bother her since she was happy now and that was what really mattered to her.

Zelda's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of rustling grass behind her. She turned to find Link walking towards her. Link, Zelda's best friend, was a tall strong young man and at the age of eighteen, was only a year older than she was. He had medium length blond hair and bright blue eyes.

"'Morning Zelda!" he said cheerily as he sat down next to her. "Hey Link." She replied gloomily.

"What's wrong, you don't seem quite so perky this morning."

"Oh nothing" Zelda sighed. She didn't really feel like talking about the dream with him since she would rather not think about it.

"Did you have that dream again? The one with the bandits?" Link asked. Of course he would know. She thought to herself although she didn't respond to Link.

"Don't let it worry you too much." He said trying to comfort her. "It's just a dream, the only way it can hurt you is if you let it worry you too much."

"I know that." Sighed Zelda, "but it's just that it's so real, and I've been having the same dream more and more over the past few weeks."

"It's probably from you hearing so many rumors about those bandits that have been spotted nearby."

"You're probably right." She said attempting a smile. "Well Mina must be up now, I can smell her cooking breakfast. Let's go eat before we head to the farm."

"Okay sound like a plan." Link said grinning. He gave her a quick squeeze around the shoulders as they got up and headed for the house.

When they got inside Mina greeted them and offered them the breakfast she had been making. They sat down at the table and began to eat.

"You know you didn't have to get up this early just to make us breakfast." Zelda said. "I can cook just fine, you know."

"Don't worry about it, it's good to get up early and I like cooking."
"I know but you really shouldn't have." Zelda replied.

"So this is the thanks I get for cooking; complaints about me getting up early." Mina said as she looked at Zelda with one eyebrow raised.

"No I just…" Zelda started.

Link cut her off, "She's just nicely trying to imply that you should have stayed in bed since you're an old lady." Mina swatted him in the head with the back of her hand.

"I'll never be too old to do that when you give me rude remarks!" Mina said in an angry tone although she was smiling.

Zelda was laughing at both of them. "I don't know how you don't have a dent in your head, Link, from Mina doing that so often."

"He's just thick skulled." Mina responded.

Link looked at both of them sourly "I deserve much better treatment than this."

"Oh stop it." Zelda said getting up. "You deserved it and you know it. Now come on before we're late." Link just grinned at her. The two murmured thanks for breakfast to Mina who wished them a good day as she shut the door behind them.

Link and Zelda walked through the small town of Ordon, headed towards the farm where they both worked. They helped Fado heard and milk the goats there. It was kind of ironic that Fado owned the farm since most of the animals didn't like him, especially Epona, the brown mare he owned. Link and Zelda liked him well enough though, and they both enjoyed working there.

They talked on their way to the farm and by the time they got there, Zelda had all but forgotten about her dream.

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