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The girl, Midna, seemed unaffected by the man's formal greeting. "You have done well to find her," she said.

Midna's voice sent chills down Zelda's spine. Her voice was like a child's but the way she spoke and carried herself made her seem like she should be much older.

Midna put the tips of her fingers under Zelda's chin and pushed her head up so she was looking into her eyes. There was so much held in that powerful gaze; pain, sadness, anger, that it took everything Zelda had to hold it.

"You caused us quite a bit of trouble girl, running away from that bandit camp and all. Not to mention you were quite difficult to find," she said still holding Zelda's gaze. "Well, I know Ganondorf would be quite pleased if I brought you to him alive, but it would be so much easier if I just killed you now."

Zelda's eyes widened in fear as Midna said this, this is it, I'm not going to get away this time, she thought.

Midna saw the fear in Zelda's eyes and smiled, "Oh dear now I've scared you, I wouldn't want to go doing that now would I, princess? Well, don't worry too much; your death will be a quick one."

She laughed before she dropped Zelda's head and raised her hand. Purple light gathered around Midna's hand, and Zelda closed her eyes. A single tear pushed its way out of Zelda's closed eyelid before she heard a loud crack.

Zelda opened her eye's to find herself alive and unharmed. Midna and the three men were a few yards away from her, sitting on the ground looking stunned.

She was confused until she saw a young man in a black robe standing a few feet behind her. His long black hair was pulled into a braid and the few strands that had escaped shifted in the wind along with his robe. He had a completion almost as pale as Midna's, but instead of red eyes, his were a clear, bright green.

He walked up to Zelda and helped her up from the ground. "Are you alright?" he asked her with concern.

She nodded, still not quite able to believe she was alive.

Midna and the men had gotten up from the ground and were prepared to fight their attacker.

The man, knowing he was outnumbered prepared to fight as well, but before he had the chance to attack Midna muttered a word and raised her hand towards the pair.

Before they knew it, they felt a wave of magic go through their bodies and realized they could no longer move.

Midna smirked when she saw her spell had worked. "You're far more trouble than you're worth," she told Zelda.

Zelda once again felt helpless as Midna and the men came towards her. One of the men hit the man who had helped Zelda on the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. The man collapsed to the ground as a stream of blood slowly trickled onto his pale skin.

It's truly over for me now, she thought. Her thoughts of surviving had once again left to be replaced by sadness and fear, until she heard a loud snap right next to her. She would have jumped had Midna's spell not been holding her in place.

"Whew, seems like we made it just in time," a familiar voice next to her said.

She heard another voice mumble some words and she felt herself regain control of her body.

She turned to her right to see Link standing there next to her. He smiled as he saw her face and Zelda returned her smile. He now carried a simple sword and a blue shield with Hyrule's emblem on it.

To her left was Sheik who simply nodded when she saw him and handed Zelda her own sword and shield, both of which were lighter and smaller than Links.

The three of them ran towards the group of men, who had quickly stepped in front of Midna to protect her. Link and Zelda raised their swords, recalling their fighting lessons with Rusl as they attacked the men.

Sheik quickly finished off his foe with the long knife he used as his weapon, and went to help Zelda. She was more skilled than her enemy, but the force of the blows striking against Zelda's sword were beginning to wear her down. Sheik quickly jumped behind the man and pulled his knife across his neck. The man dropped to the ground, dead, before he knew what had hit him.

Zelda Glanced over at Link to see he had just finished his battle and his foe was motionlessly lying on the ground. They had finished all three of the men who, despite appearances, had no great skill with a sword.

She looked at the three of them standing there with their weapons drawn and smiled showing her oddly pointed teeth. "That wasn't very nice now was it," she said. Zelda could see Sheik and Link recoil at the sound of Midna's voice out of the corner of her eye.

Midna sighed before continuing again, "it appears I'm out numbered. You have far too many people who want to save you Zelda."

Zelda meet her gaze this time without fear.

"Ah, well I'll just have to come more prepared next time won't I? I'll be seeing you again dear," Midna said. She laughed and disappeared with aloud snap.

Zelda shook her head as if trying to rid herself of the memory of Midna until Link suddenly grabbed her and hugged her so hard she thought she was going to burst.

"I'm so glad you're okay you have no idea how much you worried me. I had no clue what happened to you. You are unhurt right?" Link asked stepping back so he could see for himself she was alright.

"Yes, yes I'm fine," she said laughing at Link's reaction.

"What did you go and get yourself kidnapped for!" he said.

"Well I didn't exactly want to get kidnapped," she said before she remembered the man who had tried to help her. She turned to tell Sheik about him until she saw he had already gone to where the man was laying on the ground. He seemed to be deep in concentration and Zelda saw his lips were moving so she left him alone.

"Who is that man?" Link asked following her gaze.

"I'm not sure," she replied, "but if not for him, I would be dead right now."

Link looked at her, "how do you manage to get yourself into so much trouble?"

"I..." she began but then stopped when she thought about her last comment. If not for that man, I would be dead right now. I would have never had the chance to see Link or Sheik again, she thought.

Link saw her saddened expression and wrapped her up in another hug. "You're okay now, don't worry," he told her.

Zelda nodded against his chest.

"Besides you have me, your handsome, wonderful, courageous friend to come save you," he said jokingly.

Zelda smiled and pushed him away. "Don't get too full of yourself; Sheik did a lot of the saving too."

Link looked at her with his eye brows raised.

"Not to mention that other man who…"

"Alright, alright," he said cutting her off. "Way to ruin my pride."

She laughed at him and walked over to Sheik. When she stepped up to him she saw he was putting some kind of medicine onto the wound the man had acquired when he was hit with the sword hilt. She winced and absentmindedly rubbed what remained of her own wound.

"Is he going to be aright?" she asked.

"Yes," Sheik sighed looking tired. "He should be fine now that I've healed his wound somewhat and put medicine on it. What about you?"

"I'm fine since he saved me."

"I'm glad he was able to make it here in time," Sheik said, getting up. "We had better get going before someone notices all the commotion that has happened over here. Otherwise we'll be in more trouble."

"What about the man?" Zelda asked.

Sheik thought for a moment before responding, "I suppose we'll have to take him with. If he was found like this he would probably be hanged for murder."

Link nodded and offered to carry the man on his back.

Sheik agreed and said that once he had regained some of the strength from the spells he had cast he would carry him some of the way.

"We'll walk for about three or four more miles before we stop. That will put at least some distance between us and anyone who may be searching for us," Sheik said.

Link and Zelda agreed and the four of them started on their way. They had spent more time than Sheik had intended at Hyrule Castle Town and the sun was now nearing the horizon, casting the red and orange rays of twilight across Hyrule.

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