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Here We Go Again

The beginning of September was usually warm with the last moments of summer heat, but this year was an exception. The air was frigid as Platform 9 3/4 began to slowly fill up with students and their families. Scorpius exhaled sharply and sulked as a puff of warm air formed and disintegrated in front of his face in a matter of seconds; stupid, bloody London weather. His shoulders sagged as he pushed his trolley forward, sighing and watching more puffs of warm air emit from his mouth.

"Stop sulking, will you?" Rose laughed from beside him, "You're acting as if you're the one going to school. Show a little enthusiasm for Rion."

Scorpius looked downwards to see a boy with metal grey eyes and strawberry blond hair; he was already dressed in his Hogwarts robes. "You're going to love it," Scorpius smirked as he reached to tousle his son's hair, which was already pretty untidy to begin with, "Just remember to beat everybody in all of your classes and you'll do just fine."

Rion smirked back; he was Scorpius' splitting image. "Will do."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Competitiveness won't get you anywhere - just do the best you can and work at your own pace." The toddler in her arms gurgled excitedly. "Oh, Rion - your sister wants to say goodbye to you." The littlest Malfoy reached for her brother, and Rion peered into his mother's arms to smile at her.

"I'm not going yet, Mira," Rion cooed; his sister laughed and patted his cheek with a chubby, pale hand. He turned around and scanned the crowded platform. "Aren't they supposed to be here now?"

Scorpius sighed and rumpled his hair. "Oh, you know your Uncle Albus - always manages to arrive in the nick of time. They'll be here before you know it." His eyes wandered around, eyeing the different families, when suddenly he stopped on a certain female with pure, liquid hazel eyes and a fair, flawless complexion. Horrid memories of seventh year flooded back and he cringed.

"Er," He stuttered, and Rose turned to see who he was looking at, "Is that who I think it is?"

"Tatia Schultz?" Rose shook her head amusedly, "Yes, yes it is - but she's Tatia Byrne now."

"What?!" Scorpius screeched, ignoring the strange looks the people surrounding him were giving, "How did a bloke like Byrne end up with a...a…" He fluttered his hands, implying that the word he wanted to use to describe Tatia was inappropriate around children.

"People grow up, you know," Rose countered, "And they started dating a year after we graduated. We were invited to their wedding but we were in vacation in Romania with my parents, remember?"

Right on cue Damien appeared, wheeling a cart loaded with a trunk and an owl cage; a girl who looked exactly like Tatia was skipping alongside him and Scorpius' eyes widened. He whirled around to face his son, who was staring in the same direction.

"Who's that, Dad?" The strawberry blond asked, his eyebrow raised. Scorpius felt Rose's eyes on his back but he ignored her; he knelt down in front of his son and pressed his hands on his shoulders.

"Orion Caelum Malfoy," His tone was very serious, and it only made his son more confused. Behind the both of them Rose groaned and shook her head, but Scorpius did not acknowledge it; there was no way an offspring of Damien Byrne was going to upstage his son. "I want you to promise me that you will beat that girl in every single test you will ever have in the seven years you will be spending at Hogwarts."