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Everything Changes

Suzie committed suicide tonight. Jack walked into the Hub with her body. Jack said that she tried to kill Gwen Cooper then Jack stepped in. what he didn't tell me was that Suzie shot him as well, I've known that he can't die for awhile now, its hard to miss. I'm not going to tell the others, if Jack wants to keep his secrets to himself I'll let him. After all, I'm not telling him mine, not that he'd ask.

I can't say I actually liked Suzie; she was actually a bit of a bitch. She always seemed to think her work was more important than anyone else's. That doesn't change the fact that she was part of the team, so finding out she killed those people was a huge shock. There was so much betrayal on her part.

Here I am rambling on about Suzie's betrayal when I'm doing the same thing. I know that hiding Lisa away is a giant betrayal to Torchwood. And I think I am betraying my poor Lisa, no I know I am.

I know I can't tell them about Lisa, Owen would dissect her, Toshiko would try to experiment with the cyberised technology that was plaguing her and Jack would pump her full of bullets. No, it's for her own safety that I do this myself. I may be betraying Torchwood, but there is nothing I wouldn't do for her.

But I betrayed her tonight; I went and betrayed her with the other person I am currently betraying, Jack. (Is that some kind of weird paradox?) He was brooding in his office after Suzie had been dealt with, I went to see if he wanted a coffee and when I saw him at his desk he looked so small. I could hardly believe that this was the larger than life Captain Jack Harkness, so small, so vulnerable.

I only intended to ask him if he was OK maybe provide him kind words of support. Before I knew what was happening we were standing in the middle of his office, arms wrapped around each other, lips locked. This is going to sound horrible but after the initial shock wore off it felt right. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him close. Part of me wanted t pull away and run but the other wanted to take this further. The decision was made for me when the alarms on the cog door sounded, meaning the others had arrived.

Now that I am away from there I realise that it can't happen again. I love Lisa and I can only bare one betrayal, I can't let myself fall for my boss.

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