Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

A/N This is a re upload of the first chapter, thanks to everyone who reviewed first time round. I agree it would be better to have Owen stuck as Ianto and Gwen stuck as Owen to avoid any potential Gwack stuff so that's basically how it is now. Thanks for reading!

"Oh come on! It wouldn't hurt to look"

Gwen, Owen and Ianto were sat around the hub, bored stiff. Jack and Toshiko had gone to check out a disturbance in the town centre and for the past hour and a half Gwen had been trying to persuade them to investigate the contents of the locked safe behind the captain's desk.

"If Jacks keeping the contents from us then its probably for a good reason" Ianto replied, "anyway they'll be back soon, what are we gonna say if he catches us breaking into his office?"

"For once, I'm with Ianto" Owen agreed reluctantly

"We're not going to break in!" persisted Gwen, "just get the code for the lock off Tosh's laptop, open the door and see what's inside. It's not like we're going to take anything."

Ianto still didn't look convinced

"He never tells is anything, we could find out our Christmas bonuses, we could find out his real name!" Gwen continued

"I already know his-" Ianto muttered to himself

"What?" Owen cut him off abruptly, and Ianto looked up to find to excited faces staring down at him, "You know his real name?"

"Tell us!" Gwen squealed

"No!" he said "I don't know if he wants everyone to know yet"

"Come on Ianto, we're all members of the same team here" Owen grinned, "I wanna know!"

"Tell us!"

""Wait!" said Owen, "Maybe it's in the safe"

"That's what I-" Gwen began, "Tell us Ianto!"

"If I help you open the bloody safe will you please stop asking me?"

"Yes!" Gwen and Owen answered in unison.

"Fine" Ianto gave in, "Where's Tosh's laptop?"

Working together it took them less than five minutes to find the safe decoding programme on Tosh's hard drive. They downloaded it onto a special kind of memory stick that Ianto had helped to build. It enabled the programmes that Toshiko wrote, like translators and decoders, to be used remotely. Ianto has noticed that carrying her heavy laptop around all the time was beginning to hurt her shoulders.

Like excited school children they ran up the stairs to Jack's office and locked the portable decoder onto the safe.

Nothing happened

"See" said Ianto, "Its probably double, triple locked, we'll never get in"

"Wait for it…" Owen put one ear to the safe door, after several seconds he heard a satisfying click as the decoder worked its magic, "We're in."

Ianto wrenched the decoder off the door and placed it in the pocket of his waistcoat. It was Gwen who reached for the shiny metal handle whilst the two men stood back. The contents of the safe did not disappoint. Although they didn't find Jack's real name, they found lists of Christmas bonuses, even Christmas presents for them all, although Owen didn't really want to know why Jack was giving Ianto a battered old stopwatch and a tub of whipped cream. Satisfied, with what they had found, they went to close up the safe, until Ianto spotted something glimmering in the far corner. Owen reached in and pulled out the tiny object. It was a sapphire blue stone that sparkled and glittered with turquoise and jade, there seemed to be a light shining from within it. "It's beautiful!" exclaimed Gwen, she and Ianto reached out to touch the stone that lay on Owen's palm.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. The room span out of control and Gwen, Ianto and Owen felt a jerking sensation; they fell backwards onto the floor, Gwen's head only narrowly missing the corner of Jack's desk. When the office swam back into focus, the team saw that the tiny jewel had vanished.

Owen stared down at his body in horror, why the hell was he wearing a suit? He put his hand to his head and felt soft dark curls. He grabbed the mirror from Jack's desk and stared in disbelief into Ianto's bright blue eyes. "What the-"

Owen turned round to see himself twiddling his hair, and sitting with his leg neatly crossed. "Gwen?" he asked

"Yes" Gwen burst out, "What's happened? I'm you!

"And I look like Ianto!" Owen replied in disbelief, "Which means Ianto must be inside…" They both turned to see 'Gwen' smoothing down her clothes and lightly stroking the wool of Jack's greatcoat, with shocked eyes facing the two of them.

"What the hell just happened?" said Owen from inside Ianto's body

"It must have been that stone" replied Gwen in Owen's sarcastic voice, she giggled, "Owen your voice is weird" Owen shot Gwen a look, but found that it was difficult to replicate his usual 'death glare' with Ianto's softer eyes.

Owen took off Ianto's waistcoat, "God, how do you wear this thing all day! It must be about thirty degrees outside!"

"Never mind that" replied Ianto smoothing the creases out of Gwen's skirt, it was odd to hear Ianto's reasoning come from Gwen's body, Gwen was not usually the most helpful person when it came to thinking things through. "How are we going to get out of this?"

"Oh god!" continued Gwen "We can't tell Jack we broke into his office; we can't tell Tosh we used her laptop! I don't want to be stuck as you Owen, it's my anniversary dinner with Rhys tonight!"

"Look," Ianto reasoned "We're just gonna have to wait it out, I've read about this sort of thing and it usually reverses itself after a couple of days"

"Days!" shouted Owen,

"Days," continued Ianto, "Until then we'll just have to try not to give anything away"

He looked into the worried faces of his friends, Ianto had a feeling that this was not going to be easy.