Freaky Friday Chapter Ten

Freaky Friday Chapter Ten

Jack pulled the trigger again, and again, and again. Why wasn't the gun firing? He wrenched the cold metal out of his mouth and opened the section that held the bullets. He looked for the brutal smooth pieced of steel that should have ended his life but found instead a tiny scroll of paper, coiled up to fit inside the barrel. Jack felt Ianto's heart skip a beat, it was Ianto's handwriting. Jack turned the paper over, hands trembling.

"Jack" he read, Jack gazed at the looped, slanted words, he'd loved the way Ianto wrote.

"If you're reading this, then something has probably gone wrong, with me or with the rest of the team. As I'm writing this you've gone out to get some more supplies, I hope you come back soon, I'm not feeling that well. I took the bullets out Jack, because, because I love you. Just because something awful happens doesn't mean you can't get through it, I know you, and you're stronger than this. I've seen you before, but a shotgun to your head, after it's all over, I couldn't bear to think about it, the only consolation was that you couldn't die. But you're not immortal in my body Jack, so please for my sake-"

Jack paused; the next part of the letter was smudged and wet

"If you're reading this then I might be dead, this feels like dying, but before, in the archives I found something,"

Jack ran his fingers through Ianto's hair, this was too hard,

"That necklace Jack," the letter continued, "when I was trapped inside Gwen's body I listened to you talking about it. I think it could help us. I think the necklace is from the same planet as the stone. If you use them together then there's a chance that we could completely reverse all the stone's effects. You said that the people of that planet believed in love. The necklace works because of love. Maybe the stone does to. When we switched for the second time, I was thinking about the person I care about the most. Together they could be powerful enough to bring a loved one back. I don't think I've got much time left, Jack, I really don't feel- never mind, I'll say what I need to say."

Jack let out a sob. He didn't want to read anymore. He had always known that this day would come. He had spent so many hours, late at night, watching Ianto sleep, wondering how long it would be before life took Ianto away from him, worrying about the future. Wondering what he could possibly give Ianto to make their time together as special as possible. Jack felt something tug at Ianto's heart and he's eyes drifted downwards. He started to read again.

"I love you Jack, I should have told you that everyday. From the first time I met you.

I love the way your eyes sparkle

I love the feel of your skin on mine

I love your energy, the way you've lived for thousands of years but you're still so full of life and spirit

I love it when we stay up all night talking and I have to make industrial strength espresso to get us through the next day at work

I love it when you take my hand when everyone's watching

I love it when we dance together in the moonlight

I love it that we don't need money, symbols or ornaments to add value to what we have, because it's already so special Jack.

I love how you live in the moment, when I'm with you it's like there's no day but today and I don't care about anything else in the world because I've got you.

I love you Jack."

Jack brushed the tears from Ianto's cheeks, he kissed the letter softly, "I love you Ianto," he murmured. Now he new what he had to do, nothing had ever been more clear.

Suddenly his body jolted into action. Grabbing the stone and the necklace from puddles on the roof floor he ran to the door of the staircase and wrenched it open. Pounding down the stairs he met Owen half way.

"Jack!" he panted, god it was murder running in Tosh's boots, "You've got to come quick-" Owen gasped for breath, "Ianto-" but Jack had already passed him, he was hurtling down the grimy staircase and a thousand miles an hour. Jack burst into the autopsy room followed by Owen, Gwen and Toshiko.

"Jack!" Toshiko begged, "he's gone Jack, there's nothing you can do! Please!"

"NO!" Jack said fiercely, "I can't give up on him, not now. He loves me and I'm not letting him go."

"But he's gone Jack!" Gwen cried out in vain.

Jack wrenched the stone and the necklace from this pocket and placed then on his motionless body just over his heart. Breathing heavily, Jack slammed his hand down over the necklace and the stone. The body started to glow again. Tiny gorgeous pinpoints of light exploded from it. Jack felt a pull on Ianto's heart. The team stood around him, tears were pouring down Toshiko's cheeks, Owen was gripping her hand like he would never let it go. Jack leaned close. Thinking only of Ianto, everything he cherished about his young love. The light coming from Jack's body grew stronger until it nearly blinded them all, the hub was illuminated with beams of gold radiating above them. Jack wished, willed, wanted Ianto to come back to him until all of a sudden it stopped. The glow of the body cut out as if someone had flicked a switch. Jack let out a sob and held Ianto closer. Then suddenly, miraculously he heard a gasp, Ianto grabbed onto his hand, sitting up rapidly and gulping desperately for air. Jack felt Ianto's body collapse into his own with overwhelming relief and joy at life and being alive.

"Jack?" Ianto whispered

"I'm hereā€¦" Jack whispered

Ianto breathed out softly and leant up to capture Jack's lips in a sweet, gentle kiss.

He looked deep into Jack's eyes and found everything that he needed.

"Wait!" he exclaimed softly, "I'm, I'm me again!"

Jack looked down to see his own woollen greatcoat, he smiled

"We've changed back!" squealed Toshiko with delight. Owen ran his fingers happily over his old leather jacket and pulled her into an embrace.

Jack laughed and held Ianto close, the stone had been destroyed, the necklace to, but what did it matter? He didn't need to worry about giving Ianto a piece of jewellery on their anniversary to show how much he loved him. He didn't need to worry about the future. Seeing Ianto's short life flash past him had taught him that every moment was precious. The man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, the man he would trust to the end of the universe, the man to whom he could tell anything, any secret, and not feel ashamed was in his arms. Jack cupped Ianto's soft check with his hands and pulled him into a deep, loving kiss. All that mattered was that Ianto was alive, right here, right now.


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