Memories of a past life


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Summary: Naruto is dead and reborn as Edward Elric with no memories of his past life. Who said his ninja life is over? Memories of his past life haunt him and forces Edward to go to the shinobi world. FMA-naruto crossover.


Shinobi world- Valley of End.

A dark haired child stood in the front of a body of a dead blond child as the rain was freezing the dead body. Tears mixed with the raindrops as his turned red, glowing red and tomes forming something that looked a shuriken.

The dark haired child was none than Uchiha Sasuke and the dead blond child was his longtime rival Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke stared at his longtime rival, his face blank of all emotions except his eyes were saying different to see his foe trying to get up then fall back down and not getting up again.

He had won, once again. The great Uchiha won, but it was an empty victory. And Naruto- the dead last and the demon brat had paid the price.

"I am sorry Naruto. I really am." Said Sasuke softly as tears came down of his face. He just stared at his rival and someone he could call friend. His first and only friend. " I am no better than Itachi. But I promised this Naruto, I will repay you somehow. whether it's in this life or the next.'"

He kneed beside of the blond boy and gave him his last and goodbye kiss in the boys cold lips. Sasuke looked at the gem around Naruto's neck. He took it as a reminder of his mistake and promised to Naruto.

Sasuke stared to walk away as he went to the sound village, where Orochimaru was waiting for him. The Uchiha looked at Naruto for the last time before he left the place.

Alchemy world- Resembool- Rockbell residence; 2:45 Am.

Edward shot up as he cried out and woke up. He heavily panted while glancing around. He had awoken as he found learned that he was no longer dreaming. Or was that really a dream?

"It... It wasn't real?" The blond haired alchemist panted and let out a deep sigh of relief. It has been almost a year that Edward and Alphonse had returned from Earth Germany on the other side of gate. After so many researches, he and Al finally found a safe way of returning home without making damage occur between the two worlds. But soon after this, Edward began having weird dreams. Dreams about a dark haired boy with a symbol of a fan on his back and a blond kid wearing an orange jump suit.

Edward got up and went to the balcony. In there he could see the whole town. The could wind was blowing his golden hair. His mind was still thinking about the dark haired boy.

"Why? Why I still have those dreams? What is their meaning?"

Edward looked at the starry night of his hometown. Unknown to him, soon he would have his answers.


To be continued.

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