Chapter Forty Seven: All Over

Hey everyone, as you may or may not have realised, it has been over a year since I have written a chapter for Bored of Eternity. During that time I have finished high school and am now on a gap year before commencing University next year. Basically, I'm just working my life away for money although I just came back last night from a week long in Cairns, Australia.

I've actually got inspiration for a story revolving around my trip but I do not intend on posting it until I have a moderately descriptive plot outline and at least 20 chapters of it pre-written. But back to BOE, I seem to have lost interest in this fanfic, and I know I only have 4 chapters left… I think, but I don't know how well… or funny my writing would even be. The main thing is that you all got to see how Bella became a vampire. I don't want you all to sit there and patiently… or impatiently wait for new chapters, so I've decided to end BOE here and make the status of this story 'complete'.

My next step is to complete the outline for my new story, and then write the very last chapter of Five Dates. After that I'll see if I'll either write more for Love in the Restaurant or put it on indefinite hiatus – because one day I plan to finish it.

I'm terribly sorry to anyone out there who would have loved to read the last 3 or 4 chapters of BOE. You never know, keep this story on alert and I may have a random moment one night and write a chapter. I started BOE in July 2008, over three years ago and I think that it's time I've put it to rest. I know that there are readers I've had since the story first began and you don't know how terrible I feel that it's been over 3 years! Life has just gotten in the way and I've matured. I mean, I was 15 when I first started BOE. I'm still the random person who created all of these chapters, most of them being things I've done myself, but now I've finished high school I seem to have grown up. Sure, I have weird moments with friends or I go insane by myself, but those are far and fewer in between.

All I can say is that I'm sorry again and a massive thank you to every single one of my readers. I'll see all you Five Dates readers in the next week. The chapter for FD is already a quarter the way written. But yes, thank you to those who have stuck with this story, and even for those who haven't, I hope that they've had a pleasant and humouress time reading what I had to write from 3 years ago until a year ago.