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"WELL SCREW YOU, MOM! GO BE DAMNED!!" Ino screamed at her mother, Ino was so angry she didn't even care what the consequences were, "YOU BITCH!" she added in.

"Well, I never. INO YAMANAKA you watch your language! I am going to ground you!" her mother kept a calm tone.

"I DON'T CARE! GROUND ME!! AT LEAST I'LL BE SEEING LESS OF YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Ino screamed even louder, and she ran up to her room. Then she slammed her door so loud her mom could've sworn the ground shook.

"God…I hate my mom. I swear. She makes life so miserable for me. Plus she's a total bitch, I mean, really…" Ino was ranting to Temari over the phone.

"can I move in with you guys? I'll take care of myself I promise."

"No! I will not try and talk to her. Temari, listen: I HATE HER."

"yes. It's possible to hate your mom…"

"Well…you haven't had a mom like mine."

"she pisses the shit out of me, I swear to all the Kage's. I hope I never see her again, Tem."

"No…I hate that she's my mom. And I'm not proud that she is."

"I don't give a fucking care she gave birth to me, she's just taking that pain back from labor and unleashing it out on me…damn her."

"Temari…shut up, you cant talk me out of this."

"Nice. So you won't let me live you?"

Ino then rolled her eyes, "yeah…I. love. You. Temari…" she said sarcastically.

She put the phone down and packed a big duffel bag. She stuffed like 10 shirts, 10 tank tops, 4 jackets, 3 hoodies, all her underwear, 6 pairs of jeans, 5 skirts, a couple of leggings, 8 of her shorts and 6 pj's. She grabbed her laptop, her digital camera, her iPod, her cellphone (with their respective chargers), some albums of her friends, her head protector, her make up kit (gotta look pretty) her wallet and her cashbox, she would need all of her money. She thought, and her mom has no hold on her atm account anymore, so she has access to her money and it can't be frozen. But she decided to bring her credit card just in case.

She wrote a letter before jumping out the window.

She started walking out on the streets, she'd figured she'd run away to Suna. Even if Temari wanted her to make up with her mom, she was sure Kankuro and Gaara would be thrilled to have her over.

She walked around the village first, since she was deciding to leave, she wanted to see it one last time. She walked toward Ichiraku ramen, it made her laugh, all the times they had there. Then she started walking, to their flower shop. She stood in front of the Yamanaka flower shop, she'll never have to work there again. She stood there for awhile, tears forming in her eyes. Man was she going to miss it. She stayed like that for awhile, until someone found her.

"what are you doing up and out?"

Ino grinned, she knew who it was, all too well, "I'm surprised you're even out…" she turned her head to look at who was there, "Shikamaru…"

He grinned at her, then he stepped aside to reveal Sasuke. Ino was taken aback. "Sasuke?" she asked confused. "When the hell did you two start hanging out?" Ino asked.

"some time ago…" Shikamaru answered.

"Why?" Ino wondered.

"There's no way that this lazy ass guy is smarter than me…" Sasuke suddenly said.

Ino and Shikamaru chuckled. "Oh, but he is…" Ino said and it annoyed Sasuke.

"so, what are you doing out here?" Sasuke asked.

Ino frowned then looked down, "…saying goodbye…" she said sadly.

"WHAT?" Shikamaru got shocked all of a sudden. "what the hell do you mean, saying goodbye?!" he was freaking out.

Ino looked up and forced a smile, "I'm going to be living in Suna…" she said.

"why?! What's wrong with here? You love it here." Shikamaru said.

"I do…but I don't love where I live…" Ino said hinting.

"so you don't love it here? But, you live…here." Shikamaru said slowly as he was getting confused.

"so what happened so bad in your house?" Sasuke suddenly asked. Ino grinned, he got her drift. She was proud the Uchiha caught on quickly.

"my mom and I got into another one of our big fights. This time I couldn't take being under the same roof as her so…bye-bye Konoha…" Ino explained.

"How shallow, Ino!" Shikamaru said. "You're leaving Konoha because you don't wanna live with your mom?" Shikamaru asked kind of furious. It really upset him the idea of Ino leaving, of her being gone.

"Well, where else will I go…she'll expect me to be at your house, Sakura's house…or Choji's…" Ino was explaining.

"…she'll try Temari's house sooner or later, Ino…" Shikamaru explained.

"at least she wont be able to do anything about it…" Ino countered.

"…if you want…" Sasuke started, "…you can stay with me…" he suggested.

"thanks but, I don't wanna stay here, exactly. I'll still be seeing my mom around…" Ino said.

"wow…you must really not like your mom…" Sasuke said.

Ino laughed, "oh…I HATE her, Sasuke." She said venom evident in her words.

"Ino! Take it! Take the offer…you may not want to be here, but a lot of people do…" Shikamaru said.

Ino thought about it, "fine…but I'll go to Suna if I cant take it anymore." She said.

"FINE. That's a deal…" Shikamaru said. Ino grinned.

"so…we're going?" Sasuke asked. "yeah!" Ino said ready to go.

"but wait…" Ino then said, she looked at Shikamaru and then smiled at him, he returned her smile. Ino rushed toward Shikamaru and gave him a comforting hug, "thanks for you're concern, Shika." She said to him. Shikamaru hugged her back, "thanks for being so great…" she continued.

"It wont be Ino Shika Cho without you…" Shikamaru said as the two parted from their hug. Ino smiled, then she giggled, "yeah…well, we better head off…" she told him. The two boys nodded.

The two were taking off before Shikamaru grabbed Sasuke, "make sure she loves living here…Ino's my bestfriend and I don't want her gone…" Shikamaru whispered to Sasuke. "done…" Sasuke whispered back.

Then he returned to Ino and they started walking to his house.

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