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Early mornin she wakes up…

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Ino shrieked sitting up as she was woken from her sweet slumber. She sat up on Sasuke's bed and looked around. The sun was coming in through the blinds by the windows. She yawned, stretched and tried to scratch the sleep off her eyes. She slumped off the bed and walked out the door.

Ino made her way down the stairs to look for the noise that woke her up. When she was a few steps off from reaching the ground floor, she could see Sasuke's figure leaning on the sliding door that opened to and lead the people into the very chill living room of the Uchiha's (plus Dei XD).

The blonde called out to the younger Uchiha who, from by the looks of it, was looking at a very entertaining sight.

"Sasuke!" she called as she was landing her last few steps. Said boy turned his head toward the direction from where he heard his name being called. He acknowledged Ino by giving her a nod, then continued to look inside the living room. Ino wondered what he was doing.

"Hey." She greeted Sasuke as she patted his shoulder from behind. He looked her direction.

"Hey…" he replied back. He stared at her beautiful face for awhile then turned back to stare into the living room.

"What are you—?" Ino then followed Sasuke's gaze into the living room and found her other housemates standing up infront of the plasma t.v.

"They're playing Guitar Hero…" Sasuke said chuckling.

Ino's mouth dropped open and her eyes looked like they were about to pop out. She looked extremely annoyed.

"Guitar Hero? That's what all the noise was about?" Ino asked through gritted teeth.

Sasuke sniggered and nodded, "mmhmm…" he said.

"It's only—" Ino stopped then stared at the silver wall clock inside the living "—seven minutes past eight!!" she whined, "ITS SO EARLY!!"

Sasuke chuckled again, "Yeah…they do it every morning. It's a best three outta five thing." Sasuke informed the new member of their household. Ino scratched her head. The Guitar Hero thing just would not register. She asked herself WHY? SERIOUSLY. WHY? Then she shrugged. "…and Itachi's losing." Sasuke said then began to laugh.

Ino rolled her eyes. "Man, Uchiha's can be really stupid…" she mumbled.

Sasuke snapped his head towards the blonde, "did you say something?" He wondered. Ino shook her head, "No…no." she replied nonchalantly. The younger Uchiha shrugged and continued watching his brother get his ass whupped by the pretty boy.

"So…" Ino began, Sasuke looked at her again. At least she was getting the attention of the Uchiha, right? "Have you had any breakfast?" She asked Sasuke.

"Yeah, I already ate…" Sasuke told her then turned back.

"Oh, alright." She said, "I'll just go prepare myself something, that fine?" she asked permission.

Sasuke nodded, "Sure, sure…help yourself." He said not looking at her. Then he chuckled as Itachi flopped a good seven notes on his guitar solo when Deidara hit them all.

Ino rolled her eyes, "well…okay." She said walking off. "Maybe I can go to sleep after breakfast…" she said to herself. Sasuke looked back at Ino who now had her back turned to him as she made her way toward the kitchen. Sasuke shrugged then peeped into the living room again.

"DAMMIT! When the hell did you get so good at this?!" Itachi cursed Deidara. The blonde shrugged.

Then Sasuke made his presence known more by entering the living room as laughter slowly escaped his lips.

"…and what are you laughing at?!" Itachi hissed at his younger brother.

Sasuke shook his head, "nothing…nothing…" he replied simply. Then amusement turned into solemnity and Sasuke stared at Itachi. "So, when are we talking to her about it?" Sasuke asked his brother.

Itachi shrugged, "later, lunch. We'll all have lunch together…" he answered.

"What's this all about, hn?" Deidara asked, "you're going to have a talk with the girl?"

"—Ino" Sasuke stated.

"right…" Deidara said.

"Where is she?" Itachi asked.

"She's getting breakfast…" Sasuke answered.

"Oh, I see…" Itachi said hushed. The boys then began lowering their voices as the blonde became their sudden topic of conversation.

"Did we wake her up?" Itachi then asked.

"Yeah, I think so…"

"It was Itachi's fault, hm!"

"Was not…"

"Well whatever! You were both noisy…"

"It's a game, damn right we're noisy! Besides, how can she still be sleeping…"

"Why are you asking me I'm not a girl."

"Oi! Why're you looking at me, hn?"


"When are we moving?"

"Well it has to be today, right?"

"I told her it'd be today…"

"Do we still have to treat her like a guest or…?"

"I think we should—"


Then their conversation was cut short because they heard a female voice scream. The three boys then rushed out of the living room to where the source of the scream had come from—the kitchen.

"Ino!" Sasuke and Itachi said as they entered the kitchen. Deidara closely behind them.

Then they saw the blonde standing in the middle of the kitchen looking furious.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked. Ino looked like her buttons were pushed more because it looked like steam was coming off from her. The three boys slowly took three baby steps back.

"THIS!" Ino yelled at shoved her hand up to the front of the boy's faces, "IS ALL YOU HAVE IN YOUR KITCHEN!" then she started waving the can of Vienna Sausages in front of them.

"Canned goods and other processed products! It's not good for the health!" Ino lectured.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "was that it? It thought we had a rat in the house or something." He said. Ino fumed at his comment.

"UGH! Truthfully, when was the last time you had a home cooked meal?" she questioned with authority in her tone, Itachi was about to answer when Ino quickly cut him off, "a decent one…" she added.

That made the boys stop and think. They looked up trying to remember, when was the last time they had a decent home cooked meal?

"AUGH!!" Ino said enraged. "You boys are living in such an unhealthy environment!" she told them off. "We are so going grocery shopping!" She announced then stomped out the kitchen. "GET DRESSED!" she called after a few loud banging stomps on the stairs. Then she slammed the door to Sasuke's room.

"Great…mother came home…" Itachi said sarcastically. He and Deidara shot angry looks at the younger Uchiha. But Sasuke didn't notice because he was staring at the entry (or exit) point of the kitchen where Ino just passed.

"…that's my room…" Sasuke said softly. She can't have a tantrum then bang the door to my room. Sasuke thought stupidly.

Then Deidara softened his look, "Maybe this can be good for us…yeah?" he said.

Itachi shrugged, "a feminine touch?"

"That's my room!" Sasuke said.

Itachi and Deidara looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"How am I supposed to get ready?" Sasuke asked the two.

They shrugged, then Itachi and Deidara began to exit the kitchen. The older Uchiha patted Sasuke's shoulder, "good luck on getting ready, bro…" Itachi teased his little brother, "Dei and I are gonna tidy up before mom gets mad at us" He continued.

"Yeah Sasuke, I bet you're mom's favorite anyway, hm…" Deidara joined in.

Sasuke huffed as the two seniors exited the room and he was left wondering how he was supposed to get ready without angering Ino some more.

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