Title: All Out of Love meets Time After Time

Rating: M just for safety reasons.


Summary: After listening to John Barrowman's CDs while reading Harry Potter fanfiction I decided to try my hand at a crossover. Harry catches Draco cheating on him with Ginny. He ends up being the next companion of the Doctor, what happens when next time Harry and Draco meet and Draco tries to win him back? He has to not only deal with the 'Oncoming Storm' but also with Harry's new lover and friends. Life is never going to be the same. A Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover.

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Harry Potter ownership belongs to J.K. Rowlings. I do not own either Doctor Who or Torchwood sadly either they belong to Russell T. Davies and the BBC. I am a poor college student who makes no money as a TOGO server, so please don't sue me. Concept of the story is mine though.

Authors Note: So I started this story almost a year ago and then stopped because of the insanity of my last year in college (AHHHH!!!!). I went to London for class in January and this has made me want to re-edit my story some…also this is edited only by me…so any mistakes are all my own and I apologize for them now.

*blah* = Inner Thoughts

Pairings: The for sure mentioned ones are: HP/DM, DM/GW. Its possibly than going to be HP/10 or HP/JH/IJ



He took another shot as soon it was given to him by one of the bartenders. He had one plan in mind and that was to get as drunk as possible as fast as humanly possible. He was in a foul mood and he really didn't know who was to be blamed for that anymore. If it was his own fault or if he was fate's favorite bitch to beat down on upon. He had come home early from work only to catch his long time lover and his best friend's little sister screwing each other on his fucking kitchen table…HIS FUCKING KITCHEN TABLE…. Really it was only a miracle that he was here at a pub trying to kill himself with alcohol poisoning instead of being in jail for double homicide. Somehow, he had made it out of his apartment and straight into the first pub he saw and the alcohol was still not helping in the slightest.

Harry Potter was not a happy man in the slightest and he had a feeling his night was only going to get significantly worse before it got better. Sighing he dropped the shot glass onto the bar before signally for another one. He knew sooner or later the bartender was going to deny him a shot but he was hoping it would be later rather than sooner. Glancing at the clock he saw that it was only ten pm, the normal time he would come home from work, and couldn't help but wonder if his lover would even be worried if he didn't come home. *Maybe he might even come looking for me because he was so worried* Harry thought to himself before snorting to himself and taking his sixth shot of the evening.

"You know, most people would at least be showing signs of being slightly intoxicated if they had as much to drink as you currently had." came a voice from behind Harry.

Turning around to see who would be crazy enough to talk to him while he was trying desperately to get as drunk as possible and saw that it was an extraordinary ordinary looking man. A man that most people wouldn't have noticed at first glance. With slightly long tousled dark brown hair that seemed to defy gravity, a pair of the most expressive dark brown eyes that Harry had ever seen, and he was wearing a dark blue pin stripped suit with converse. *Huh? Who in their right mind would have thought that would look good together in any universe.* Harry thought to himself as he refocused on the man who seemed intent on interrupting his sad excuse of binge drinking.

"I'm sorry? Are you talking to me?" Harry felt the need to respond to this rather interesting looking fellow, especially since he knew his attempts at getting thoroughly smashed where not going to happen after all.

"I said, that most people would be noticeably intoxicated by now, but you don't seemed to be phased in the slightest. So that begs the question of whether you really can hold your liquor or it really isn't liquor you are taking in those shot glasses, OR if you actually don't know anything about liquor and have been drinking stuff that has no alcohol in it at all."

Harry sighed to himself as he thought of the best way to respond to this rather nosy fellow. "It's not that I don't know my liquor, and it really is liquor that I am drinking if you must know. Its just that I have been drinking for a long long time and it takes a lot more than six shots to get me thoroughly trashed…sadly. What's it to you anyway?"

The other man stood there a moment thinking over what Harry had said to him. "Well that does indeed seem more plausible than some of my other theories that I haven't shared with you…yet. Anyway the reason for me coming over here was purely by accident. In all honesty I just came in here to get a quick drink before leaving when I saw you drink shot after shot after shot and were not affected. I was rather curious about that. I mean it isn't every day that I see someone who can drink as much as one of my friends without getting even a little bit tipsy." He paused for a second before continuing.

"Why are you trying to drink so much, if you don't mind me asking? Cause if you do mind, I can just be on my way. Ive gotten a bit distracted, all my original plans have gone out the window. So what do you say?" the man asked Harry quite quickly as if he didn't need to stop for breath.

Shaking his head, Harry wasn't sure if he wanted to tell anyone just yet about what had happened, mainly because he couldn't figure out if he was still in shock or if because he didn't want to admit that what he saw had truly happened. Figuring he had nothing left to lose, he motioned the other man to take the seat next to him. Watching as the man sat next to him, he motioned to the bartender for one more shot.

"I'm not quite sure why I am even answering you let alone thinking about telling you this but for some unknown reason my subconscious seems to think it would be a good idea. Hell I don't even know if I truly believe it yet or if I am still in shock." Harry stopped to drown his shot before taking a deep breath.

"You've got to understand first off that my best friend, Ron, and his family have felt like they were my own family since I met them when I was eleven. Their sons were just like having brothers of my very own and their daughter was my sister. No matter how bad things got, they were always there for me no matter what, which might explain why I can't seem to wrap my brain around what happened. See I've been dating what most might call my most beloveded enemy for almost four years now. We went to school together and couldn't stand each other at all, always picking fights with one another. But when we left school that hate that we thought we had for one another had turned to love. Considering how bad things could get between us when we were in school it came as quite a shock to realize I was in love with my childhood enemy. For the past year or so we have been living in a flat here in London, trying to make our schedules mesh together as best as we could, what with me working from 2 to 12, and him working from 9 to 7. I thought thinks were good between us, I mean we never really fought anymore. Apparently, I was wrong. I came home early; I had gotten off work two hours early and thought 'Hey! I know I can go home and surprise Drake.' I thought he might be happy I was home early, maybe we could go out to dinner or something. Boy was I fucking kidding myself." Harry stopped talking to catch his breath.

The man next to him, whose name Harry had yet to find out still for some reason, sat there looking pensive. "Let me guess, you walked in on something you didn't think you would ever see?" The man said to Harry as he focused his glaze on him.

Harry snorted and gave a short sharp laugh.

"You could say that. I came to our door, and right when I was pushing my key into the lock, the door pushed open as if it hadn't been shut properly. I didn't think much of that, I mean it happens sometimes that one of us didn't always shut the door as hard as we should, so I just walked in." He paused to take another shot and snorted to himself, and with a self deprecating grin he continued.

"I walked in and noticed that there were clothes on the floor, clothes that most definitely didn't belong to either Draco nor myself. Not only were there clothes all over the floor, but there were beer bottles scattered all over the place too. I thought for a minute one of his school chums had come by to chat and they got to drinking, and I thought about what kind of foolish nonsense they could have gotten themselves in too. I was bloody snickering under my breath at the foolishness of my boyfriend and his friends. So I headed into the living room, and then I started to hear moans of some kind coming from near the kitchen. So of course being the silly fool that I was I headed in the directions of the moans. I thought maybe someone had gotten hurt, and yea you could say that someone did get hurt, me. As I stepped into the kitchen, I dropped my satchel on the floor and I couldn't help but stand there looking like a gapping fish. On my fucking kitchen table was my fucking boyfriend fucking the daylights out of Ginny Fucking Weasley. They were both so fucking involved with each other that they never heard me come in, never heard me drop my stuff no more than five feet away from them, they probably never even heard me slam the fucking door shut. I left my flat and come to the closest pub, which ironically is the one pub neither Draco nor I have ever been in before." Harry finished while glancing down into his empty shot glass.

The mysterious man, *why haven't I asked him his name yet?* Harry thought to himself, seemed to be in deep in thoughts.

"Well than," He finally said, looking up to stare at Harry, "I am assuming that you would like nothing better than to get away from what happened here tonight, and not only that but probably avoid both your former boyfriend and his bit on the side, yes?"

Harry stared at this man with an astonished look on his face, "You could say that, but unless you can get me off this bloody planet, I don't know how that is going to happen. My friends will be able to find me anywhere on the planet with very little trouble. "

The man gave Harry a wide grin before standing up, "Well than sir, I can help you indeed. For you see I am looking for a new traveling companion, Martha has decided that because of some nonsense of a friend never leaving a situation where a fellow doesn't seem to notice her was a good reason to stop traveling with me. I have honestly no idea what brought that up but I seem to be short a companion and you seem to be in serious need of getting away from this depressing little pub so why don't you come traveling with me." He finished by holding his hand out to Harry.

Harry stared at the hand in front of him. *This man is offering a complete stranger a chance of a lifetime to go traveling. I would be able to get away from home for a while, and not only will I be able to get away, it sounds as if neither of those bloody cheaters will be able to find him. Now if I only knew his name.* Harry took a deep breath, before standing up and taking the man's hand in a firm shake.

"You've got yourself a deal sir, except I have no idea what your name is?"

"Oh?" He said with a slight look of confusion. "I could have sworn I introduced myself. Well in that case, I am called the Doctor." He smiled as he said.

Harry could not help to smile himself, when he responded with "Harry Potter, nice to meet ya Doctor."

"Well then, let's get this show on the road huh, lots of places to visit." The Doctor told Harry as he headed toward the door of the pub.

Harry trying to catch up with the Doctor, quickly laid out enough bills to not only pay for his shots but to also leave a tip for the bar keep. He couldn't believe he was going to do this, but he had a feeling that this might be the start of a very big adventure.

"Oh and you have got to met the TARDIS still. Cant be going anywhere without meeting her. She gets a little touchy if I start bring people before introducing them to her. Really, I don't know where in the world she got her independence streak." The Doctor continued to speak without looking at Harry, as if he knew that Harry was following him.

"The TARDIS sir? Who is the TARDIS?" Harry couldn't help but ask.

"Who is the Tardis? The TARDIS my dear sir is the most wonderful ship in the whole universe. The best ship in all of time and space. Oh you will love her, everyone loves her." The Doctor told Harry as he led him away from the pub, and away from just about everything Harry ever knew.


While Harry was leaving with the Doctor to find his ship the TARDIS, Draco Malfoy, boyfriend of one Harry James Potter, was frantically waiting for Harry to return home. He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach and he wanted nothing more than to have Harry home. It was almost midnight and Harry had yet to come home. Draco knew he was going to have to take matters into his own hands and start looking for him.

Harry was never one to be late in coming home, and for him to be two hours late must have meant he got sidetracked somewhere. Draco knew Harry liked to stop in the occasional pub for a drink and had a feeling that maybe Harry lost track of the time while he was drinking.

It had taken Draco nearly an hour to walk into the only pub that neither he nor Harry had ever been too, hoping desperately that Harry was. Heading up to the bartender, he pulled out the picture of Harry that he had been showing to the other bartenders at the other bars.

"Excuse me sir, but have you seen this man?" Draco asked him as he held up the picture of Harry.

The bartender took one glance at the picture before he sighed. "If you think this guy is lost I can tell you now he didn't seem like he was, nor did he seem to be a victim of some kind. Nor did he look like he belongs in custody of any kind. Since that seems to answer to all of the plausible reasons why you might be looking for him, I would like to know why you are looking for him before I answer your question."

Draco tried to keep his temper, he couldn't believe the nerve of this man, thinking he was trying to cause trouble for his own boyfriend. "IF you must know, he is my boyfriend and he never came home tonight. He is usually is very prompt in coming home and I thought he might have lost track of time so I thought I might try to find him before something could happen to him."

If Draco thought that his explanation to the bartender would make him more responsive to his questions then he got the exact opposite reaction he had been hoping for. He was shocked to see the bartender's face get a cold, dark, and hard expression. When the bartender actually spoke to him, his voice became like ice.

"So you're the cheating scum huh. Its funny but when most guys come in here and start taking shots of my strongest stuff, I usually get the story out of them in a drunken babble, but even after six shots your boyfriend was as sober as when he had walked in here. I couldn't figure out how to ask him what had happened to cause a person to drink so much. I think he probably thought I was going to cut him off at some point, but before I could even ask him anything one of my sort of regulars came over to him and started to talk to him. Since I couldn't help but be close by while they were talking, I couldn't help but over hear his story. See if I cant help someone by talking to them then I like to at least find out what is wrong. This way I can make sure that they don't do something stupid after drinking a lot. I listened with stunned disbelief that a person could do something so horrible, and trust me I've heard my share of shitty things done to others. What kind of person are you, that you cheat on your own boyfriend with the girl he considers his little sister? Are you one of those guys who has to prove to himself that he can still get himself a girl? Or are you one of those men who pretend they aren't really gay and carries on with girls without telling them that he also sleeps with guys? Huh? What kind of fucked up person are you?" The bartender demanded of Draco.

Except Draco didn't answer him, in fact he wasn't even listening to him. Draco had stopped listening to the bartender after he had said that Harry had caught him with Ginny. Draco couldn't help but feel as if the blood was literally draining out of his body, he was probably beyond pale now. *How did Harry find out? How did I not notice him come into the room? What is going to happen to us now?* Draco sat down at the bar with a sigh of defeat.

"It wasn't like any of those things. If anything it was a giant mistake that never should have happened in the first place. I love Harry and have always loved him for the past four years. If I really admit it to myself, I probably loved him even longer if only I had let myself be in love him when I was younger. Its funny, for a long time Ginny had a crush on Harry. That is until he told her that all he would ever see her as was a little sister. I don't think she ever let go of that crush though. She had come over tonight to talk to Harry about something, but of course he wasn't home yet. I had just gotten off work when I got home and saw her waiting outside our door. I let her in not locking or shutting the door properly, I always have a problem remembering to do that. I got us beers from the fridge to drink while we waited. I was trying to convince her to come back later, I really didn't want her in the flat waiting for two hours. Next thing I know, we've both had six beers each and we were kissing and tearing at each other's clothes. Before I knew it, I am doing her over the kitchen table, wishing she was Harry. By the time we had finished, I was so ashamed about what had happened, and she had just gotten up and left without saying a word to me. I looked up at the time and noticed that Harry was going to be home soon, so I quickly cleaned up and waited. I waited and waited and waited but he never came home. I figured I should go looking for him just in case something had happened. . Guess I fucked that up huh." Draco stopped talking to look up at the bartender.

"Look, mate, I still think you are a cheating scumbag. I don't care what the conditions of what had happened are but I'm also not the one you should be telling this too. You need to tell this to your Harry, but…" before the bartender could finish his sentence Draco had interrupted him. "Do you know where he is? I need to tell him what happened. I need him to know that this was a giant mistake and I never meant for it to happen and maybe I can fix things between us before something bad happens."

The bartender couldn't help but grimace a bit. He always hated being the bearer of bad news but while this might be bad news for him, it also mean that Harry was away from the scumbag. He knew what he was about to tell this young man was going to shatter him, *But really, I'm not the cheating scumbag am I?* he thought to himself.

"Look, before you interrupted me I was going to say that you are going to have to tell your Harry about what happened, BUT he might not be your Harry anymore. See my sort of regular, his name is Smith, offered Harry a chance to be his traveling companion and Harry accepted. Smith had just lost his former traveling companion and Harry mentioned he wanted to get away from everyone. They left here about an hour ago mate. You probably just missed your chance to explain everything to him. Especially since Smith gets rather protective of his companions. Even if they had just agreed to be one a split second earlier. I'm sorry but it looks like your Harry is gone." With that being said the bartender turned away from Draco to go take the order of the new comers who had sat themselves at the end of the bar.

Draco though couldn't believe what he had just heard. Harry had left him, and not only that but with a complete stranger. He had left before Draco could even apologize, had left without even saying good bye. Draco didn't know what he was going to do now. How was he suppose to explain to everyone that it is his fault that Harry had just up and left because of an accident with Ginny Weasley. *How the fuck did I manage to fuck my life up so badly, I'll never know. Goodbye Harry, I wish I could tell you how sorry I am and how much I love you.* Draco thought to himself as he stood up to leave. It looked like he was going to be heading straight home…alone.