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Hermione Granger lived a very simple life. She awoke in the morning, got dressed, checked her email, sent in her work for the courses she was taking online, and would then head to work. She knew logically most people would be shocked if they knew what she was doing now was not what most expected from her but then again she had cut ties with most of those people. Plus she loved her job more then she could have any others. She knew what she was doing would shock the people in the wizarding world but she had stopped caring about those people when they had shunned her brother from being who he was.

For once in her life though she was content with what she had, she didn't want or need anything else. She ran a small bookstore with the help of her brother in all but blood, Harry Potter. When he had announced his intent to live in the muggle world, away from all the insanity of the wizarding world, she had jumped at the chance to go with him. It didn't matter to her that he was going to be living with his boyfriend and once former rival Draco Malfoy, no, all that mattered was that he was happy and his face didn't look like the fate of the world rested on his shoulders like it once had. Ron had been furious with her, first for siding with Harry when it came to his love life and then when she announced that she too would be leaving for the muggle world. What could have been between them was effectively destroyed by his words. She would never be able to love a man who could treat his so-called best friend that way all because of something who the man he loved was, especially not when most of his family, who also hated the man, could at least be civil.

When Harry and Draco left, so had she. She had taken classes during the summer to keep up with her muggle learning and on her return to the muggle world she decided to find a school to apply to that would enable her further her education. It was then that Harry brought up the idea of opening a shop together. She had thought him nuts because what did they know about anything except for things about the wizarding world, which they couldn't exactly sell without getting arrested. He had laughed at her, shook his head, and said one word, 'books.' She could have died right then and there because of course they knew books, her especially, and what better shop for them to run then a bookstore. With some of his fortune invested in it they opened a small bookstore called "The Book Keeper" which carried a wide variety of books and genres. Then Harry did something even more amazing, he found a university that would let her do correspondence courses as well as being able to sit in on the lectures when possible. She would open the store at 7 in the morning, stay till noon when their part time help would cover the lunch shift, grab a quick bite at Harry's flat before catching the tube out to the university. She would sit in on classes till 7 at night, catch the tub back, grab dinner for her and Harry and then stay with him at the store till closing at 11. They usually would do inventory, paperwork, bills, and such for about an hour afterwards catching up on each other's day. It was perfect.

Which is really why she should have known something was coming. Life is never perfect, something she had learned in the wizarding world. This particular morning, she had woken up and had known something was wrong. Everything just felt off, but she had pushed from her mind and continued on with her day like always. She had submitted her papers, grabbed her keys and coffee, and left her flat. It was a short walk to the store and she made quick work of the locks. Flipping on the lights, she quickly shut the door and placing her things on the counter in front of her. While she went around setting things up for the day, she noticed an envelope near the door. An envelope that hadn't been there the night before when she had closed up. She headed back towards the door; picking it up to place it on the counter to look at later to see what it was about, when she noticed that the envelope had her name on it.

Taking it over to one of the overstuffed big comfy recliners that she and Harry had placed throughout the store to make reading much more comfortable, she opened the letter, instantly recognizing Harry's penmanship.

Dear Hermione,

You have always been the sister of my heart. You stood by me through everything; the Triwizarding Tournament, the war against Tom, even when I came out of the closet and announced that I was dating Draco. Which is why I know that you will still stand by me when I tell you that I have left. Im not sure how long I will be gone or if I'm gone for good. I won't go into detail as to why I'm leaving, you can ask the twins to explain everything, but needless to say I caught Draco cheating and could not bear being in the same city let alone same country as him and the person he cheated on me with. Like I said I won't go into detail because I don't want you arrested and sentenced to jail by going after them. That is why I have asked the twins to send me my things when I eventually get where I am going.

I love you Hermione and I feel terrible about leaving under such short notice but I had to. I also know if I had waited to tell you, you would have talked me into letting you come with me and I couldn't do that to you. You are working on your masters, you have the store (because it's yours. I signed everything to you when we set it up, I was just co-managing it.), but most of all you have your life there in London. I will call and write to you as often as I can. I asked someone to fill in for me till you can hire someone else. I am so sorry for leaving you shorthanded because of this and I hope you don't miss too many classes.

Take care Hermione and don't worry too much about me. I always seem to land on my feet.

I love you my sister.

Love you always,

Harry J. Potter

P.S. I have sent letters to some others. I don't want everyone deciding they need to find me. I just need some time. Who knows, maybe I'll met some handsome stranger that will sweep me off my feet. I'll call or write as soon as I can. Take care of yourself.

Hermione couldn't believe what she was reading. Harry had left her. Harry had left without her and didn't leave any way of contacting him. What was she going to do without him? Who had he caught Draco with? As she glanced down at the paper again, she noticed a wet spot, reaching up to her face she realized it had come to her. She was crying and she didn't even know it. She put down the letter, rose up and crossed to lock the door. She made sure the sign still said closed, and headed back to her chair. Curling up, she grabbed the letter and just let it all out. Her brother had left to sort out his life and all she could do was cry here and wait till he came back. And he would come back too, because she knew him better than anyone including himself. So she would wait here for him while she continued her studies and managed the bookstore, and when he came back she was going to give him a piece of her mind about leaving without her.

Now all she had to do was call the twins to get the whole story and see what they were going to do to Malfoy to get revenge against him for hurting their brother.


Bill Weasley didn't get much mail the muggle way out here in the middle of the desert. In fact, he rarely ever got mail period. Most of his family wasn't talking to him, and those that were would just floo him instead of sending him mail. But it had become habit for him to check his mailbox when all the others did. This is why he was currently staring at a letter that was addressed to him in shock. Who the hell is sending me mail the muggle way?

Picking up the letter very gingerly, he turned it back and forth to see if there were any curses on the letter or envelope. Finding nothing, he opened the envelope very carefully while pulling out the letter. If he had been paying attention to the actual writing of the envelope he would have noticed that there was no postage stamp of any kind, but then again Bill was slightly more distracted with the sheer idea someone wanted to send him a message. Pulling out the letter within the envelope, he noticed that it was parchment and not regular paper. He stared in shock when he realized that the letter was from his family's adoptive child, his little brother in all but blood, Harry Potter.

Dear Bill.

This letter is significantly shorter then I planned it to be. Originally I was going to send you a longer letter with a full update on what was going on in my life and everyone else but something came up. I cant go into full detail because I have to many letters to send out and I don't want to think about it any longer. Its bad enough the imagery is burnt into my mind forever, just speaking about makes it even worse. The only people who know the full details are the twins, who I left a rather descriptive letter with. Granted most of the letters I am sending are similar or completely different. I almost feel bad for the twins since I never warned them I am sending everyone their way.

I love you as my big brother Bill and I want you to promise me you won't do anything foolish. I don't have much time since I am leaving tonight. Like I said, I love you Bill. Take care of yourself. I'll send you a letter when I get to where I am heading.

- Harry J. Potter.

P.S. I am going to miss the wedding for obvious reasons. Congratulations on your new brother in law.

Bill looked over the letter again in shock. If he hadn't known Harry was a Gryfinddor he would have suspected he was a Slytherin. He gave just enough information to make a person curious but not enough that they had any actually useful information. Bill sighed to himself while quickly rereading the letter, when the post script caught his eye and full attention.

"What a minute. WHAT THE FUCK? What did Harry mean by new brother in law and marriage? Who's getting married?" Bill said to himself while he rescanned the message, looking to see if it gave any hint to what he was talking about. Nothing was visible though.

"Guess it looks like I'm going to have to go pay the twins a visit to the get the full story." He stated with finality.

Penning a quick note to his crew and the goblins about taking a quick leave for the day due to personal issues, he quickly grabbed the letter, his wand, and his bag before apperating to the nearest floo station to head to his brother's shop.

Washington D.C.

When the trouble in the Wizarding world was over and Harry had announced that he was heading to the muggle world, Remus and Sirius had decided it was time for them to take a vacation traveling to places they had never been before. Six months into their world tour they had ended up in Washington D.C. and there they still were. There was something about the city that just seemed to draw them in and make them want to live there. Remus had found a job working as an assistant professor for a history course at the local Georgetown University and Sirius was working as a mechanic at a local body shop. Both men were happy with their new lives and the only thing that would make them even happier was for their godson to come visit them. Harry and they had been talking about scheduling a time for Harry to come out and visit them and for him to even bring Draco out to visit them if he could get the time off from work.

That evening, Sirius arrived home from the garage to see that Remus was already home. Opening the mailbox, he pulled out the mail and headed towards the house. Opening the door he could smell what Remus was making for dinner. "Hey babe, I've got the mail. Whatcha making?" he shouted out through the house while flipping through the mail.

"Just some soup and sandwiches." Remus shouted back from the kitchen.

As Sirius made his way further into their house, he stopped when one letter in particular caught his eye. It wasn't so much what was on the envelope that caught his eye but the handwriting.

"Remy! There's a letter from Harry in the mail!" He shouted out while dropping the rest of the mail. It wasn't unusual that they received letters from Harry but they have never received one the muggle way no matter that they were all living in the muggle world.

Remus hurried out of the kitchen to see that Sirius had already pulled out the envelope. What felt like hours were really just a few seconds before the letter fell from his hands and he collapsed on the floor. Remus hurried over to his partner, picking up the letter he had dropped while wrapping his arms around him to offer him comfort from whatever had spooked him in the letter.

Dear Remy and Siri,

I am sure this letter comes as a surprise since I had just sent you one the other day. It looks like my plans to come visit you are going to be put off for a while. I'm leaving England and am not quite sure where exactly I am heading but I promise you that I will write you as soon as I'm settled. I want you to know that I love you both very much and are pretty much the only parents I have ever known in my life.

I can't go into what happened right now, I might not be able to go into it at all. I've sent letters to the others in my life and the twins know everything that has happened. I know I'm not there to extract a promise from you but I do want you to promise that you won't do anything foolish that could cause you to be arrested and in prison. Please promise me that. I don't know what I would do if I found out that I had lost you both.

I love you both
- Harry

P.S. I promise to write as soon as I find a place.
P.S.S Don't contact Draco, we aren't seeing each other any longer.

Remus sat in shock as he read the letter again. Harry had left. If he didn't know Harry better he would have thought that it was a suicide note but no, Harry had reassured them that he would write again.

"Remy. Where is our boy going?" Sirius asked sounding so broken. Remus knew how much Sirius loved Harry and how much it hurt him that he couldn't have been there for him when he was a young child. He wished he had an idea of what to tell him so that it wouldn't break his heart more.

"I don't know Siri. How about we go see the twins and see what they can tell us, huh?" Remus said to him, trying to help him stand. He didn't think he had ever seen Sirius that so heartbroken in his life before.

Pulling up his partner, he slowly folded up the letter and stored it into his pocket before making sure everything in the kitchen was off. While he wanted to break down himself, he knew he had to be strong for Sirius. Grabbing some floo he threw it into the fire…..


Neville Longbottom loved his little cottage on the outskirts of Cambridge. He and Luna had moved out to Cambridge after graduating from Hogwarts. They were studying out of the wizarding section of Cambridge University, he in Herbology and Luna in Divination and Magical creatures. When others had scoffed at them, Harry and Hermione had helped them move their things out to the university and when Neville had found the cottage they now called home, Harry and Hermione had come out again to help them move. Neville had grown close to both of them in their final years at Hogwarts and in some ways felt like he had found a kindred spirit in Harry. Luna adored Harry as well, had from the moment they had met. Harry had accepted her for all of her differences and she never treated him like he was a hero meant to save them all.

After they had settled into their new home and Harry, Hermione, and Draco had settled into their respective homes in London, they had begun to correspond with each other and started to set up monthly get togethers so that they could catch up on each other's lives and the going ons.

That particular morning Neville had woken up at the break of dawn to tend to the garden in the back of the cottage. After a few hours he had come back in and crashed on the sofa as to not wake Luna up. When he next awake, it was to Luna sitting in an armchair sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

"Something has happened Neville" she told him as she continued to sip her drink and staring off into space.

"What are you talking about Luna? Nothing has happened."

"Oh but it has. Time has shifted somehow. I can't put my finger on it but something has happened. Someone has changed time but I'm not sure what that means."

"Luna, are you sure you are okay?"

"Yes Neville, I'm perfectly fine. I just wish I knew what I am missing. It is as if it were on the edge of my mind and yet I just can't seem to grasp it at all."

"Alright Luna. I'm going to just bring in the paper from the front step. Do you need anything?"

"Hmmm, yes could you also bring in the letter. Thank you." With that said, Luna arose and headed back into the kitchen humming to herself.

Neville shook his head with a slight smile on his face. No matter how random the things Luna said were at time, he loved that she would start to hum as she worked in the kitchen or anywhere after sprouting something completely random. Climbing up off the sofa he headed towards the front door of their little cottage. Picking up the paper that was placed there on the mat, he noticed a letter, a letter that was leaning up against one of the posts of the cottage. Neville picked it up with a hint of disbelief and a smile, Luna had been right again.

"Luna, I have the letter you had wanted from the pouch." Neville called out while closing the door and examining the letter. "I think it is from Harry."

Luna came out of the kitchen carrying a picnic basket and a plate full of bread covered in jam. "Yes, I image it would be from him." She said as she put the basket down by the end of the sofa nearest to the fireplace.

"Luna, what in the world are you doing?" Neville looked up in confusion.

"Being prepared Nev. Now go on and read the letter out loud." Luna said as she situated herself onto the sofa.

Opening the letter Neville pulled it out and without really scanning it, he began reading it;

Dear Neville and Luna,

This is sadly not my usual correspondence to you in your cottage though I wish it were. Sadly this letter does not bring good news but rather a goodbye. I'm leaving London tonight and will most assuredly be gone by the time this letter reaches you in the morning. I came home and stumbled across something that has hurt me deeply, more than I thought was possible. So I've decided to leave altogether. Hopefully I will be able to find solace somewhere else and once I do I will write you again.

I know I have not explained myself very well, Merlin knows Luna probably has a vague idea of what has happened but I still wish I could explain it better. The wound is still too fresh and painful for me to do so, thus I leave it up to the twins to explain it all to you both. Part of me feels a bit guilty about the fact that I am sending everyone to the twins to get an explanation and yet the Marauder in me is overjoyed that I am making everyone go to them for the news.

I promise to write you both once I've settled somewhere. I'm not sure when that will be though so don't get too paranoid if you don't hear from me within a few weeks.

Lots of love,


P.S. Luna make sure Neville doesn't do anything that would get him thrown out of school and into jail. You know what I am talking about.

Neville looked up from reading the letter to Luna, who had stood up and gathered the basket into her hands. "Luna?"

"Come Neville, we must get the entire story from the twins."

"Luna? What is going on?"

"Harry has left Nev. We must see what has caused him to leave. We may not hear from him for a long time."

"Luna, he said he will write."

She turned and stared at him. "Neville, I can't see him any longer."

Without even pausing to think Neville knew what had to be done.


Most of the dragons were in hibernation for the moment so that Charlie had a lot of free time on his hands then he normally would. With the exception of a baby Níðhöggr that didn't seem to like anyone but him, all of his other dragons that he is responsible for were in hibernation.

Part of him was glad that he got a breather from all of the work at the preserve but a part of him wasn't. Because that meant he had more time to think on his hands. That was the only downside to not being busy, the constant reminder of what his failings. He rubbed a hand over his face as he sat on a rock near where the Níðhöggr was beating his head at a tree. Technically the Níðhöggr shouldn't be here in this realm, let alone being on the surface but Harry had found him after the battle with Voldemort and had given Charlie the baby dragon to care for.

Harry. The young man who his mother thought of as one of her own and treated him like another son. The daring young man he had first encountered when he battled against the Hungarian Horntail back in his fourth year. If he was honest with himself that was when he first started to have a crush on the young man, but it wasn't till he had graduated from Hogwarts and Charlie had seen him at the Burrow one night that Charlie could admit to himself that he had fallen for him. He had come up with a plan to woo Harry now that he was of a legal age and he knew his parents couldn't protest about age only for it to be for naught.

He could still remember the night he was first going to tell Harry that he was interested in him. It was right after he had announced he was gay. He had gone up to him in private and laid out that he had feelings for him. Harry being Harry, felt horrible about not realizing that Charlie had grown to like him in that way and had apologized profusely when he told him that he was seeing someone. Charlie had told him that was alright, that he would be willing to try and woo him away from whoever he was seeing. Harry had just smiled, gave him a soft kiss and had told him that maybe in another life they could have worked out but that he felt he had already met his soul mate. Harry had looked so sad when he had told him that, as if he felt guilty for letting Charlie down as gently as possible.

Charlie had headed back to Romania the next morning as soon as he could. He had written a letter telling Harry not to feel guilty, that he just needed time to sort out his feelings, and that he was happy that Harry was with someone that loved and appreciated him. He and Harry had continued to exchange letters, Charlie secretly hoping he could woo him away from whomever it was he was dating. The day he found out it was Draco Malfoy that Harry was dating, he had gotten rip roaring drunk and still didn't remember what had happened that evening.

So here he was, pinning away like his sister was over Harry, while trying to distract himself with his work at the reserve. Harry and he still exchanged letters but he had to pretend he was happy with the choice that Harry had made. He was lost in his memories that he wasn't expecting the Níðhöggr to be head butting his leg trying to get his attention. Looking down, Charlie saw that the Níðhöggr was batting a rolled up scroll at his leg. Leaning down, he picked it up while petting the Níðhöggr only to glance in the air to see if an owl was nearby.

Sitting up, he unrolled the parchment and saw that it only had two lines on it.

I'm sorry. I should have let you woo me when you had offered. I realize now I probably would have been happier with you.

The Twins know everything. I'm sorry I couldn't love you like you loved me at the time.

Without a second thought, Charlie scooped up the Níðhöggr and disappeared to his brothers' shop.


It was still dark when Blaise Zambini awoke from a deep sleep due to some unknown noise. He was use to waking up at strange hours due to Hogwarts and even more use to waking at the slightest disturbance due to living in the Slytherin dorms. After the war Blaise had gone to finish his up his schooling so that he could become a lawyer. Not the most typical career job for a pureblood but it wanted to do some good for the world.

Opening his balcony window, he had an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower all aglow still. It was one of his favorite sites of the city that he now called him. Seeing the letter on his balcony, he picked it up before shutting his windows again. Heading back to his bed, he flipped the light on to see what was inscribed on the letter.


I know we were never really close friends and that Malfoy is more of your friend then I am but you are my lawyer because I know I can trust you. I walked in on Malfoy and Weasley fucking on my table earier this evening. It was the female one if you must know. I am leaving England for awhile with a destination unknown. What I am requesting is that you make sure this doesn't disappear under some carpet somewhere. I have a feeling that when everyone else in the wizarding world realizes I am gone, there will be a lot of finger pointing and I don't want either one of them getting any kind of sympathy from anyone.

If you need more information the twins know the entire story if not more. I'll contact you as soon as I've picked a location.

-Harry Potter

Zambini could only blink his eyes in shock and shake his head in disgust. He always knew that Malfoy would do something that would fuck up his relationship with Potter but he never thought he would cheat on him with the female Weasley. It showed Zambini how little he apparently knew his friend. Knowing nothing more could be done at the moment Zambini packed a quick bag for the next few days, knowing he would be heading back to England to fix a few problems, and the rest of the time play a bit of tourist.

There was a reason that Potter had picked him to be his solicitor when Malfoy advised against it. Malfoy knew that he would always win against his opposition. Smirking evilly, he picked up his floo powder to make a quick call. He was looking forward to his visit back to merry ole England.


Severus Snape had retired to Bruges not long after that final battle. He had been sick of teaching unteachable dunderheads that seemed to be in his classes. All he had wanted was to be able to work on his potions and experiments without having to swoop in and save a child or prevent some catastrophe. He was even happier to have retired and left England when his godson and Potter had decided to announce to the world that they were dating. He kept in contact with both boys, Potter more than his own godson. For some reason Potter saw him as another parental figure after his godmutt and the werewolf.

That particular morning, Severus was up early cutting and preparing ingredients for one of his many experiments. He took a break around eight in the morning to make himself some breakfast while reading the paper and looking through his mail that he hadn't read in a while. Just as he was about to open an unmarked envelope that only held his name when a jet black eagle owl came soaring in, dropping a letter in his lap, before exiting the way he had entered. Picking up the letter, Severus bit back a groan as he recognized the handwriting. Opening it, he started to read the letter.

Uncle Severus,

Harry has left me. I am searching for him as we speak. I am unsure why he has done so but he has left no note and taken few of his belongings. If he heads out your way could you please notify me as soon as possible.

-Draco Malfoy.

Severus bit back another groan. His godson had to have done something for Potter to up and leave. The blasted boy wouldn't leave him when everyone he knew and loved had practically turned their backs on them so he knew he wouldn't just leave for no reason. Not wanting to deal with the impending hissy fit his godson was sure to throw, Severus went back to his other letters. Noticing again the unmarked on with his name on it, he ran a spell on it to make sure there weren't any spells, curses or nasty surprises waiting for him when he opened it. Finding it clear, he opened in and was taken aback as he recognized the penmanship of the letter writer.


I am sure this letter comes as a surprise, especially if Malfoy has already sent you a letter. I'm not sure what lies he has told you or if he did tell you the truth. The facts are that I came home early from work and caught him with Miss Weasley on my kitchen table. Needless to say I wasn't going to stick around and be made a fool of any longer. The terrible duo has the full story if you would like the dirty details. I am just letting you know that I will be out of contact for quite a while and not to worry.


H.J. Potter

Severus couldn't help but to smirk a little bit. Potter was truly a Slytherin and it still baffled him as to why he had been sorted into Gryffindor. Severus had a feeling that he wasn't the only one to be getting a letter that shared the details of what had gone on between his godson and Potter and he had a feeling that his godson never paid attention to all the private tutoring his father had given Potter. Oh no Potter was going to make sure everyone knew what happened between him, Draco, and Miss Weasley so that if any unfortunate mistakes had occurred then they would be sure to be dealt with the proper way.

Gathering some things in to a small satchel, he put the ingredients he was going to use off in a stasis cupboard to use at another time. He had some twins to visit. Oh he couldn't wait for the fireworks to begin.

Los Angeles

Brandon Worthington wasn't what you would consider to be a normal guy. Well he was, but not in the way that most people figured. He didn't have a 9 to 5 job and he didn't live in a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids and a dog. Well he did have a dog but none of the other stuff, at least that he knew about. Then again even if he did have the 2.5 kids somewhere he doubted their mothers would want him to have anything to do with the children.

No, what he did might defy normality for some and yet for him it was just another day at work. He made his living off of helping people. Now that might sound strange but what he does is that he goes and fills in for them if one goes missing or if someone is in a jam and needs him to fill in for them. He doesn't do it for just anyone though. You have to be one of his friends and you have to know the truth about him, but that is a concern for another day.

You see on this day, Brandon woke up like he normally does. He made his way to his window that overlooked the city. Most of his friends wondered why he preferred Los Angeles to the Continent or England or even the East Coast of the United States. For him though there was something magical and yet secluded in such a busy and overrun city. He felt like he could be lost in the chaos of the city and yet still be in the center of the storm. As he made his way to his front door to collect his newspaper he felt a shift in the air, something that made him pause for a moment. Yanking open his front door, he saw what had caused the shift. A lone envelope with his name printed on the front in a very familiar print.

Picking up the envelope and going back into his place, he lounged on his recliner pulling the letter out of the envelope. Relaxing he knew not to be too over worried because his friend would never send him something too alarming, maybe a bit worry some but nothing that should turn his hair grey before he wanted it too.


This isn't my usual correspondence as you can already tell. I'm sure the magical shift caused you to awake and for that I am sorry. I want you to know that I am leaving. I walked in on Draco fucking Ginny Weasley last night and after I have gotten myself completely blitzed am planning on leaving for a good long while to clear my head of that image.

Brandon stopped reading for a minute. Ginny Weasley? Fucking Mr. High and Mighty himself? Really now. Isnt this an interesting new development. He thought to himself before returning his attention back to the letter in his hand.

As you can image what I stir I will be causing when I leave, I am asking for a favor. Nothing that should be too hard for you, just need you to cover my shifts at the bookstore. Hermione won't be able to run the store by herself without dropping out of university and I don't want her to do that. It won't be long term either, just something temporary until she can hire someone new. I've enclosed another letter in here for her so that she will know that you were sent by me.

Please Brandon, do this for me. I'll owe you a favor and I know how much you like it when people owe you something. I will have informed everyone who needs to know about this. I'm sure they will deny it ever happened but call me vindictive, I want them to suffer. You know what I mean.

I'll contact you again when I am in a more stable location.


Brandon put down the letter and looked in the envelope again and saw that there was indeed a letter addressed to Hermione. He had always liked Harry and had no problem helping him, especially since he had always hated his high and mighty boyfriend. If he swung that way, he would have done everything in his power to try and seduce Harry away from him.

Picking up his cell phone he dialed a number he knew by heart, "Stacy, darling. I need you to book me a flight to London, England as soon as possible…."


Ginny walked into her room not really paying attention to anything around her. If she had, she would have known that her brother had been snooping through her things. She had a lot on her mind since she awoke this morning to the full circumstances of her situation. She had walked all over Diagon Alley trying to come up to a solution for her possible problem, and the only thing she could think of was to hide it.

As she sat on her bed and stared off into space, the idea of hiding it came with great appeal. Nobody knew what happened between her and Malfoy except the two of them and Harry. Neither Harry nor Malfoy were really all that involved with the wizarding world anymore so it wasn't like one of them would bring her up on charges. Malfoy would be too busy trying to spell Harry back under his control so he would be absent for a while more than likely. Plus it wasn't like Harry was really going to want to be anywhere near her or the wizarding world so as much as she hated to admit it, until she could persuade him that Draco had put her under a spell she was going to just have to avoid him for a while. The only question came to what if she was already pregnant. She would have to hide it of course, couldn't let her family know because then they would force her to marry him. The only thing she could think of was if it turned out she was pregnant she would have to go into hiding somewhere. As she thought it over, it came to her. If she was pregnant, she would just tell her parents she wanted to go exploring through the various wizarding communities and then have the blasted thing while in seclusion. After the birth, due to the spells preventing adoption, she would just find a family that would raise the child and promise them some sort of compensation. That way she hadn't necessarily put the thing up for adoption but it wouldn't be an issue any longer. Since it didn't seem like Malfoy would be back anytime soon, no one would ever know that she would automatically be wedded to him.

A smile started to break out over her face, yes everything would work out just the way she had planned it. Especially since no one knows anything about what had gone on between her and Malfoy.


Ianto had a quiet moment to himself away from all of the chaos that was a regular occurrence in the hub. Sitting at his desk, he opened the email from his penpal back in London.


I won't be able to write you very much in the coming days, weeks, months. When I had first sat down to write this message I was at the start of my drunken quest for the night. I had just walked in on my live in partner fucking the brains out of my former best friend's little sister. Needless to sayI was not a happy camper. The original message I had already written got deleted because something interesting happen to me at one of the pubs. I got an offer to go traveling with a Doctor John Smith, and I jumped at it. I am sending this from my mobile as we walk to his ship. I don't know when I will have a chance to write you again. Until then, keep yourself safe and don't let that man of yours go for all the world.


As Ianto finished reading the email all he could think was 'Oh Shit'

Author Note: So this actually went a little different then I planned but that seems to be happening more and more. I am working on the next Doctor Harry chapter as we speak. Little note, I work retail and the holiday season is upon us so I am spending 90% of my time at work. On the plus side I found a doctor who drinking game if anyone wants it PM me.

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