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In the night I hear them talk,

The coldest story ever told.

Somewhere far along this road,

He lost his soul

To a woman so heartless.

-Kanye West

I frowned, and started to head off into the bushes.

"Layla!? Travis!" I called to them, but I didn't hear any response. This was when I started freaking out. They had been there a second ago. I was sure of it.

I had, after all, told them to stay within my sight. I stood in a small clearing, my heart pounding in my ears.

I didn't know if it was worry, or fear or whether my face was still flushed from the kiss.

Don't think about that now, I told myself.

I was silent. All I could hear was my pulse, the wash of distant waves and the rustle of leaves in the wind. Until I heard a gasp.

It wasn't shocked or dangerous. Just… a gasp. But I didn't care. When I heard it, I whipped the moisture from a tree behind me and slashed it in the direction of the voice.

The tree in front of me fell, a perfect slice through it. And behind that slice was a head of red hair.


Travis gave me a pointed look, detaching from Layla for two seconds.

"Lunette. Do you mind?" he asked.

If possible, my face flushed even deeper. I was so embarrassed.

"Why are you guys here?" I whispered. "I told you to stay in my sight!"

Layla bit her lip – her face was red with embarrassment, too – and said, "Will's here."

It took a moment for me to register what she said. I heard the sounds but the words didn't make any sense.

"Will? Will Stronghold?" I asked. A grin crept up onto my face.


"This means we can leave! This means we can go home! This is what we have been waiting for! This…" I looked at Travis' face, "… is why you're in the bushes."

"He was right on top of us. If he saw me and Layla making ou-" I cut my brother off.

"He would totally kill you. I get it. But he doesn't have to know, right? Not until I'm home, in bed, surrounded by stuffed animals and real food."

Layla sighed and nodded, so I grabbed both their hands and ran off to the beach.

Warren was still on the beach, only not in the waves. Surprisingly (though, not unfortunately) he was only in his boxers. I was about to yell at him and tell him to put a shirt on when I remembered that I had soaked him with water only moments ago.


"Guess what?" I asked him. He raised an eyebrow and hung up his shirt on a branch.

"Will's here!" I quickly drew the water out of his shirt.

"No kidding. Where?" he hung up his jeans.

"He was along the south side of the Island. We just missed him. He'll be here soon," Layla said, as I drew the water out of Warren's jeans.

Warren made a 'huh' sound as he pulled on his clothes. Stupid Warren, with his stupid perfectly muscled torso, and stupid long hair. I would tell him to cut it, later. Then maybe he wouldn't be so attractive.

The next few minutes were quiet. I think it's because we realised that the paradise was over. We were extinguishing the fire and taking down the huts and packing all the clothes. And we then mad our way to the south beach in silence.

It wasn't long before we saw a silhouette of a boy on the coastline.

"Stronghold," I heard Travis mutter under his breath. He and Layla let go of each other's hands as Will approached.

"Oh my gosh! Guys! We've been looking everywhere for you! Is everyone okay!?" he said as he hugged Warren and Layla tightly. The pair exchanged awkward glances.

"We're all fine," I said, placing my hands on my hips.

Arrangements were then made for our airlift rescue.

"Just carry us," I groaned. "You're meant to be super strong, right?"

"La seule chose superbe au sujet de lui est sa capacité de m'ennuyer…," (The only thing Super about him is his ability to annoy me…) Travis said loudly enough for everyone to hear. Luckily, I was the only one who understood him. I stepped on his toe nonetheless.

"Tais-toi. Il essaye d'aider," (Shut up. He's trying to help.)

"I guess I could airlift all of you up…" Will considered. And with that, he hovered in the air, and turned horizontally. "Climb aboard!"

I raised a eyebrow, but everyone else was simply getting on his back.

"Merde…" I muttered, before climbing on to his lower back. "Up and freaking away…"