Summary: Snape had loved Lilly. And now Lilly was gone - but not totally. A little tyke with large emerald eyes was still there. All what Snape had to do was steal him.

Warning: The Story contains corporal punishment.

Disclaimer: No way! I would never kill poor Sevvie.

Stolen Emerald

By: Dina

Chapter Three

Severus looked down his nose at the small pouting figure in front of him, Harry had been specially stubborn that day, wanting to do everything by himself, getting in his way, and even tripping him a couple of times. Finally, Severus had snapped, and told the boy to remove his sorry little bottom to the corner that instant.

Harry, who had gradually become quite the stubborn little demon, obeyed Severus – to his surprise really – and went to the corner … turning it in a few seconds to a glittering color-changing rainbow, complete with gold pots at both ends.

Severus did a double take, closed his eyes for several moments, counted to thirty, then backwards, before admitting that yes, the little tyke had just done some very advanced and controlled wandless magic, just to spite him.

"Well, with that corner ruined, I am sure you're thankful that we have many other corners, Harry James Potter!" Snape said dryly. Harry glared at his Daddy and crossed his arms, making him look all the more adorable really.

"And I advise you to remove your sorry little bottom to the other corner unless you want it to be much sorrier!" Severus added sternly.

Harry, being a very stubborn little boy, but not suicidal by any means, stomped off to another corner, but not before throwing Severus a vicious glare that told him in no uncertain terms that he wouldn't forget such a grievance easily.

Severus shook his head and moved his wand around several times neatly closing some boxes and covering furniture with anti-dust charms. He sighed. Hogwarts look out! The tyke is coming!


A few hours later found Harry standing in front of their house, holding Daddy's hand carefully. There was no need now to loose Daddy … again!. The last time Daddy got lost, they were at the Grocer's store, and Harry had searched and searched for him. And when the pretty saleslady found Daddy for him, Harry had scolded him while sobbing in his arms for getting himself lost, until he fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder.

Harry spent the whole trip to 'Hogswat' clinging to Daddy and giggling until they reached their destination – to Daddy's obvious relief and Harry's much disappointment. They had left the pretty purple bus in front of a big forest.

Harry turned around and his eyes widened so much looking at a huge fairytale castle. Was that 'Hogswat'? Did the king live here? Were there knights? Was there a pretty princess?

Harry looked up to Daddy. Severus had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. He opened his eyes and smiled at Harry … a small twitching of the lips, the corner of his mouth upturned ever so slightly, and his black eyes glittering in the light … that was how Daddy smiled when he was happy. Harry beamed. He liked it when Daddy was happy.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, little one."


Harry slipped his hand from his Daddy's and ran into Aunti Nevva's outstretched arms, burying his small head in her shoulder.

"Omph … you've grown so much Harry, You're too heavy now … Oh poor me!"

Harry giggled, wrapping his arms and legs around his auntie, "Not heavy!"

Minerva smiled at Severus, "Welcome back Mister Snape. It's been years since you scrubbed this floor!"

Severus rolled his eyes, "Thank you Professor McGonagall. It's been years since I put snakes in your fireplace!"

Minerva shuddered, "Don't you dare, Severus."

Severus smirked, "Maybe you should check Minerva, just in case I have misplaced some of my snakes? I recall loosing seventeen medium sized snakes very recently."

Minerva's eyes widened comically, turned around, and jogged towards her office still carrying Harry.

Severus chuckled. He was back … home!

As he walked up to the Headmaster's office, memories rushed to his mind, bad memories, good memories, sweet memories, Lily … oh Lily, how I miss you, my love.

Severus reached the gargoyle and crossed his arms glaring at it viciously. Then raised an eyebrow, "Well, move you stone beast if you know what's good for you."

For a moment, the gargoyle stood proud glaring just as viciously back at Severus. Then with something that sounded suspiciously like a sigh, it leapt aside revealing the spiraling staircase. Snape passed the gargoyle with a triumphant smirk. It would do that stone beat some good to remember its place every now and then.

Halfway up, Snape found himself falling down as the stairs turned to a greasy slope. Severus flailed his arms and legs trying to keep his balance, but to no avail. In a flash, he found himself thumped down in an undignified heap by the stairwell.

Snape's blood froze in his veins as he heard a very deep laugh that was so loud that it almost shook the foundation of the whole tower.

Had the gargoyle just laughed? The stone gargoyle.

The gargoyle leapt aside at the moment revealing a running, wand-raised, Flitwick, while Dumbledore was running down the staircase to him – Snape glared at the smirking gargoyle when he discovered that the stairs have turned back to … well … a staircase.

"What in Merlin's name was that? "Severus, what are you doing on the floor?" came the two irritating questions from the ancient wizards.

Before Snape opened his mouth, the rest of the staff (including a very pale and irritated McGonagall with a small Harry still attached) came rushing over to their spot.

Severus stood up with grace, well as much grace as his robes-tangled limbs could allow really, glared at them all, before whipping around to face a twinkling Albus, "Headmaster, consider your beast Dead!" Severus said through gritted teeth.

Albus chuckled, "Yes, well. You can try Severus. Welcome back." The spotting Harry, Dumbledore walked towards him, "Harry, welcome to Hogwarts, dear child."

Harry waved shyly, then finding all eyes on him, he buried his head back in his auntie's shoulder blushing deeply.

Minerva patted the child's back comfortingly while glaring at Severus, then turned to Albus, "Headmaster, please tell me that I am allowed to cane new professors."

All the teachers, Albus and Severus included, stared at Minerva. The use of the cane had been revoked as an official punishment in Hogwarts for more than twenty years, while some moderate physical punishment was still allowed at the discretion of the House Heads. It had been both Albus and Minerva that had fought tooth and nail with the Board of Governors to revoke that punishment. Well Severus had to admit that putting seventeen snakes in Minerva's fireplace was a bit overboard really, specially when the woman was deathly scared of snakes, but oh well, he was back home!!!

Albus cleared his throat, "Well you can't cane any students Minerva I am afraid … hm … I don't remember anything in the by-laws about professors though."

Severus rolled his eyes at the chuckles that got him from his future colleagues.

Meanwhile, Harry, having gotten a little bored from the grown-up un-understandable talks, had climbed down from his auntie's arms and approached the shortest person around. He tugged of Professor Flitwick's sleeve, "mister, how old are you? Do you go to school here?"

The whole staff dissolved in laughter while Severus' cheeks reddened yelling a horrified "Harry!"

Filius laughed then took his wand out and magically lifted Harry a little up to be more of his own height, "No little one. I am afraid I left schooling more than eighty years ago."

Harry, delighted at finding himself flying, innocently looked at Flitwick, "Oh … but that's … that's like more than 10 years."

Professor Sinistra laughed heartily plucking Harry from the air and hugging him tightly, "You're a dear, sweetie."

And that was the cue for the rest of the staff to start hugging Harry, patting him, ruffling his hair, and to his complete horror, pinching his cheeks. Harry yelped and ran as fast as he could to Severus, wrapping his arms around his leg and burying his head in his Daddy's robes.

Severus put a hand on the back of Harry's head growling dangerously at the rest of the staff "Back OFF!! You bunch of vultures!"

They all froze, then looked at the father and son a little sheepishly, each finding an excuse to leave quickly. In a few moments, all the staff had backed away leaving Severus, Harry, and Albus alone.

Albus looked at Severus brightly, "Let's have some tea in my office then, shall we?"