A/N: I thought of this idea while I was on holidays. For those of you who have read my other stories, this one is completely different. First off, it's AH and it's a little bit darker than my other stories. Anyway I'm trying out the prologue and first chapter to see how they are received.

Bella Swan

The one thing I have known for most of my life is that no matter what, no-one can understand you.

Your feelings, your thoughts, your past, none of that can be understood by anyone else.

'It's ok, just tell me what happened in your own words. You don't have to be like this for much longer if you tell me what's wrong.'

Sitting before the woman officer whose smile radiates 'tell me or die' as she says everything is ok cements my theory.

Because everything is not ok.

Nothing has been ok in my life for ten years and what happened yesterday has officially pushed me over the edge.

The voice echoes in my mind from before the incident.

You tell anyone and you're next.

It's not the threat that forces me to not utter a word, it's the fact that I had been standing there and did not do a thing to stop it.

I am useless, a burden, an ongoing problem that other people have to deal with. And because I am too chicken to fix the problem permanently, I have decided to do the only thing that I can do: fade into the background.

It has worked for the past twenty-four hours and is getting progressively easier.

'Now sweetheart, nothing to be afraid of. You're safe now. Just tell me your father's phone number so as we can call him and inform him of what has happened.'

Thankfully she has come to the conclusion that I will not talk and slid a pen and some paper over the desk towards me

I picked up the pen only to drop it immediately and push the chair away from the desk.

The cool metal of the pen conjured the image of cold metal clenched in his fist, the glint shining on the already blood-stained floor…

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