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Chapter 1: So Now We Meet


What could be worse...

An angel disguised as a devil?


A devil disguised as an angel?


"Next, Hasegawa Natsumi-san! Please step inside the examination room for your physical."

In the middle of a room full of students, a young girl stood up and followed the nurse. From afar, people would immediately single her out from the rest. Unlike the girls who were very dressed up even in their uniforms, she was dressed simply. While the other students covered every part of their body with as much expensive and sparkly jewelry as they could, she just wore a watch - and an old one at that. She was simple. And that's what let her stand out. And she was proud of it, even if she WAS in a prodigious, expensive private school.

She entered the room and silently closed the door. The doctor was a middle-aged woman who had a small baby bump that said she was only a few months pregnant. She was writing on a student's medical record when she asked Natsumi to sit down.

"How are we today, Hasegawa-san?" the doctor spoke as she did the routine check of the eyes, throat, ears, and chest. She had been the school's physician ever since Natsumi could remember.

"Very well, thank you. Umm... how long further are you due?" she attempted a little small talk.

The doctor chuckled and smiled appreciatively as she wrote some more on Natsumi's medical record.

"You know, you're the first to ask. But to answer your question," she paused as she finished what she was writing, "...six more months. I'm pretty excited about it. On the scale, please."

Natsumi obliged and stood on the scale, chatting some more, "Oh, really? Wow. So do you want a boy or a girl? You can tell with the technology nowadays, right?"

The doctor balanced the scale to get her weight and replied, "Yes, you can. I actually want a boy! But my husband wants a girl. We're the complete opposite of the average couple, huh? Usually men want boys and women want girls. 110 pounds. But we want our baby's gender to be a surprise. To the wall, please."

Natsumi smiled and leaned where a long makeshift ruler was glued to the wall. She always wondered if the measurements were accurate, but so far they always were.

"So you want a girl, huh? That's so cute of you and your husband to want it to be a surprise. It must be great to finally have a family! I'm happy for the both of you."

Her tone unexpectedly generated an unhappy tone, and she wished that the doctor hadn't noticed. But she did.

"How is your mother and her little business?"

Natsumi bit her lip and prayed to the heavens that her eyes wouldn't well up this time. If only the doctor knew what her mother's "little business" really was. She attempted to smile and to sound excited.

"Oh, it's going great! And my scholarship helps her a lot, you know? No worries there!"

The doctor smiled, but Natsumi could read the pity in her eyes. She didn't want that.

"So did I grow any taller? I've been stretching a lot!" she said in a happy voice that could've fooled an entire interrogation squad.

"Yes, you have. 168 cm to date. But you're still pretty frail." the doctor replied, squeezing Natsumi's limbs. She went silent for a moment, then spoke, "Lastly... Natsumi..."

Natsumi looked up, defensive. When the doctor began calling her by her first name, it always meant something of great importance. And it was.

"Yes, doctor?"

"About your eyes... they're alright, I presume? No need for an eye exam?"

Natsumi paused for a moment, then nodded and smiled.

"My eyes are perfect."

The doctor smiled back and finished up with her medical record.

"Okay then. I wish you the best of luck in your classes. Please tell the nurse to call out the next student."

Natsumi nodded once more and left the room, telling the nurse on the way. Then, as soon as she reached the corner, she sprinted down to the nearest bathroom. She washed her face with water. When her face was wet, she couldn't see the tears.

The truth was, her eyes weren't okay. Her vision wasn't that bad. She could see things clearly until ten meters away. But anything farther than that was an abstract painting. The doctor knew about it, but if it was reported to the school, she'd be forced to get glasses, or worse, contacts, and she didn't want to spend money on something that didn't really matter. So she and the doctor were secretly good friends, and the school never knew of her condition.

The door suddenly opened and a bunch of girls walked in. Natsumi immediately took another handful of water and "washed" her face, aiming for her eyes.

"Hey there, Natsumi!"

She turned around as the other girls went closer to fix themselves up using the mirror. They were in her class. They were fond of gossip.

"Hi. You guys done with the physical?" she asked. Any trace of intense emotion was gone.

"Yeap. Anyway, is it just me or is the school doctor getting fat?" another girl spoke.

Natsumi's eye twitched, but she didn't reply. The girls continued chatting to themselves.

"Yeah, I thought I was the only one who noticed! It's probably because she's always just there in her clinic. I bet she doesn't even do much work anyway. It's not like this is a hospital, right?"

"I wonder why she's just a school doctor... maybe she didn't pass the exam."

"Who knows... Oh, did you hear about the recent attacks in the city?"

Natsumi's ears perked up as she wiped her face with a paper towel from the dispenser.

"The one about people being branded with an 'X' on their palms?"

"Yeah, that one. They say there's more than one perpetrator. But interestingly, they don't kill their victims. They just leave them there after cutting them."

"I wonder why they think there's more than one person doing the crime."

"I think..." Natsumi finally voiced out, but forced to sound impassive, "I think it's because of the way the 'X' cuts were formed. You know? Like, different people have different penmanship. Same goes for different 'X' marks to have been cut by different people. The police usually investigate that stuff."

Everyone was silent for a moment as Natsumi pretended to fix herself up just like they did. Then, without another word, she smiled and mouthed a bye while leaving.

The girls looked at each other.

"Don't you think Natsumi is cool?"

"Yeah, she totally is."

"But she's the worst at Gym, isn't she? She hits herself or other people with the ball, or the racket, or whatnot!"

"Yeah, but she probably pretends to be bad so that she won't seem too perfect, you know?"

"Ooh! She's so humble and modest, too!"

Their voices were so loud that even outside, Natsumi could hear them. She sighed and slapped her own face.

'At least that's just what they believe. As long as they don't bother me or my mom.'


It was already around 6 in the evening, and the light was already fading. She worked part-time in a local convenience store called "Shogun" after school everyday. She always tied her long, black hair in a high ponytail and wore thick black-rimmed glasses that she borrowed from the store. The lenses didn't really help her vision since they were just used for props or costumes. But, together with her big blue apron with the "Shogun" logo that covered her school uniform, she was unidentifiable. Well, some of her schoolmates, if they were at all using their short attention span, always told her that she looked familiar, but they were never keen enough to realize who she was. She was glad, though. Otherwise, her big secret would be too much for her to handle.

She was reading one of the magazines, only going to the pages that she deemed were "educational" and "not nonsensical."

She read one of the articles that gave details on the investigation of the mysterious X Attacks, and she rolled her eyes at the thought of the journalist who had written it.

"If you show this to everyone, then the suspects know better the next time they attack." she spoke to no one in particular, or just to herself.

She remained in the position for a few more minutes until the bell on the door chimed. She looked up at the customer, but found a guy who wore the same apron as she did. She smiled.

"Hey there, Itsuki-kun! Ready to switch?"

Itsuki was two years older than she was, studying in one of the universities nearby. He was a serious, quiet guy who came from one of the minor cities, she couldn't quite remember. But he was putting himself through college, although she knew that his family had the money to send him to school ten times over and STILL have money left for traveling. She admired him to the core.

Without really saying anything, he went through the backdoor and went back out wearing a hat that also had the "Shogun" logo on it. She smiled and took that as a yes. She took off her disguise and grabbed her schoolbag on the way to the door.

"Natsumi," he called after her.

She turned around and smiled, "Yeah?"

"Be careful going home tonight. The X Attacks have been coming closer to our area everyday. Call my phone if you even FEEL that you're in danger."

She smiled once more and sighed, "Thanks for the concern, Itsuki-kun. I'll be fine. And besides, you're forgetting that I don't have a phone."

He shrugged, as if no conversation ever happened, and set his earphones to his ears.

Natsumi chuckled and marched out of the store. It was quite cold, and the wind didn't make it easier as it blew in her direction. She wrapped her jacket around herself tightly and walked with her arms crossed. Her schoolbag was heavy today because exams were coming up. She had to do some studying tonight, right after cooking dinner for her mother.

She walked in quick strides, the thought of the attacks fresh in her mind. She was afraid of many things, and feeling any form of pain was one of them. That was probably why she had no shred of athletic ability at all. She was afraid of falling down, scraping her knees, breaking a leg, twisting an arm, or anything that let her body experience some discomfort. She was claustrophobic too. And she was afraid of heights. And afraid of insects. And afraid of reptiles. But she was mostly afraid of water - oceans, seas, lakes, rivers. Swimming pools were okay, but she was always resigned to the kiddie pool.

In the middle of her thoughts on her fears, she heard someone scream. Her heart immediately raced. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes widened as she looked around for the source. There it was again - a man, screaming in pain. She began to run... far away from where it came from. She was no superhero. Her mother had taught her to run away from anything that seemed dangerous. She remembered well that her mother would always tell her to run away, far, far away, and not be like people who went to be the hero, but became the victim instead. Tears threatened to fall, and she instinctively wiped them with her sleeve. Blurry eyes were worse when there were tears to make you go blind.

And she hit a wall.

She fell down and hit her head on the pavement, making a small cut just above her left eye. More tears came as she scrambled to her feet, cursing her carelessness. And she realized that she hadn't hit a wall... but a mountainous man. She backed away. The sun was completely gone now, and the moon was just barely showing itself. The streetlamp provided enough light, though, to show the man's face. And she wished that she hadn't looked.

He had red eyes and white slicked back hair. He was close to 7 feet tall, and his black trench coat did nothing to hide the fact that he was muscular enough to snap a tree trunk like a mere twig. Beside him was another man, but smaller in comparison. He had black hair and pale skin, and his eyes were as black as the night. He wasn't as muscular as his companion, but his fingers were dexterous. He reminded her of a snake that could wrap itself around you and kill you by breaking your bones.

She shook her head, as if saying "Please don't." She took a few steps back, saying nothing, preparing to run away again in case they moved even an inch closer.

"Oh, my. She's frightened. Look what you did, John! You scared her." the smaller of the two said in a fake voice of concern.

The logical part that still functioned in her head told her that the bigger man's name wasn't really "John," based on the implied tone of the one that spoke. But she tried to push those analyzing thoughts aside. They won't help her survive.

The larger man chuckled, his voice as deep as you would have expected.

"Well then, I apologize, little miss, for having frightened you. Come here and let me kiss your hand."

He stretched out his hand, and that was when she noticed the blood that dripped down off of it. But that wasn't the only thing. He also had the X marks on his palm, but his cut was healed. The blood on his hands wasn't his...

"Go away!"

She mustered the courage to yell and began running once more. She wasn't that far from Shogun, and Itsuki was there. Two people were more difficult to attack than one. But before she could even run a few meters, there he was again. And she crashed into his bulky frame, just as hard as the second time. The cut above her eyes bled even more and distorted her left eye's vision. She was shaking by now, and her tears wouldn't stop.

"W-what do you want f-from me??" she stammered, trying to gather whatever courage.

She stepped back from the big man, only to bump into the other guy, who was conveniently behind her.

"Why are you so afraid, hmm?" John, or whatever his name was, said, "Can't you see we're the victims here? We got the X mark and we're running away!"

His tone mocked her even more, and his companion laughed at the play.

Natsumi clenched her fist, "You can't fool me! Your cut is healed... that blood isn't yours! You're the guys who have been branding people!"

She bit her tongue. She wanted to hit herself. At a time like this, people should just give them what they wanted, and not create the atmosphere of more trouble.

The guy behind her grabbed her and wrapped his slithery arms around her. She struggled and tried to scream, but her voice was lost. She could hardly breathe.

"You're an observant one, eh?" he said, smiling, "We usually limit ourselves to five people a night for ten hands. And the last one you saw was the fifth. But tonight, I guess we could do 12 hands."

Her eyes widened as she violently shook her head, "I... I didn't see anything! I promise you! I just heard a scream and I ran away from it! You don't have to! Please don't!"

More and more tears came and she had even more trouble breathing. Her weak body was reacting to the fear she was feeling once again. She was definitely weak... she couldn't even run away, or kick them, or scream as loud as the previous victim. She didn't want to be cut... she had already had a nightmare about getting cut once before, and she couldn't sleep for a few more nights after that. Now this was reality... she wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Or maybe, since we've reached our quota for today, we can just do it tomorrow night? I mean... there's no hurry, is there?"

The thin man spoke with a malicious smile, but there was no reply. He looked around for his partner, but he was nowhere in sight. His grip loosened - loose enough for a normal human to have escaped. But Natsumi was a different case. If she couldn't even finish a game in Gym class, she definitely wasn't able to win this threat. The man's hand slithered up to her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He looked around, almost panicking, but his partner still hadn't shown.

"Yota? Where are you? This isn't funny, man!"

Natsumi realized that Yota was the real name of the big man. But that still wouldn't help her in this situation. But where had this man gone? Did he abandon his partner in crime? But after a few seconds of searching, the questions were answered. But after this, Natsumi would've wished that she hadn't put up a fight and just let them cut X's on her hands and anywhere they pleased.

The sound of bone cracking on the pavement made the man, along with Natsumi, turn around. And there was the Yota guy, on the floor, dead. Natsumi involuntarily analyzed again. The man's blood was spilling just now, after the sound of cracking bones, and the cemented pavement was broken... which meant that he didn't just drop dead right there. He fell from a high place... The sky?


The guy yelled for his companion, as if he could still wake up and run away. Two silhouettes approached from afar. Natsumi couldn't see them clearly, until they were much closer, under the streetlamp. A man and a woman... both very beautiful.

The man was tall. He was very muscular and well-built. He wore a black vest that had different shapes with different colors. He wore white pants and weird shoes. But his face was beautiful. He had flawless, almost ivory, skin, and his eyes were merely slits. She couldn't tell what color they were. He had make-up on his face too... two shapes that were found on his shirt as well. And his hair... light auburn... almost orange... was spiked up, but still seemed soft to the touch.

The woman was enchanting. Everything from her eyes to her lips, even to her nose, spelled perfection. She was well-endowed, which made Natsumi slightly conscious of being beside her. She was wearing a traditional short kimono, which usually meant that she was a kunoichi, a female ninja. Her long hair was tied in upward spikes. She looked dangerous, which probably made men swoon over her.

"You... Spider..."

The thin man seemed to acknowledge that he knew the two newcomers, although he seemed quite afraid of them. Natsumi didn't know what was going on, but her captor's reaction seemed to make her afraid of both parties. She didn't know if she was being saved, or if they just wanted to kill the guy, not bothering if she got hurt in the process.

"Won't you come with us without struggling? Your partner here, resisted, and look at what happened to him."

The girl spoke in such a calm but deadly tone. If it were Natsumi who she was talking to, she would've surrendered at the first word. But this guy was persistent.

"I've got a hostage, you see?! I won't hurt her. Let's see if we can come to an agreement."

The handsome man glanced at Natsumi. If her heart wasn't beating as fast before, now it could cause her a heart attack. He looked at her like she didn't even notice she was there before. Then he smiled a sly smile and looked at the woman beside him.

"Oh, a hostage, he says. He seems to know who we are, but not what we can do... or what we care about."

Natsumi found herself swallowing hard. What they CARE about? It's like he's saying that she wasn't important... And for some unknown reason, she snapped.

"How dare you..." she spoke, her voice starting out soft, seeking momentum. Everyone's eyes were on her as she continued, "How dare you! I don't know who the hell you are, and I don't know what your purpose in life is. But I am a living, breathing human being! And it doesn't matter what you care about, but you cannot say that I am insignificant or unimportant!"

Tears stung her eyes, and at this point, she let them fall freely. Through the blurry vision, she could see the man's eyebrows raise instinctively in amusement. The woman's face still remained unfazed and uncaring.

Natsumi looked at the floor, avoiding any more eye contact. She didn't want to die. But after using her big mouth, she doubted that they'd still let her leave alive. A light breeze went past her, making her hair sway with it.

Her captor's grip had loosened... or had completely gone. His arms fell limp on his sides, and soon after, he fell on the floor. Natsumi turned to face him, her hands covering her mouth in shock. A playing card was embedded on his forehead... and it was in there deep. It was sharp and thin, disallowing much blood to pour out of the incision. The light breeze that she had just felt wasn't really a breeze... but the card flying past her head. She mentally slapped herself to stop her mind from studying the situation. She turned to look at the man and woman, but the woman had already gone.

The man, whom her brain had registered as a jester, stood still with his eyes on her. His lips were curled in an abnormal smile. For some reason, Natsumi felt like she wasn't out of danger just yet.

"That was quite a speech you made there, little girl."

His voice was playful and cheery, the type that made you put your guard up at all times... the type that gave you goosebumps just thinking about it. He took a few steps forward to her, but she couldn't pull away. It was as if she was being drawn to him... like an unseen force tied her to place. He lifted a finger and slowly reached for her face. She held her breath as she watched him move. He was even more bewitching up close.

He tapped his finger on the wound above her eye, making her flinch. He retracted his finger and put it in his mouth.

"Your blood is tasty. It's sweet."

Her cheeks burned red as she backed away a few steps. He seemed even more amused by her reaction.

"W-hy... why did you...kill... these two... men?"

She couldn't think straight or talk properly. All that was in her mind was this man's enchanting presence... and the fear that came along looking at him.

He chuckled in that mocking tone of his and looked at the two men, as if disgusted by the mere sight of them. Then he looked back at her.

"Hmm? No 'thank you' for saving your life?"

Natsumi narrowed her eyes at him. "You didn't save my life... You just wanted to get these two... You can't be the police because they wouldn't outright kill..."

"Hmm, very true." he pretended to think about it, "Correct and correct and correct. But then, it could be that I was just hitting two birds with one stone. Killing him and saving you at the same time. Couldn't it be that way?"

"That's... too convenient. You didn't even think about it. With a kill like that, you're an experienced killer." she pointed at the sharp playing card.

There was silence for a moment. He stared at her with that passive yet penetrating smile of his. She could feel her heart longing attention. The beats were too strong, she swore her heart could pop out soon.

"You say that I'm an experienced killer so casually. And yet your body says you're quite afraid of me. Nothing I haven't seen before, though. You remind me of that short boy and his blond companion."

Another moment of silence, and another staring game initiated by his eyes. She didn't understand him. Short boy? Blond companion? Was he crazy? Wasn't he tired of smiling? Natsumi looked away.

"I... I have to go. Thank you, then... S-see... see you..."

She turned on her heel and ran as fast as she could, grabbing her bag where she had left it. She didn't turn back. She didn't want to. Whatever she felt back there, it resembled fear too much that she didn't even want to delve into the situation. She'd have time to think about it before going to bed. But right now... her mother would surely question the cut and the blood and the tattered clothes.

His face... she thought, his face is unreadable.


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