"Hey Jake

Hi! SilverBullet2theheart here. This is my first actual fanfic, and I hope it's a good one. I've been thinking a lot lately, and I really feel bad for Jacob Black. Bella left him and he ran away, I felt horrible when I read the last line. I'm extremely team Edward, but I also want Jacob to be happy too. This isn't just another imprint story. I just want Jake to be happy.

"Hey Jake!" Quil's voice faded in the distance.

"Think like a wolf. Think like a wolf…"

"What's up pal?" Embry's question echoed in my head.

"Can't think like a person. Follow instinct. Don't talk." I tried to reason with myself.

"Fine. Be a jerk. We're only trying to be civil."

It became easier to sort through my own thoughts to listen to them. To be a wolf didn't mean I couldn't listen to them. Any reminder of home though, brought back memories of her. I just couldn't risk that anymore.

"The bloodsuckers are gone now," Embry thought.

"It's kinda weird not to have anything to chase anymore," added Quil

"Yeah, the only scary things in the woods now are squirrels," chuckled Embry, "Eh Quil?"

"Shut up Em! That thing jumped right out in front of me and it took me by surprise!" Quil shouted at him.

Growling and shuffling ensued.

"Hmm hmm hmm..." I laughed at them

Listening to them was nice, made me feel like they were really there. I didn't feel as alone now.

After the fighting stopped, they calmed down a bit.

"You been up to anything lately?" Quil asked

"Can't talk, just listening."

"Awright, be that way," said Embry "We're almost done with patrol anyway."

"See ya Jake!"

"We miss you,"

They said this, and they were gone. I was alone in my head once more. But this time, I was more alone than I ever have been. My friends had left me. She was gone, and never coming back; a blood thirsty leech now, and there was no way to reverse it. She'd made her own choice, and now we all have to live with it. I just wish she would've chosen me instead...

NO! Stop it! Don't think about her! Stop it right now!

But she picked that ridiculous, filthy, smelly, nasty thing!

The rage boiled under my skin. The hackles on the back of my neck rose. Every fiber of me was on fire.

I actually believe I began to cry for the first in a long time. These tears were hot and stung my eyes. I was too tired and upset to help it now. I felt myself grow slightly smaller. No longer did I feel the warmth and softness of my russet coat. I slowly phased back in to Jacob Black.

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