Lazy Town: Rotten Mayor

Lazy Town: Rotten Mayor

Author: James The Lesser


Ricky Rotten is back in Robbie's lair reading a large book. "What are you reading?"

"The Lazy Town History book. Stephanie said I could borrow it." Ricky flips the page. "Did you know the Mayor has full power of Lazy Town?"

"Of course he does." Robbie Rotten sneers.

"It's amazing."

"What is amazing?"

"That he hasn't banned you from entering Lazy Town forever."

"He couldn't ban me from Lazy Town forever I'm Robbie Rotten." Robbie Rotten strikes a pose.

"Not according to this." Ricky clears his throat. "The Mayor of Lazy Town has the power to allow or ban anyone from Lazy Town for any reason. This power has only been used twice in the many years of Lazy Town's history. One Rottenbeard who refused to leave until Number 2 kicked him out and," Ricky flips the page. "I can't make it out. This book is so old I'm surprised this much is intact." Ricky goes back to the page he was at.

"But, then, why haven't I been banned?"

"I don't know. Maybe Mayor Meanswell is a nice guy. The couple times I've spoken to him while visiting Stephanie he seemed nice to me."

"Well, if I were Mayor Sportakook would be the first one banned from Lazy Town!" Robbie stops. "Wait, I was Mayor."

"Why aren't you now then?"

"They found out I cheated."

"What? Any idiot can rig an election."

"Oh really, how would you do it?" Ricky unknowingly…

"Well I would buy a company that makes electronic voting machines then place them in key spots then rig the electronic voting machines to make sure I won. All it would take is a couple of programs. Or make it really easy and just have the machine switch votes if I was going to lose by a landslide." Ricky continues reading as Robbie starts planning.

Stephanie and Pixel are setting up a satellite to the tree house. "Stephanie hand me the screw driver." Pixel reaches out.

"Be careful Pixel we're really high up." Stephanie reaches out and hands Pixel the screw driver.

Stingy is driving by when he sees a tool box hanging from a rope. "I think that tool box is mine." He gets out of his car and climbs up the ladder.

"Stephanie hand me the wrench." Pixel reaches out.

"Ok." Stephanie reaches for the tool box. She keeps reaching when she slips. "Help!" She grabs the edge the tree house. "Pixel help me!" Pixel goes across the roof and grabs Stephanie's hand.

"I can't pull you up." Pixel tries but isn't strong enough.

Sportacus is training when his crystal beeps. "Someone is in trouble." He goes to the cockpit and takes off for Lazy Town.

"Stephanie, grab the rope!" Pixel reaches out with his other hand and grabs it. He pulls it over and hands it to Stephanie. "See if you can slide down."

"I'll try." Stephanie slowly moves down.

"Ladder." The ladder comes down and Sportacus slides down it. "Stephanie?" He sees her hugging the rope tightly.


"Let go I'll catch you." Sportacus sticks his arms out.

"Don't drop me."

"You can trust me Stephanie."

"Of course I can." Stephanie let's go and falls into Sportacus's arms. He catches her easily and sets her down.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Pixel and I were putting up a satellite to the tree house when I reached for the tool box and it wasn't there!" Sportacus looks up and sees Pixel has the rope.

"The rope didn't break. Someone untied it and took the box."

"But who would do that? Isn't it your tool box Pixel?" Pixel nods. "Sportacus do you think you could help us?"

"Of course Stephanie." The three start looking for the missing tool box.

Ricky Rotten is coming in to town when he sees Stingy with the tool box. "Hi um, Stinky?"


"Yeah, what are you building?"


"Then why do you have a tool box?"

"Because it's mine." Stingy walks away with the tool box.

Stephanie and Pixel are looking near the basketball hoop when they see a weird man. "Who is that?" Pixel looks.

"I don't know." They go over to the strange man.

"Hello? What do you have there?" The man was carrying a large box.

"This is the newest latest voting machine. Guaranteed to keep any funny business out of the voting business."

"A voting machine? Why do we need one of those?" Pixel scratches his head.

"It was ordered by a," The man gets a piece of paper out. "Robbie Rotten."

"Robbie Rotten!" Stephanie's and Pixel's yell is so loud Ricky hears it from the other side of town.

"What is he doing now?" He rushes over to Stephanie and Pixel.

Robbie Rotten is looking through the Periscope. "It arrived! Now is time for a disguise!" He goes over to his various costumes. "Hmm," He sees a bright cherry red suit. "Too cherry." He goes to the next suit. It looks like a bunch of grapes. "Too berry." He goes to the next one. It is a flannel shirt and jean shorts with holes in them and a truck stop hat. "Too Larry." He goes to the next suit. It is a normal tan three piece suit. "Perfect!"

Ricky finds Stephanie and Pixel. "Hi, what's going on?"

"We're looking for our tool box." Stephanie goes over to Ricky but Pixel stays away. "And we saw someone delivering a voting machine."

"Voting machine?" Ricky thinks about the conversation he had earlier with his uncle. "No, he couldn't be doing that."

"Will you help us look for the tool box?"

"Why don't you just ask Stingy if you can borrow his tool box?"

"What?" Stephanie is confused.

"I saw him with one on my way into town."

"And I bet he said it was his." Stephanie scrunches her face up. "Stingy!" Stephanie stomps her foot for effect. "Pixel I know what happened to our tool box." Pixel comes over but keeps Stephanie between him and Ricky.

"Where is it? He took it didn't he?" Pixel stares at Ricky.

"No Stingy did. Why would Ricky take it?"

"Ricky Rotten," Stephanie interrupts him.

"Isn't rotten. Remember what Sportacus said?" Pixel mumbles so the two can't hear him.

"Well you better go find him. I'll help if you want."

"No, no Rotten's in our tree house." Pixel crosses his arms.

"Pixel he isn't rotten." Stephanie and Pixel start to argue. Ricky is uncomfortable so decides to leave the two to argue.

Robbie Rotten shows up at town hall in his disguise. "Hello?" He knocks on the door before entering.

"What's going on? First this machine shows up and now you do. Who are you?" Miss Busybody sets the phone down.

"I am Election Inspector Riggum. I was called to make sure this machine is calibrated correctly." Robbie Rotten goes over to the machine and opens the back. "Oh this is a problem." He pulls out a bunch of wires.

"Oh my." Miss Busybody watches as Election Inspector Riggum messes with the wires.

Ricky goes back to the lair. "Uncle Rotten?" No response. "I have the place all to myself." As he walks through he looks at the many tubes filled with costumes. "One of them is missing. What is he doing? He can't really be planning on running for mayor. Even if he rigged the election I wouldn't let him win. Cheaters never win." He goes over to the large orange chair and sits down. He pulls up the Lazy Town History Book and starts to read more of it.

Election Inspector Riggum closes the back of the machine. "Done!" He turns around. "All set to go for your election."

"What election?"

"I don't know. I heard a handsome young man was running against the old mayor. A Robbie Rotten versus the old mayor."

"Robbie Rotten? What's going on?" Miss Busybody goes over to her phone and starts making calls. "I just got the newest news!"

Stephanie and Pixel find Stingy and the tool box. "Stingy what are you doing?" Stingy ignores them as he was singing.

"This mailbox is mine. And this triangular sign."

"Stingy!" Pixel's shout interrupts him.


"What are you doing with our tool box?"

"You mean my tool box. This tool box is mine." Stingy hugs the tool box.

"But Stingy it has my name on it." Pixel points at the name tag. "We need it back so we can finish working on the tree house."

"But, it, I want it."

"You can help us Stingy if you want to." Stephanie smiles at him. "Since the tree house is not just ours but also yours."


"Yes." Stingy thinks about it. "Ok." They go back to the tree house.

As Ricky is reading Robbie gets back to the lair. "Perfect!" He changes back into his regular outfit.

"What's perfect?"

"Oh, hello Remus."


"Whatever. None of your business."

"Really? I heard there was a voting machine being delivered to Lazy Town. It didn't have anything to do with you does it?" Ricky raises his eyebrow.

"Well, I," Robbie rubs his chin. "How would you like to go outside and play all day every day?"

"Don't I do that as it is?"

"Oh but when school starts you'll be stuck inside that stuffy building for hours a day. Just when it is best to be outside. But as mayor I could make it so you wouldn't have to go to school."

"Well, the mayor does have full power he could do that. But wait why would you want to be mayor?"

"No real reason." Ricky stares at Robbie.

"Uncle Rotten I'm a Rotten I know our family always does something for something. What is it that you want as mayor?" Ricky gets out of the chair.

"Well as mayor I can ban anyone from Lazy Town. Sportakook…" Robbie Rotten tries to stall.

"Sportacus? Why do you want to ban him? He helps us get up and play. I know as a Rotten that's supposed to be bad but he doesn't make you get up and play does he? Why not just relax and stay here?"

"All that noise! How can I sleep with all that noise?"

"Ear plugs?"

"Not even they are strong enough." Robbie frowns.

"Then why would you want to help me be able to play all day?"

"As mayor I could use my power to level Lazy Town and lay down sound proofing every where." Robbie gets a smile on his face. "No sound could get down here ever!"

"But, if you level everything what about the play ground or the basketball court?" Robbie frowns again.

"We'll figure something out. But first I need to become mayor. If you tell the others you'll be stuck at school all day."

"But, I should tell them."

"Go ahead. But a Rotten knows what they should do." Robbie sneers. "Or your mother could send tutors here and you'll still be stuck inside all day."

"I don't want any more tutors or school. All the sunny days I've missed because mother wanted me stuck inside, fine. I won't tell them Uncle Rotten." Ricky slumps down in the chair.

Stephanie, Pixel, and Stingy finish installing the satellite dish to the tree house. "And now we can watch TV from the tree house!" Pixel hurries inside and turns the television on. There is a soccer game on. "Soccer!" He changes the channel to input 2. "And now, soccer." He starts up his gamestation.

"Where is my controller?" Pixel hands Stingy a controller.

Robbie Rotten is going in to town to start his campaign. "Hello Lazy Townicans." No one is there. "Perfect. No one will vote for me. And no votes for me means no votes for the mayor."

Mayor Meanswell gets to his office. "Miss Busybody what is that?" He points at the voting machine.

"The new voting machine."

"Voting machine?"

"For the election."

"What election?"

"The one against Robbie Rotten." The mayor is stunned.

"You mean Fordmill Meansbad?"

"No Robbie Rotten." The mayor is confused.

"He's not using a disguise?" Miss Busybody shakes her head. "But what is he up to now?"

Robbie Rotten puts up campaign posters. Trixie is following him drawing mustaches and beards on all of his posters.

As the day continues Robbie campaigns more. "I promise to make life in Lazy Town miserable. A vote for me is a vote for a lazy town for Lazy Town." He keeps campaigning.

Near the end of the day everyone in Lazy Town is at the town hall. "The time to vote begins!" Robbie Rotten sneers at everyone. "So vote for me."

"There's no way Robbie will win." Stephanie makes her vote.

"Robbie can't win he'll ban all of MY toys." Stingy votes.

"He'll make us get rid of out sports candy." Ziggy votes.

"Robbie will make us eat junk food all day." Trixie votes.

As the voting continues through the rest of the day the votes start to come in. "Mayor Meanswell Zero, Robbie Rotten five?" Miss Busybody gets on the phone and starts to make calls.

Ricky is coming in to town and sees the crowd standing around the town hall. "What's going on Stephanie?"

"The election and Robbie is winning!"

"What? Are you sure he's not cheating?" Ricky tries to drop a hint to his friend.

"No way this time. There is a fancy voting machine that makes it impossible to cheat." Stephanie sees Miss Busybody comes out. "What are the results?"

"Robbie Rotten seven and Mayor Meanswell zero!"

"But, I voted for my uncle."

"So did I." Everyone agrees.

"Then how are these the results?"

"Does it matter? I have won!" Robbie gives out a rotten laugh. "And as Mayor Rotten I have the power to ban anyone!"

"But how?" Stephanie and the others talk amongst themselves.

"Wait!" Mayor Meanswell comes out. "There is still ten minutes left until the voting is over."

"Are there enough people to change the vote?" Robbie sneers.

"Sportacus hasn't voted yet." Robbie stares at Stephanie.

"He is one vote. You need eight."

"I haven't voted yet." Ricky goes up to the entrance.

"But you'll be voting for me won't you?" Robbie sneers.

"No. I'll be voting for the mayor." Ricky winks.

"Ah yes, of course." Robbie sneers a little more. "Go ahead." Robbie steps out of the way for Ricky.

When Ricky steps out Robbie's vote is up another vote.

"But, Ricky, why would you vote for him?"

"If he's in charge I won't have to go to school when it starts." Pixel responds first.

"But learning is fun. You can learn your one two threes for quick calculations." Stingy responses next.

"And you can learn your ABC's for reading education."

"Learning is rotten!" Ricky yells really loud. "You sit inside being made to read and do problems all day when it's sunny outside."

Sportacus is up in his airship when his crystal starts to beep. "Someone is in trouble." He spins towards the door. "Door." It opens and he does a cartwheel out of the airship. "Ladder." It comes down and he slides down.

"You're stuck reading history books when you could be outside playing! You learn about biology and the earth when you could be outside swimming! You're stuck in a living room with text books and pens and notebooks when you could be outside dancing!" Ricky continues yelling when Sportacus shows up.

"What is going on?" Ziggy answers.

"The mayor is losing the election and now Ricky Rotten is yelling at Stephanie." Sportacus does a front flip landing next to Stephanie and Ricky.

"And then you're doing tests you could be outside playing with your friends. If Uncle Rotten is mayor he'll get rid of school and I'll be able to play outside all day!" Stephanie backs away.

"But, school can be fun. I like learning history it tells us where we came from."

"And it's important to learn every day." Sportacus puts a hand on Ricky's shoulder.

"You!" Robbie points at Sportacus. "Sportadope you're banned from Lazy Town forever!"

"You can't do that Robbie."

"I can to Sportacus as Mayor Rotten of Lazy Town I have full control of all of Lazy Town!"

"There is still time left to vote!"

"I have eight votes Pinky!" Robbie leans down to stare Stephanie in the eyes. "And who do you think will be banned after Sportaloser?"


"You!" Robbie laughs. "No more dancing or bing banging ever again in Lazy Town! And anyone who doesn't follow my new rules will also be thrown out!"

"But, no." Ricky looks over at Stephanie. "You never said anything like that Uncle Rotten."

"Did I forget that? Well doesn't matter in two more minutes I will have ultimate power in Lazy Town!"

"Not if I can stop it!"

"You can't!"

"If I can prove you cheated I can."

"And how do you plan on doing that?"


"Yes Ricky?"

"Vote for my uncle."

"But, why?"

"Just do it."

"He can only vote if he can get past me!" Robbie stands in front of Sportacus. "You'll never get by me Sportakook."

"Go Sportacus!" Stephanie looks at the clock. "Hurry!"

"I have to do this." Sportacus runs at Robbie. When he gets close he leaps into the air and does a spiral. He turns and lands on his hands, springs himself up and does a flip landing at the door. He hurries inside and votes.

When he comes out Ms. Busybody has the new results. "Robbie Rotten eight, Mayor Meanswell One!"

"But I voted for Robbie Rotten." Sportacus spins and stares at Robbie.

"Well, I, maybe the machine felt bad for him."

"You cheated!" Stephanie pokes Robbie in the side.

"Yes, yes I did." Robbie looks over at Ricky. "And he helped! It was his idea and he knew exactly what I was doing!"

"Is this true Ricky?" Stephanie looks at him hoping it wasn't true.

"I, kind of."

"Not kind of. He had the history book and told me how the mayor could ban anyone. Then he told me how to rig the election. I told him what he was doing and he supported me!"

"I, I did but you lied to me Uncle Rotten."

"Rotten!" Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, and Ziggy point at Ricky. "The mayor needs to ban you and Robbie Rotten!"

"Wait!" Stephanie stands between Ricky and the others. "He must have had a good reason to go along." She turns around. "Right Ricky?"

"Well, I, I hate school. My mother would keep me inside all day so I couldn't go outside and play. Uncle Rotten said he'd get rid of school so we could play outside all day. But I can't let him ban you so I told Sportacus to vote for him."

"But it was ok for him to ban Sportacus?" Ricky looks away ashamed.

"I, I just wanted to play outside, with you."

"A friend wouldn't make a friend other friends leave."

"I'm sorry but I stopped him. I did the right thing in the end."

"Yes you did Ricky." Sportacus pats him on the back. "But next time you might want to tell others before things get like this."

"I'm sorry Sportacus."

"It's ok."

"Robbie!" Robbie flinches as Mayor Meanswell goes over to him. "I am still mayor and that means I have the power to ban anyone from Lazy Town."

"Wait!" Stephanie runs over to her uncle. "You can't do it."

"Why not Stephanie?"

"It's not right. It's not right to ban anyone from Lazy Town." Stephanie turns towards Robbie. "But you better learn from this. Cheaters never win."

"I almost won." Robbie looks around. He was surrounded by angry Lazy Town citizens. "I think I left the oven on." He runs away.

Ricky turns to Stephanie. "I'm sorry everyone. I'm sorry Stephanie I wanted to tell you but I wanted to be outside and play with you more." He turns to Sportacus. "I'm sorry I almost got you banned." He turns to Mayor Meanswell. "I'm sorry you almost lost your job."

"Well you did the right thing in the end. I'm still mayor and I give you an official thank you for doing the right thing."

"Now what do we do with the voting machine?" Pixel runs his hands over it. "The chips and wiring I bet are amazing."

"I think we need to give it back to the owner." Ricky goes over and lifts the machine.

"Who owns it?" Stephanie goes over and helps Ricky.

"My uncle. But I'll be the one to return it."


"Because I'm the only one who knows where he lives." With Stephanie's help he gets the voting machine on his shoulder. "Thank you Stephanie."

"Say hi to Robbie for us." She smiles.

"I will." Ricky walks away with the machine.

A musical beat starts. "Bing Bang Diggariggadong Funny words I sing when I am dancing, dancing, dancing. Bing Bang Diggariggadong. Silly words that can mean anything."

Robbie is sitting in his chair when he hears a knocking noise. "Who could that be?" He goes to the entrance. "Hello?" The voting machine shoots out and slams into him.

"Uncle Rotten I think that belongs to you." Ricky closes the entrance.