Title: the heave and the hue of the woman on fire (1/5)
Author: A.j.
Spoilers: General Iron Man mythology and that Pepper Potts exists.
Notes: Huge thanks to besyd and 4persephone for the beta work. This is, for all intents and purposes, Five Places Tony and Pepper Never Had Sex. This one is AU from all Iron Man canon. Title is from "Forget Myself" by Elbow. Which. I've listened to entirely too much.

1. Supply closet.

Pepper always seems to be laughing when they do this. It's one of the things - and there are many - that he loves about being with her. Watching her eyes light up and her head go back in a belly laugh that's rich and warm and makes him lose his sanity just a little bit more every day.

"Mmmm, you are in a good mood today." She's grinning against his cheek and scratching her fingernails in the hair at the base of his neck. It feels amazing and he lets himself shiver, grin into the curve of her jaw and inch her practical work skirt a bit further north of her knees.

"I've had a good day so far." He skims his stubble along her neck, humming happily as she shivers and gives a soft moan. He's been awake and trying to debug the newest desalinization schematics and test model for the last thirty-something hours. Shaving, much like eating and sleeping, hasn't been a priority. But it's been worth it. Partially because the test model is currently chugging away three doors down, but mostly because he knows how much she likes the gentle scratching of his beard. "Getting better by the second."

She's laughing again, tugging the wilted button-down and undershirt out of his pants so she can get to bare skin. Her small hands are warm and strong and he rewards her with a kiss that's wet and dirty in all the best ways.

"Did you figure the problem out?" She sighs as he runs his hands up her thighs, finally hitting the bare skin just above her stockings.

"Mmm. Just before you came down here." He smiles into the shivers caused by her nipping his ear and leans back to look her over. Her hair is up in a bun and her freckles are extra visible because it's summer and they were outside last weekend. Sun is shining through the small window in the corner of the supply closet – their supply closet – and he's a little stunned at how lovely she looks.

Her smile is broad and pretty as she runs a hand across his jaw. "I'm glad. Especially if it makes you this happy."

He laughs and leans in to kiss her deep and long, settling himself between her spread thighs and just rocking a little. When he finally pulls away, he doesn't go far, just watches her until her cheeks pink up and she gets a bit flustered. "What?"

"Come with me this weekend." He leans in, nips at her lower lip, but keeps his eyes trained on hers. "Back to my parents. They want to meet you."

She blinks, sobering a little. "Tony..."

"No, Pepper." He leans back, strokes the line of her cheekbone. "They do."

"But your father is my boss..."

He smiles, just a little, before cutting her off. "Funny, he's mine too."

"I don't know-" And she's watching him like a bomb that's about to go off if she's not careful.

Which, y'know. Ironic.

"Come? Please?" And he puts everything he can into it. Rubs his hands up and down her sides, watching her from underneath his lashes. "You're important to me. They know that."

She bites her lip in nearly the same place he did and really, that's entirely unfair. Still, she sees something she likes because in the next instant she's kissing him again. Her hands back in his hair and doing everything she can just to draw him into herself, even through the layers of clothing still between them.

When she finally pulls back, they're both panting and his palms are wet and itchy with needing to be on more of her. "Okay," she whispers and kisses him again. "Okay."

He grins at her, wide and open, and dives into her again. Slips his hands to the buttons of her blouse, fumbling a bit with the first two, and getting distracted by the skin of her torso. She has a bit more luck, and his dress shirt is off and gone and she's hiking up his undershirt and sucking on his tongue like she wants all of him inside of her right then.

"When-" he gasps, moaning a little when she finally breaks the kiss. "When do you have to be back in accounting?"

Because he knows how seriously she takes her job and how much she loves it. It's one of the reasons they'd got on so well that very first time they'd met in the lunch room. She'd been scrawling out stats and business models across a legal pad when he'd walked by, brain-deep in a set of calculations for a project, and corrected her math. She'd rolled her eyes, yanked him down in the other seat so he wouldn't spill his chili all over, and pointed out a list of variables he hadn't noticed.

They'd spent the rest of the meal talking math and grinning at each other like idiots. He'd asked her to dinner, and now, a year later, they still have lunch together whenever possible.

"Mmm, silly man." She's back at his ear, alternating between sucking, laving, and nipping, and he lets himself groan into her shoulder because if she keeps that up, he's going to be a puddle on the floor. "It's six-thirty. We're done for the day."

"Thank god," he growls and gives up on the buttons. One quick yank and she's down to her bra. Her hands are on his belt, but he only notices because their arms tangle as he reaches down to pull up her skirt.

"Ack!" She squeaks, and starts to giggle. He just grins and reaches for the clasp of her bra. His pants hit the floor, weighted down by his belt and the palm pilot in his pocket. He pays zero attention because his hands are back on her skirt, pushing it – finally - up to her waist. He goes back to her mouth, kissing her through their smiles. She responds by shoving his boxers down and off, pumping him quickly and leaving him with a gentle squeeze to the head of his cock.

He really can't help but push her back, hard, against the stable metal shelves, groaning into her neck and doing his level best to grope her underwear off.

Lucky for him, Pepper thinks ahead. They're already gone.

"Jesus," he hisses, encountering nothing but slick, hot skin. "Tell me you weren't like this all day."

"Sorry to-gnh burst your bubble, genius boy." She throws one thigh over his hip and drags him closer, opening herself up wide. "Mmmm. Took 'em off in the bathroom just now."

"Thank god," he mumbles and tilts her upper body back so he can play. She's hot and wet under his fingers, moreso than he's expecting, and it's not long before her hips are rocking in time with his strokes.

"Tony," her whisper is harsh in the close air of the closet, thready and high, and he knows that she's ready. Shifts her hips again, tilts them forward so he can push inside. He thanks god and most of the heavens that she has a fetish for ridiculously high heels, because this position is damn near impossible without them.

He likes watching her face as he enters her and does it whenever he can. The flush and heat that spill across her cheeks and chest and the way she bites her lip and whines a little, under her breath as he sinks that much deeper into her.

Her eyes blink open when he hits bottom, wide and blue and so, very, very lovely.

"I love you," he tells her, heart in his eyes.

She smiles at him, wide and open and perfect. "I love you too. Now get moving, Stark."

And then he's laughing and giving her exactly what she wants.