Okay you guys I used have this big obsession with fang and Max but ever since I brought Shayn into the mix its been a whole different story and I've been kind of caught up on that so this whole chapter is strictly devoted to Max and Fang. (shatchi you did a great job with the characters I promise you did EVERYTHING right)


Wow I had no idea that they were that serious about their…relationship. Once again…wow. I might be scarred for life. Not that I could really judge or anything. I looked over at Fang who was staring intently at the T.V. I think that he's mad at me for ignoring him.

I sighed, frustrated.We were sitting quietly in the small living room in the hotel room. The kids were at the pool with Iggy and Shayn.

"Fang?" I asked quietly. He looked at me, expressionless. That hurt a bit, thinking that he wouldn't even gratify me with a response. Maybe that's how he had felt. Oh, jeez, I was in for a heck of a lot of punishment. Probably all deserved, I thought guiltily.

"I'm sorry," I stated honestly. "I just really needed some time to think and you make that exceedingly difficult." There, I was even complimenting him. Nothing.

"Come on, I said I was sorry what else do you want?" Still nothing.

"Fine," I said crossing my arms and looking back at the TV, a pout written plainly on my face. I heard him chuckle quietly. I looked back over at him in the corner of my eye and saw that he was holding back a smile. I groaned and threw the remote at him.

"Don't laugh at me! It's not funny." I couldn't help but having to hide my ownsmile as I said it. He got up from the chair he was in and walked over to me sitting beside me on the couch and curling his arms around me.

"I forgive you," was all he said. I cuddled into his chest, loving the comforting scentthat exuded from him.

"Have I mentioned lately how happy you make me?" I said ecstatic that our fight was over.

"No I don't believe you have," he said, a half smile on his face and a glint in his eye.

"Well it's true." I pulled his face down to mine kissing him lightly on the lips.

It was returned just as lightly, and sweetly. It was the kind of kiss that actually tells you want the other person is feeling, not just an 'I want you' kiss or a kiss that burns. Just like starting to light a fire, nothing quite catches, but it doesn't resist the flame either.

After a few minutes of soft, forgiving kisses, the kindling caught fire. Fang started to push me back gently against the arm of the couch. His arms were around my middle holding me snug to him, while I had one hand on the back of his neck.

The kisses changed from delicate to seductive, and from asking to begging. Fang's tongue licked my lips quickly, and I jumped, but I wasn't scared. I relaxed and opened my lips, curving them around his.

He pressed me harder into the couch arm, flattening my legs and practically laying on top of me in the process.

His tongue tickled and teased, pulling moans from me to him. Okay, not fair. I took a chance and arched up my hips, pushing them into Fang. He sucked in air, breaking off the kiss, and his hands flew from my waist to my hips, keeping them still.

He growled at me and I grinned. "If you don't mind having those clothes ripped up past the point of wearing, keep doing that," he said. I could tell from the way he said it that he was dead serious. I could feel my arousal level jump up about ten notches.

But before I could reply, he was already kissing me again. My mouth had still been parted from the last kiss, so there was no need for nudging to enter my mouth. To keep myself from making any further embarrassing sounds, I played with his tongue as it entered. The poking and prodding from both sides continued. It was the game where everybody wins.

His hands, still on my hips, ground them against his. We both moaned at the same time, and pulled back. The shock from our hips pushing into each other took us back to reality for a moment.

Our torsos were meshed together and it seemed like our hearts were synchronized. My hands were both on his shoulders.

I was happy, right here, with Fang. I felt safe. Fang and I had always been able to read each other, and I could tell he felt the same way as me.

He gave a small smile, and nuzzled his face into mine, our foreheads resting lightly on eachother.

"I love you," I whispered.

He pulled back searching my face. Whatever he found must have convinced him that I was being completely honest.

He reached up to stroke my face with his thumb. His hand rested on the side of my face softly as he bent to kiss me again.

"I love you, too," he said, pulling back just enough to say so. His lips still brushed mine, and I could feel his breath teasing over them. I gave a shaky smile, not because I was nervous, I wasn't—well, not too much—I was literally too happy to smile. So I ditched the smile idea and pushed my mouth back to his.

He returned it quickly, his tongue meeting mine in the middle. His hand left my face and returned to my hip and pulled them into his again, moaning. I will not tell even tell you how utterly amazing it is to have the person you love hold you and love you back. It's beyond happiness, it's…I guess it's what you call love, beyond happiness.

"I love you, and I want you, Max," he said softly. "I really, really want you."

I let out a quick laugh, and Fang looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.

"Okay," I said, and I could see Fang's face light up minutely. "Can we just not do this in the living room on the couch?" He rolled his eyes and kissed me again. I pulled back, and he let out a grunt of annoyance. "Fang, I'm serious."

"They won't be back for a while," he said, bending to kiss me. I pulled back.

"The couch is digging into my back."

He groaned and got up pulling me with him, but instead of going anywhere he just kissed me again. He had his hands on my hips and he gently pushed me backward, toward my bedroom. I took a step back as his fingers slipped under the hem of my shirt, holding my bare waist. A small squeak of surprise escaped my lips, which was muffled by Fang's mouth.

Fang guided us slowly to the bedroom, with only one minor bumping that ended up with me pushed against a table and Fang's hardness accidentally brushing my center erupting moans from both of us.

When we got there, we stood at the foot of the bed kissing, his hands sliding up and down under my shirt, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. All the sudden his hand brushed against my breast, and I gasped.

I took a moment to get over the shock, before giving him a small reassuring smile. I took one hand from his shoulder and grasped his. I kept eye contact, telling him it was okay.

As I touched his hand to my breast he cupped it automatically, as if we'd been made to do this and I moaned again.

Fang had no bra to take off, because, shocking as this may seem, it's hard to wear a bra when you have wings. Plus, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to have someone who was looking through your backpack for food pull out a bra in front of everyone. Uh, no thanks.

He gently massaged and stroked it, watching my face. I'm sure it must have been quite a show, it was getting harder and harder to think with him doing that.

He stopped and I tried to get air back into my lungs. I looked back, curious as to why he had stopped. He was just staring, but before I could ask what was wrong, he slid his other hand up to my other breast, but he kept going, lifting my shirt right off me.

I covered myself. Fang chuckled softly at me and it sent chills up my spine. He kissed me as he reached out and took my hands in his, lacing the fingers together and pulling them away. It was like my instincts were silently shouting in the back of my head to let him be dominant, it felt weird since I was usually leader.

He placed my hands just below his rib cage and I pulled him closer to me, our bodies inches apart. His fingers traced the contours of my arms, up to my shoulders, and down one hand stopping on my left breast, the other continuing to my waist again, holding me to him.

He kneaded my breast, still kissing me and soaking in every sound I made. His fingers began stroking and playing with it. Suddenly his thumb scraped against my nipple. I practically leapt out of his arms.

Fang pulled away from our kiss to see my face again. I couldn't really think, but I could tell he was asking again if it was okay, and I gave a slight nod. He kissed just below my 

jaw, nipping gently at the skin, and I bared my neck pushing into him, but his mouth left my neck moving downward to my collarbone, and then right on past it.

Fang took my breast into his mouth. I groaned.

I never had much upper body to show off, even if I had wanted to. I was always small, and happy about it. I could still see my toes, thank god. It would totally suck to have to fight erasers and Flyboys if I had full boobs. And flying? Ugh. But they were there. I think I noticed them most whenever I would hold Angel, or she would be sitting in my lap and sleep using them as a pillow.

Fang bit down gently on one, his teeth scraping until they pulled the nipple into a point. Fang had one hand wrapped around my waist; the other was currently crinkling the nipple on my other breast.

I was almost gasping in pleasure. I lifted one leg and hitched it over Fang's hip, tucking him neatly where my thigh and body meet. I felt him pause for a moment forbidding himself to let out one sound, and then he carry on a bit rougher.

I let out some sound again, then carefully and making sure I had a good hold on his upper body, lifted my other leg. The sudden weight on Fang confused him, but before he could fall, each of his hands grabbed one of my thighs holding them in place.

He lifted his head back to my mouth and kissed me again. We were at about the same level if we even out our hips. Distracting him with kissing and tongue wars, I slowly position myself. When I was ready I broke of our kiss, and smiled evilly. I felt his tension as he gripped my thighs tighter. Perfect.

I pushed my hips into him as hard as I could, and I heard him gasp. He began loosening and tightening alternately, massaging my thighs. I put my head into his neck kissing him. I pushed down again and he pushed back, hitting a sweet spot on me. I bit my lip to keep quiet.

Still pressing down on him I moved my hips left and right, then up and down, eventually moving in one complete circle. He pulled my legs back, pulling me closer. I flicked his neck with my tongue. I could feel him shaking with the pleasure, and still trying to keep me up.

Finally his knees gave out, but not before he could lean forward so we landed on the bed. I was still holding him as he slowly crawled to the top of the bed. He sat up for a moment, pulling me with him, and began to take off his shirt. I helped him and once that was off I nipped at his chest.

He fell back onto the bed landing on me. His hands moved lower, past my waist, to my jeans. He undid the button, and with agonizing slowness, pulled down the zipper. I groaned and pushed my hips into him, convincing him to go faster. After a pause he obliged and pulled them down, leaving me naked with a pair of panties on.

He fiddled with their waistband and at one point pulled, letting them snap back into place and making me jump.

Everything stopped for a moment as we both caught our breath.

"You still…good?" he asked, barely getting the words out. I nodded fervently.

"You," I said panting, and he looked up at me. "Have too many clothes on."

He chuckled and I felt like I was glowing. He kissed me sweetly on the lips, one hand sliding underneath me to hold me up close to him, the other stoking along the side of my body, curving around my breast, down my ribs and waist, then back up again.

I brought my hands to his black jeans and started fiddling with the button. Once that was undone I pulled down the zipper. Fang had to wiggle a little bit so I could reach it better, because I didn't feel like moving my legs.

I used my legs to pushed them down his, though, because my hands wouldn't reach that far and I was having too much fun kissing him to stop. I was about to take off his briefs, which had a rather prominent bulge sticking out of them, when he laid down on top of me completely. Our bodies were pressed together and I thought I would burn; we were generating that much heat.

Fang didn't let me move an inch, just kept me trapped under him, not holding himself up at all. It didn't hurt actually, the pressure felt nice. Like I was his support, and he trusted me completely…I liked it.

He rubbed his erection against me and I felt him moan into my mouth. He rocked his hips forward and back, pressing into me, then pulling back, and repeating. I rubbed against him, creating friction. Then he rubbed down and I rubbed up, and we had each gone a bit too far. His hardness slipped down between my legs and rubbed against my womanhood. We both moaned so loud that it echoed in my head. I could feel myself growing both wet and itchy as I rubbed our privates together.

He finally slid both his hands along the side of my body—making me stretch and bunch up at different times—to my underwear. He lifted up, breaking off the kiss and pulled them down. I kicked them off, and waited for him to lie back down, but he didn't.

Fang leaned over me holding himself up with his arms on either side of me, and our breath mingled. His eyes left mine and traveled down my body, raking over it. My mouth, my neck, my chest, my stomach, and finally the newer part. He stared for a moment, while I squirmed uncomfortably, but then his eyes traced their way back up to mine. He kissed me hotly and I melted into him. I could feel him moving, but didn't think anything of it. Until I felt his bare knee pressed up between my legs.

I gasped and pulled away pressing my head into the bed. I pushed into his knee automatically and then rubbed, trying to satisfy the itch. But it was on the inside. I pushed harder as if that could help, but Fang pulled away and when I looked at him he 

was grinning. I scowled and brought my legs up and doing exactly what I had to his jeans, pulled down his briefs.

Fang let out a small sound of content as he was freed, and in the instant before his mouth was back on mine—as was his body—I wondered if he would fit. I don't know if it was just because he was turned on, but Fang was not small.

It was strange—the good kind, obviously—to have just skin against skin between Fang and I, to have Fang's penis pressing into me (not in me, just on my skin), but I liked it.

Fang seemed to be backing up slightly, back to the kisses that are sweeter. I could feel him moving again, but I knew what he was doing. I lifted my legs to rest loosely on either side of him again, and to make it easier.

I was hit by a wave of pleasure that shocked the ends of my nerves, when I felt Fang's tip press lightly on my center. We both drew back sucking in air once again. I shivered a bit from the cold in the partial absence of Fang, and he looked down at me.

As he met my eyes, it all hit me. I licked my lips nervously. Something in the back of my fuzzy mind told me to take a deep breath and I did.

Fang leaned down to my ear and whispered, "I'm sorry if I hurt you." He pulled back and I could see the sad look in his eye. I didn't want him to look like that.

"I don't care," I said, trying to make him see that I didn't. "I'd rather it be you."

I could feel him shaking all over—yes, even there, that is what one could call arousing—in withheld desire. I could see a light sheen of sweat on him from holding back. His lips came down to meet mine and he was kissing me in a way that would make me jump off a cliff wings in if it meant I could get more.

Then he pushed into me.

He pushed slowly and I could tell it was an effort for him. It hurt, but not as much as if he had charged in. He kept pushing slowly until he came to a thin barrier. We cut the kiss, a bit confused. There was no way that was as far as my body would allow him to go. Unless he was way bigger than I thought.

"I…I think." I swallowed, embarrassed. "I think you're supposed to break it," I whispered. Fang looked slightly worried, but he gave a curt nod. He told me again with his eyes that he was sorry.

He pushed slowly again, pleasure coming with the pain, and I could feel the barrier growing taunt. When it would stretch no more, and it was getting almost as painful as it was pleasuring, Fang jerked forward, causing chain reactions.

First, whatever that barrier was broke, allowing Fang more room. Two, Fang gasped in pleasure from the friction. Three, I gave a small cry in pain from the ripping. Four, pure bliss followed the pain and I pushed down trying to feel more of it. Five, my pushing down made Fang loose his self-control and he shoved himself in the rest of the way (a good many inches, with quite a roar too), giving me no time to stretch for him, and making me give another pain/pleasured cry, leaning towards the pain.

I curled myself around Fang, my head in his chest, my arms around his middle and my legs around his hips tightly. My back was arched in such a way that gave Fang even more room and he took it gladly, like he didn't even have to think about it.

I recovered from the unexpected pain slowly. I lifted my head to see Fang with his mouth slightly open, his eyes halfway closed. There was no pain for him, just pleasure after wave pleasure.

After a while, Fang came back to himself and he looked down at me, his eyes glazed over from pleasure still. I gave another weak smile. He began to pull out of me, so he could feel more of the friction from earlier advanced.

"Wait!" I said. He stopped immediately, eyes growing slightly clearer, and more worried. "Go back," I ordered, and he pushed himself into the hilt. I had to take a moment and clear my head. I forced myself out of it and said, "I just want to see something."

I felt Fang nod, holding his place. Then using muscles I hadn't even known existed, I clenched around him. It was Fang's turn to curl, only he lost his hold and I fell back onto the bed that he had been holding me up from. Fang's arms wrapped around me and pulled me down and his hips pushed up, trying to get into me more, and somehow managing it.

We stayed in our little ball of delight, before Fang began moving out again. He had to move slowly, because I was still trying to figure out how to use the muscles that I just discovered.

Eventually, I loosened up and we moved into a steady rhythm. Fang had liquid salt dripping from him to me. Fang moved faster and faster until he was pounding into me at a speed almost painful. It would have been if my mind hadn't been so totally boozed up on sex.

I could feel some climax coming, and suddenly the muscles were working on their own. I didn't have to do anything at all. You know that wave of pleasure I was talking about earlier? Think more tsunami. My toes popped as they curled and my back arched I pressed into Fang, coaxing him deeper.

He gave two more good pumps and on the third one slammed into me so hard I thought my head would pop off. His hands held either side of my hips and pulled me around him more, and I swear I felt him touch my womb. I tightened my thighs hold to help him. I then I felt him release inside me.

Hot liquid (which is saying something since this was in the center of my body during sex, and we already have a high temperature) went spurting into me. I thought I would die from heat all over, inside and out. Fang was inside and outside of me, and he was like The Torch from Fantastic Four.

Fang's semen heated me for hourly minutes it seemed. Through my blurry, star infested eyes I could see Fang's arms shaking, trying to hold on for that minute more. Mostly because of the heat I could feel the fluid's path inside me, spreading and soaking into each corner.

Fang had no energy left to stay up when he had finished, so he just collapsed where he was. Which just so happen to be on top of me. Who would have thought that someone would be over someone else during sex?

I don't know how long we lay there letting each other feel warm and complete. I know at some point after I had absorbed the heat that had come been brought in the form of molten lava from Fang I gathered enough energy to bring my hands up to let my fingers rest in his hair. His head was resting in my neck, his face buried into the bed. I cradled him, using all of my body, including the legs still wrapped around him and lightly using the muscles inside me to massage his length inside me.

He groaned.

"Unless you can go another round, stop," he said, pushing the words out. I froze completely. I was as tired as he was; I think another go would kill me. And more pain was coming back in my abdomen. This was more knife-like rather than stretching something farther that can't go any more.

"Um…I think you might want to get out now," I whispered. This was really starting to hurt.

He heard the pain in my voice and brought his head up, concern evident in his eyes. He nodded slowly. His hands returned once again to my hips, holding them still this time, as he lifted up. I kind of expected it to hurt going in, but not so much going out. The muscles abruptly felt like they had too much room, and were still being crushed together so it hurt, mostly because they were already feeling injured.

At the unexpected pain, I let out a cry. Fang was on his side next to me in an instant, his arm under my breast, pulling me closer.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he cooed over and over again. I gave a quick, breathless laugh after a few moments and turned my head left to where he was laying. He rested his cheek on my neck, still whispering apologies.

"Don't worry about it," I breathed, humor in my voice. "Just know that you are not getting near me for a very, very long time, even if that was the most amazing thing in my life."

He let out a laugh of relief that I was okay. He slid his other arm between my arm and body, then under my body. He flipped us over so I was lying on top of him, sort of, my chest was. I kept my head up as high as I could, but that was kind of hard because Fang was smushing our chests together. The knife stabbed me again as I was moved, and I winced.

Fang noticed. "Does it still hurt?" he asked softly. I shrugged looking away, it didn't matter. "I am sorry," he continued. "But I'm not sorry you let me do that. That was…I love you." He kissed me softly again, trailing off on the first part, because I understood that there were no words that could possibly come close to defining what that was.

"I love you, too. Now I just have to make sure that I never remember this again so I never go through that pain. You know, I didn't actually think there was enough room for you," I teased. I could almost see his ego swell up way more than necessary, but he still frowned.

He kissed me again softly but firmly. "I am sorry," he said, but he wasn't really saying that. He was asking for me to forgive him in the only words he knew.

"I know, and I do, it's okay, And maybe I'll let you touch me within the next year," I said back, telling him more with my eyes than anything.

We fell into silence, me cooling down, and Fang just holding me. He stroked my back soothingly from my shoulders to the bottom of my butt. I had already inferred that he had come off his high a while ago, but he stayed and that meant a world of gratitude to me.

"They're going to be back soon," he said into my ear. I was half asleep now, and not in really any mood to move from Fang's chest.

"So lock the door," I mumbled. He chuckled softly, with me along for the ride as his chest lifted up and down.

"I already did, silly," he said. I groaned.

"Then why'd you wake me up?" I asked.

"Take a sniff." I did. Bit of blood mixed with sweat and a small amount of what I assumed to be semen.



"You want to clean it up?"

"In a bit, it's not so bad."

"M'kay." I was drifting again.

"You want to go to sleep?"

"Mmm hmm."

"I guess that means I have to clean it up?"

"Mmm hmm."

"Will you be okay for a little bit?" I smiled and nodded on his chest. I was pretty much gone by now.

"S'long as you're here when I wake up."

"I'll be back." He got up, gently scooting me onto the bed and pulling the sheets and covers over me. He kissed my forehead, pulled on some pants and left. I was out before he got back.